Best Free Movie Organizer Software 2022

If you are in search of the best free movie organizer software, then you’re in the right place. We have analyzed lots of software and provided a list of the best free software movie organizer or manager software. 

Now, Why do you need this software, and to whom is this software required? Do you have a huge collection of movies or series? Then you might be confused sometimes, to find out which movie or series is watched and yet to watch. Looking into TV series, it has lots of seasons, and in each season, it has lots of episodes. Remembering a recently watched episode is a bit difficult when you are watching a series or movie in a random manner. Sometimes, you might need to know the particular movie’s character name. 

To solve all these problems, the only solution is to use the movie organizer software. This software will allow you to arrange your collections of movies or series easily with your own customization. The software we provided is absolutely free to use and can be downloaded to your computer. This free software provides you with various features, like adding your collection of movies to the database by providing your movie’s location from your local storage. Most of these software programs will fetch the general information of movies from the web. It is usually from IMDB, The Movie DB, Amazon Movies, and more. 

Let’s start with our collection of free movie organizer software.


Personal Video Database

The first suggestion in our list of best free movie organizer software is Personal Video Database. The best part of this software is that it receives the movie’s information from the authenticated site IMDB. Once you search your required movie, it shows all the information of that particular movie, such as its cast, movie duration, file size, etc. 

Moreover, it provides a software development kit with which plugins can be added to enlarge its useability. This software has a clear interface and provides an easier way to catalog your huge collection of movies. With the help of sorting, grouping, and filtering options, you can easily and quickly find out the movies and their related information. Through that information, you can decide whether you need to watch that movie or not. 

Main Features:

  • Using a built-in media player, able to play movies inside the software.
  • Full Unicode support.
  • Loan management. 
  • Detailed information of cast members. 
  • You can store the DVD covers or posters.
  • Plugins are available to import or export movie data from the database. 
  • Multiple language support. 

Link to the software: Click here



The next best movie organizer software on our list is GrieeX. This key feature of this software is it is capable of syncing the movie collections of your smartphone and PC. Choose a folder from your local store where you all stored your movie collections, and the software will import them automatically. Once the import is done, you are able to get information about those movies from IMDB or TMDB. 

Main features:

  • Available as Android apps.
  • It supports various video file formats and codecs.
  • It possible to export those movie collections in an Excel file
  • Able to create your own movie rankings.
  • GrieeX has its own media player. 

Link to the software: Click here


Ant Movie catalog

The next free software for organizing your movie collections is Ant Movie Catalog. With this software, you can organize it on PC, DVD, and tapes. This software will extract multiple sources to provide you the true information about the movies you search for. 

In order to import your movies to this software, get into File -> Import -> Media files and then select your movies folder from your local storage. Once the importation is done, start organizing your movies. 

To get information about particular movies, right-click on the movie and select Get information -> From Internet. So you can see all the details stored about that movie. 

Main Features

  • Compatible with Windows 7 and higher versions. 
  • It works with PNG, GIF, and JPEG.
  • Loan management
  • Available to analyze your collections with charts and pies.
  • Possible to export your database in various formats like HTML, SQL, commands, CSV, and Excel.

Link to the software: Click here


Media Companion

When compared with other software in our list, this Media Companion software has a slightly cluttered interface, which makes it difficult to use. MovieDB and Media Companion are the only free software that can collect information about movies from the Internet. 

Main Features:

  • Uses IMDB to collect movie information.
  • Able to get movie backdrops from Tmdb.
  • Option to use filters and searches to search and browse movies.
  • Receive information about movies from multiple sources like IMDB, TMDB, IMPA, and MPDB. 
  • Can download movie trailer directly from IMDB
  • With customizable templates, export your collection of movies to an HTML list. 

Link to the software: Click here 



EMDB – Eric’s Movie Database is the next suggestion in our list, which is a free and easy software to use. EMDB made it easy to organize your movie collection as well as TV Series collection. It uses the IMDB website to grab information about the movie. Moreover, you can add movies to the software database automatically. 

Main features:

  • Lone tracking
  • Advanced search is available
  • Possible to export the database and print it. 
  • Multiple language support.
  • Physical discs and media files stored in a folder are supported.

Link to the software: Click here



The last free tool to organize your movie collection is Filmotech. It’s possible here to add any of your movies folder to the database. Once you are added here, start your update about the movie. Even if you have a huge database with its built-in search function, you can find it easily. You are able to mark each movie, whether it is seen or not. You are allowed to lend the movie to anyone, and also, the software has an option to store the lending date and lend to options. In every movie’s description, they provided a “show trailer” button so that you can watch the trailer online. The movie’s information and posters are allowed to take print. 

Link to the software: Click here



This software will be more helpful if you’re a movie buff. It makes your work simpler by providing lots of features. So it’s easy to store information about each movie in the software database. In addition to this, this software is free to download and has an easy interface to use. We also like to share your experience with any of this software.

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