Best Chills Youtube Text to Speech Voice Generator Online Free

Are you looking for the best Chills Youtube AI Voice Generator that you can use in your fun TTS experiments? Look no further than the Best Chills Youtube Text-to-Speech AI Voice Generator!

The internet offers a complete bucket of unique websites that allow you to listen to your custom text in Chills’ AI voice in just a few clicks. Though many people still don’t know about these websites, we have sorted them out for your convenience.

These websites offer a Chills voice text to speech generator efficient enough to replicate Chills’ voice. Let us know about them in detail.


Chills Youtube Text to Speech AI Voice Generator Online Free

People love to find an online solution to every problem these days. Therefore, we have collected the best Chills text to speech generator websites that can generate Chills AI voice within no time.

We have also attached a complete process of using these websites to generate custom text through the Chills voice generator.


One of the finest tools for chills voice text to speech online, Uberduck can quickly create a custom Chills ai voice for your entered texts. It can also create incredible voices of characters from the real world.

The voice generated by sounds exactly similar to the character you have chosen. Uberduck’s intelligent AI technology outruns every other software over the internet. 

Moreover, you can even create excellent applications with the help of Uberduck’s API. It will allow you to use its functionalities in your application.

To generate Chills AI voice through Uberduck, you must sign up or register on the Uberduck platform. Further, you need to enter your desired text, select the character you want the text to speech generated for, and leave the rest on Uberduck. 

The platform also allows you to download multiple audio file formats according to your choice. In addition, you can join Uberduck’s discord community to stay updated with the latest updates of this tool.



  • Simple and clean interface.
  • A wide range of voices are available for text to speech generations.
  • Users can even input audio to be converted into the voice of the character they want.


  • It can only be used with registering on the platform, which might be tedious.


Step-by-Step guide to generate Chills text-to-speech AI voices with Uberduck

Generating Chills text to speech using is a quick and convenient process. In order to successfully generate Chill’s AI voice for your custom text, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Register on the website by entering your basic details.

Register on Uberduck

Step 2: Choose the “Text to Speech” option from the website’s home screen.

“Text to Speech” option from the home screen

Step 3: A window with specific input options will open. Enter the custom text that you want to generate a speech for.

Step 4: Now, select “Chills” under the title box and choose the category “Musicians”.

select “Chills” under the title box

Step 5: That’s it. Proceed with the inputs, and Uberduck will successfully generate a Chills TTS for you within a few seconds.

You can even generate a similar text to speech in any other character’s voice. Uberduck is the most convenient tool to answer all your TTS needs.



Another similar tool to is Fakeyou. is a famous text to speech generator with an excellent implementation of AI technology.

With a simple tool to generate speech in the voice of almost any character you want, Fakeyou can be your one-stop solution. The website has a simple and clean interface that anyone can easily access.

Generating a Chills voice text to speech can be a work of a few minutes with the help of Above all, the platform is free to be used by anyone.

Fakeyou also accepts contributions from interested individuals, which makes its database of voices constantly increase rapidly. Whether it is Chills AI or the voice of any other character, you can find it all at

The website also comes with a voice-to-voice generation service, through which you can even generate chills text to speech with an audio file. Further, users can also download their generated speech into multiple formats. 

Although using the Fakeyou text-to-speech generator is very easy, you can join its discord community to clear any doubts regarding the platform. 


  • Fakeyou has a collection of more than 3000 voices of different characters.
  • Its extensive collection of voices is constantly increasing as more and more people contribute to the platform.
  • The website is easy to use.


  • You can only generate a limited text-to-speech in the tool’s free version.


Step-by-Step guide to generate Chills Meme voices with Fakeyou AI

Using Chills AI voice generator on is a simple process. With just a few steps, you can easily generate Chills AI voice for any custom text you want.

Step 1: Visit the website and select the “Text to Speech” option.

Fakeyou select tts

Step 2: Select the “Voice” option on the next screen as “Chills”.

Step 3: In the text box below the voice option, enter your custom text to be generated as a speech.

enter custom text fakeyou

Step 4: Once done, tap the “Speak” button.

