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Are you in search of the best online transparent gif maker websites, then you’re in the right place. With these websites, you can easily make GIFs with a transparent background.  Start with uploading your image, either with presence of background or absence of background, you can convert it into transparent GIF in a few seconds. Once creating your transparent GIF, without any price you can save it to your storage. 

These websites provide various features like adding delay time, changing animation speed, rearranging frames, adding loops, and more. So with that, you can generate high quality GIFs. These websites are like GIF maker software and also with additional options to produce high quality transparent GIF online. 



The first suggestion in our list of best transparent GIF maker websites is EzGif. With this site you can generate high-resolution GIFs along with a transparent background. Start with uploading multiple PNG images having transparent backgrounds and combine those pictures into a GIF.        

Once you get into the website, enter the GIF maker section and start uploading images. Then click Make a GIF button, it starts creating a GIF with a transparent background. You can save it for free to your local storage. Here it is allowed to change the GIFs speed, rotate, resize, crop, delay time and more. 

Moreover, you can upload images of formats like PNG, JPEG, GIF etc to remove the background and make a GIF with a transparent background. To do this, first make the GIF and select “Effect”. Then you will get the option of “Replace color with transparency”, with this you can choose the background color and remove it to get a transparent GIF.

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The next tool for making a free online transparent GIF maker is LunaPic, where you can create GIFs with transparent backgrounds in a few steps. As the previous one, here too you can upload your images and generate a GIF. Once you enter the website, select the “Animation” then click “Edit GIF Animation” at the top. Then upload the images as frames. If it is done, it will create a GIF with a transparent background. LunaPic tool has no limit to the number of photos to be uploaded and the maximum storage size. 

Moreover, you can add some more features on the GIF, like its speed, loops, add or remove frames and more. Like the previous tools, here you can add a non-transparent background and make a GIF with a transparent background. To do that, first create the GIF, then go to “Edit” and select the “transparent Background” option at the top. Then remove the background by clicking on the background color. So, you made a transparent GIF, which you can save in your local storage. 

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Online Image Editor

Online Image Editor is our next suggestion, where you can create GIFs with transparent backgrounds with assistance. By uploading transparent images of PNG format, make it into a transparent GIF. Like the previous tool, there is no limitation on the size of file for uploading images. 

In the website, start by uploading the transparent background and click the “Create Animation” button. So you are done with creating a GIF with a transparent background and downloading it to your storage. Like the other tools, Online Image Editor also allows you to customize the GIF with its delay time, transitions, size and more. 

You can also manually remove the background from images in this tool. Start with uploading your images having non-background images then create an animated GIF. Once done, open with the image editor and click  “Wizards” then select “Transparency” at the top. With this you can click the background color and remove it. So finally it will automatically convert the images into transparent GIFs. 

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The next recommended tool is, where you can upload images of PNG format with transparent background and convert into an animated GIF with transparent background. Without any limitations, upload the images and create a GIF. To do so, get into the editor, then click “General Animation” to create a GIF and download it. Here it offers you to customize the created GIF, of its speed, loops, color gradings, delay time, size and much more. 

Like the other tools, it also offers to remove the background color and make a GIF. To do that, upload the images and open the editor, then click the “Transparent Background” option to “Yes”. Once done, click the “Generate” button. With these steps, you can remove the background and create a GIF with a transparent background. 

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GIF Make

The last tool in our list is GIF Make, where you can create transparent GIFs for free. By uploading your transparent images in PNG format, you can convert it to a transparent GIF. This website allows you to upload a maximum of 80 images to generate a GIF. On the homepage, you can get the option to upload your images. Once images are uploaded, wait to get an animated GIF. In order to keep your generated GIF with a transparent background, you have to enable the “Transparent” box in the “Settings” icon.

In GIF Make, you are allowed to re-arrange images, add delay time, transitions of the GIF and more. The major limitation on this website is, here you can not remove the background to make it transparent. So, only the transparent images are allowed to be uploaded, in order to create a transparent GIF on this tool. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to make a GIF transparent?

No, we can’t make a GIF into a transparent GIF. The reason is, GIF doesn’t support partial transparency. It means, any pixel can be made either fully transparent or fully opaque. 

What is the difference between PNG and JPG?

PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics and it is lossless compression. Whereas, JPG or also called as JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group which is lossy compression. The key difference between these two is that more quality is found on PNG files than in JPEG files.

How to remove the borders from the GIF?

The easiest way to remove a white border is to get into Photoshop. There you can check each individual picture of the GIF. Once you remove the white border from all the pictures, you can save it as a GIF along with the transparency.  



We have discussed the popular online tools for making a transparent GIF for free. These tools are absolutely free and user-friendly. Within a few minutes and a few steps, you will generate your GIF. Some of these sites allow you to upload images without any memory limitations, while others have. Once all is done, you are allowed to save the generated GIF to your storage. We like to know your favorite tool in our comment section. 

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