10+ Best AI Text Generator Online Free Websites [ Generate AI Content ]

As the name implies, AI text generators create texts from organised large data using artificial intelligence. They can discern patterns and trends based on what people have written in the past and provide new suggestions for writing more, and sometimes even better, writings.

Many articles generating tools are available on the internet. Some of the mentioned tools are available for free, while others are not. In terms of pricing and features, it varies a lot. Try out a free AI content generator before you invest in a content production tool.


Best Free AI text generator online websites


GPT3 technology is used by Rytr’s AI writing software to automate the content writing process. This program is quite knowledgeable about language models. With only one click, it may obtain terms from web databases for text prediction skills and write plagiarism-free essays in your desired style! Rytr offers approximately 30 different use cases and templates. 

Among them are

  • Facebook advertisements through email
  • AIDA and PAS are two copywriting formulae.
  • Descriptions of products.
  • Ideas for blog posts.
  • Outlines for blogs.

You may also select from over 20 different tones for your unique content.

Simply choose a use case or template, provide some background information, and let Rytr do the rest. You may also use your own words to help Rytr through the game.

You may also use the “expand,” “shorten,” “reduce,” “append,” and “write operation” capabilities to change the highlighted text. You can alter and format the produced material to fit your needs.


  • All cases can be used, and other features are accessible.


  • Monthly restriction of 5000 characters (approximately 700-800 words)



Simplified is a powerful AI-powered design tool that also lets you write text. The AI copywriting tool enables you to create engaging, compelling AI copy for advertisements, eCommerce, sales copy, business profiles, blogs, and more with over 30 types of content.

With the long-form editor, a Simplified free AI content generator may help you generate fresh material from the start, revise the old text, or update content. Simply enter some critical data and make the AI do the remaining work.


  • All functionalities are available to you.
  • There is no time restriction on the free plan.


  • Limit of 5000 words.


Smart Copy

Smart Copy creates high-quality material using the newest artificial intelligence. Smart Copy can begin your copywriting with over 30 templates to pick from, including:

  • Copy for Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Amazon advertisements
  • Headlines and descriptions for your items in eCommerce
  • Landing pages, sales pages, and the general text of the website
  • Blog ideas, blogs, or utilise the Content Expander and Paraphrase tool to rephrase existing material
  • Write sales emails using email.


  • All functionalities are available to you.
  • The free plan is free forever.


  • Only five generations each day are possible.


Content Bot

ContentBot is an advanced AI-based software solution that can produce content ranging from small ideas to extensive blog pieces. Open AI GPT-3 for high-quality, rapid content generation, and Tinyseed for lesser quality, larger quantity, but slower output time. For a free AI content generator, ContentBot has a lot of great capabilities.

ContentBot can produce the following sorts of content

  • Blog copy includes topic ideas, blog outlines, intros, whole blog articles, and infographics.
  • Landing pages, AdWords and Facebook advertising, brand names, slogans, video concepts, descriptions, and page headlines are all examples of marketing copy.
  • Email sales copy, pitch yourself, etc. Pain-Agitate-Solution, Pain-Benefit-Solution


  • Approximately 250 articles each month.
  • 500 words per month for the long-form editor.
  • There is no time restriction on the ContentBot free plan.


  • The user interface is a little confusing.



Copy AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) writing helper that provides copywriting services for eCommerce, blogs, and other websites.

It is based on the most powerful AI language model in the world. Thousands of people are using Copy AI to boost their creativity while also blowing minds in the content writing process.

CopyAI, which was launched in 2020, provides low-cost article writing services. It includes more than 90 AI tools, such as “AI writer,” which may help you produce articles with only one click!

Anyone who doesn’t have much experience creating their material will be able to do it effortlessly and swiftly with their free plan, thanks to cutting-edge technology that creates original copies for you.

CopyAI’s AI writer makes creating original text simple and uncomplicated. Simply choose the copywriting template and click Continue to produce numerous content pieces instantaneously.


  • It provides you a head start in creating AI content.
  • There is no limit on how many times you may produce text, and the first month includes 100 free content creations.


  1. No interactive text creation.
  2. From the second month onwards, content credits are limited.


Jasper AI

If you need help with content, Jasper (previously known as Jarvis AI) is the ideal content helper to have around. This AI content generator may help you with everything from marketing copy to social media profiles to blog pieces about new goods you’re introducing.

Jasper offers more than 50 copywriting templates to pick from. You only need to submit certain information for each template, such as the title, description, keywords, and tone of voice, and Jasper will take care of the rest. 

Jasper also allows you to create long-term content. You have to write one line or paragraph, and the program will take care of the rest. The Conversion AI tool examines your content with an algorithm to determine what form of the article it is. The computer then proceeds to write depending on what it has read.

Boss Mode Jasper Jarvis has a look-back vision beyond 600 characters, which helps him grasp the context better. In editor mode, you also have direct control over his actions.


  • Allows users to create long term content.
  • Gives direct control on the editor session.


  • Only limited templates are available.


AI Writer

AI Writer is the best content production tool which creates content using the state of the art writing models to generate content only from the headlines.

It creates excellent, reliable, and informative content within two Minutes. 

Because of these features, it increases the profit and writing efficiency of the users.

It allows the creation of drafts so that the users can get a better idea of the creation. 

Drafts of whole articles provide you with a strong foundation for writing.AI Writer gives a list of references which helps users to ensure the fact they are writing and gives good quality content.  

The Text generated by AI Writer is unique, constantly updated, and highly relevant. As the text generated is unique, AI Writer is always SEO friendly. Users can copy and paste this AI-generated text to WordPress and publish it. Users require cutting-edge research abilities to overcome their competitors’ content; this can be achieved with the AI Writer. Certified resources in this tool always create unique high-quality content whenever they generate texts. 

Rapid generation of the text reduces the time of a writer. It cuts the time by 50% they have to spend on high-ROI projects and other important work. Not only does it save time but it also saves money.

AI Writer consists of a tool called content marketing. But it works only when the user’s content reaches a specific targeted audience. This unique feature of AI Writer urges traffic which automatically increases the money.

The main aim of AI Writers is to write about any subject which lowers the content costs. AI Writer  generates distinctive articles and boosts profit margins.

AI-Writer always acts as a writing assistant. It allows users to rewrite the content and republish. When a user wants to republish their content again, they should rewrite, wait for two minutes and then hold. Now the AI will rewrite the articles. After that users can republish this unique and reliable text. 

AI Writer gets updated always so that it can provide content related to current facts. Users can check their content manually by using the list of citations and references provided by AI Writer tools. This feature makes AI writers as more trustworthy AI generators than others. AI provides writing mentors 24×7 to support the users. AI can allow users to create reliable content by helping them in finding the perfect word from Google that meets their requirements with the help of its high-performance SEO tools. 

AI Writer assists in creating the next topic as AI gives users an idea about choosing their next topic by simply researching what people search in Google currently. 


  • High-performance SEO.
  • Have complete control of the text for rewriting.
  • No content plagiarism.
  • Rewrite any article on any topic.
  • Always maintain high ROI work.
  • Provides Formal review of references.
  • Creates more trust and makes a better relationship with customers.
  • Provides more unique content.
  • Have many additional references.
  • It’s free for a subscription.
  • 73.47% Rank advantage. 
  • Easy to publish in WordPress.
  • Provides SEO-optimized writing tools.
  • Creates articles daily with unlimited topic suggestions.
  • Not only headings but AI also suggests second and third headings while creating the content.
  • Very fast and produces content within two minutes.
  • Provides more organic traffic which helps in earning more money.


  • After the free trial users should upgrade to the pro version for frequent usage.



Zyro is an AI text generator that generates more reliable content technically. AI mostly studies much content from each department and teaches itself to generate text in a better way than before. This makes the content more unique and understandable to the user. Hence no copyright issue will be created. Zyro checks the article created for its users using SEO practices so the content would be Royalty free. Zyro reduces the time and money in hiring a writing assistant for users’ content.

Zyro generates Fresh content for users at their single tap without any further delay.

Zyro produces unique content by using SEO optimization. This feature increases the ranking of websites and keeps the audience committed.

As discussed before, there is no need for users to hire any content maker for writing their content. This saves money so that users can avail it for expanding their business. It not only saves money but also saves time. Users can reduce their time in creating content and use it for developing business ideas. 

Users should first choose the type of business that matches them best. Then generate some related content and put it on the website. Now tap continues to create content in a fraction of seconds. Users will have a choice of content they can select the preferred one. If they are not satisfied then they can once again tap generate to recreate the content.

Suppose users can’t find the exact niche of their business in the list they can select Go Wild. Then zyro will allow users to enter some text related to their business to generate content. Users can Integrate Zyro AI tools into their app or on the company website.


  • Rapid content creation.
  • Provides SEO Optimization.
  • Saves money and time.
  • Improves business.
  • Creates unique content.
  • Free to use.


  • Users should upgrade to their paid version for more features.


Writesonic AI Writer

Writesonic AI is trained with high-quality content from all the top brands available. Writesonic understands what the user needs and generates content. This helps them to connect with their audience easily. It also knows what converts the audience to its business and generates content related to that. Using this AI users can create high-quality content for articles, blog posts, websites,Google and Facebook ads. Users can use these AI-powered editor tools to edit and enhance their content. They also publish their content directly on websites like WordPress, Wix, Shopify, etc with one click. Writesonic AI provides excellent marketing content which drives much traffic to their websites. Many marketing and business development agencies are using this tool to create automatic high-quality content. This feature makes their marketing simple. Developing content from Writesonic is copyright free. Writesonic always creates an amazing outline for the content which makes it outstanding among other tools. 

Users can link writesonic to their Google Docs, Gmail, Medium, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or any other social media platform as an editing tool to enhance their posts. As the content generated by Writesonic AI is copyright free users can use them for both personal and commercial use. Content generated by the Writesonic AI seems to be real as they were created by humans. Writesonic AI creates excellent product descriptions with bullet points that attract customers and enhances the business. This is very helpful for creating e-commerce solutions as this business requires unique words compared to others. 


  • Unique content creation helps in Google Ranking.
  • Has SEO optimization.
  • Provides affiliate marketing offers for their users.
  • Creates highly converting landing pages.
  • Provides excellent marketing content with SEO-friendly keywords.
  • Reduces time in content creation.
  • Has 60 powerful features which increase the content quality 10x times.
  • Contains 25 + language options.
  • Provides a high converting copy of Content every time the user generates it.
  • Plagiarism free.


  • Users will be given 10 credit points to access any tool on write sonic during their free trial. After the free trial, each content generation needs one credit point which allows users to access 120 characters of created content.


FAQ for AI Text Content Generator Online Free

What is the AI text generator?

The AI text generator is a tool that creates texts from organised large data using artificial intelligence. They can discern patterns and trends based on what people have written in the past and provide new suggestions for writing more, and sometimes even better, writings.

Is there a free AI content generator?

Yes, there are many free AI content generators available online. You can try out a few before you invest in a content production tool.

What is the best AI text generator?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question as it depends on your needs and preferences. However, you can try out a few different options to see which one works best for you. Some of the best AI text generators include GPT-Neo, InferKit, RYTR, and OpenAI.

What are the benefits of using an AI text generator?

Some benefits of using an AI text generator include:
– They can help you create high-quality content
– They can help you save time in content creation
– They can help you optimize your content for SEO
– They can provide plagiarism-free content.

Can you use InferKit for free?

Yes, you can use InferKit for free with their 14-day free trial. After the free trial, you will need to pay for a subscription to continue using the tool.

What is GPT-Neo?

GPT-Neo is an open source AI text generator that uses deep learning to generate texts.

What is the difference between GPT-Neo and other AI text generators?

GPT-Neo is an open source AI text generator while other AI text generators may not be. Additionally, GPT-Neo uses deep learning to generate texts while other AI text generators may use different methods.

Can AI replace writers?

No, AI cannot replace writers. While AI text generators can create texts from organised data, they cannot replace the creativity and expertise of a human writer.
Writers will always be needed to create original content. However, AI text generators can be a helpful tool for writers, providing suggestions and ideas for writing more high-quality content.

What is RYTR?

RYTR is an AI text generator that creates texts from organised data using artificial intelligence. RYTR can discern patterns and trends based on what people have written in the past and provide new suggestions for writing more, and sometimes even better, writings.



Rytr is the greatest free AI content generator all around. You get access to all standard features, including over 30+ templates to pick from, even though you are only allowed to create 5000 characters every month.

Using this program, you may get an excellent notion of what an article generator writer can achieve for you. This leads me to AI content generators with a free trial period. Without question, Jasper is the finest overall AI content creator. When it comes to sales copy, Jasper is a master, and utilising Boss Mode in the long-form editor is a wonderful delight!

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