Step 5: Let process your inputs. Your desired audio file will be generated within a few seconds with your custom text in Chills text to speech voice. 

That is how easily you can generate any random text through Although limited generations are allowed in the free version, you must use the tool wisely.


Chills Text to Speech AI Voice Generator Software


Last, on the list, Speechify is another potential tool for generating excellent celebrity voices, including Chills text to speech. From Gwyneth Paltrow to Snoop Dogg, you can get your custom text generated in the voice of any famous artist.

Moreover, Speechify also lets you clone the voice of any individual and then generate your custom text in their voice. This website becomes convenient and easy to use with a simple and unique interface.

You can even download your generated audio files in WAV and MP3 formats per your requirements. The tool is also available to be used on desktops and smartphones with ease.


  • Easy and clean interface.
  • A vast collection of celebrity voices.
  • Easily clone any voice you want.
  • Available to be used on multiple devices.


  • Creating or cloning a particular voice is a time-consuming procedure.


How to generate Chills AI voices with Speechify

You can use Speechify to quickly generate a Chills text to speech within a few steps only. Here is how to do it with ease.

Step 1: Download the Speechify software on your desktops or smartphones.

speecify chill tts

Step 2: Next, register on it and create an account.

Step 3: Copy the text you want to generate a speech for.

Step 4: Paste the text in the text box available on Speechify.

Step 5: Among the vast list of celebrities, search for Chills and select it.

chills voice spechify ai

Step 6: That’s it. Speechify will generate your custom text into Chill’s AI voice within a few seconds.

Although, if you cannot find Chills in the celebrity list, you can easily clone his voice with the efficient cloning feature of Speechify.


Voice.AI is another great software to try when using text to speech generators. Although, the tool has just been known to a broader audience.

You can use this software to create incredible text-to-speech generations for many celebrities out there. In addition to this, you can even clone the voice of any celebrity and make customizations to it according to your choice.

To use this software, you can easily download it from its website completely free of cost.

Therefore, you can easily convert your custom text to Chills AI voice using Moreover, the voice generated by it matches precisely with the voice of real-life characters. 

Even if the software lacks the voice of a particular character you want your text to be converted into, you can easily create a clone of their voice with this efficient tool.


  • Massive collection of celebrity voices.
  • Easily create new voices or clone an audio sample.
  • Make customizations in the generated voices.


  • Learning how to use the software can take a lot of work.


How to generate Chills AI voices with Voice

Using can take some time to learn its basics. Although by following the below steps, you can know how you can quickly generate a Chills text-to-speech using this fantastic software.

Step 1: Download and install the software on your system.

voice ai install

Step 2: On the first screen that appears, choose “Record Mode” from the toggle button at the top.

record mode voice ai

Step 3: Now, select the “Click to Record” option to directly record an audio file and convert it into another voice or choose the “Click to select file” option to upload an audio file you already have.

Step 4: Between the above two options, you can choose the voice of celebrities.

voice ai chills

Step 5: In this list, you can find the pre-made voices of many celebrities. Look out for Chills ai voice among the list and select it.

select chills voice ai

Step 6: That’s it. Your audio file will now be converted to Chills text to speech voice within a few seconds only.

That is how easily you can generate Chills AI voice through the software. Although, if you cannot find Chills AI voice in the software, you can easily train or create a voice to make it similar to that of Chills.


Chills AI Voice – Honorable Mentions

While the above tools can perfectly generate Chill’s AI voice, here are some honorable mentions that stand apart from the list to serve you in the best manner.

ExploringBits Text to Speech

Lastly, you can also try out the ExploringBits text to speech generator, another easy and convenient tool. With a simple and sorted interface, this software is all you need for every TTS requirement.

Unlike other vast and complex software, ExploringBits offers software to find everything right on the first screen. Moreover, the website also has a vast collection of celebrity voices to find the one you desire easily.

To generate Chills text to speech using ExploringBits, you must run the software and enter your custom text. Select the voice as Chills and leave the rest on the ExploringBits text to speech generator.

Within a few seconds, the software will generate an excellent speech in Chill’s AI voice that sounds no different than the original Chills voice.

Thus, this is another great and quick option if you don’t want to deal with complex software and spend a lot of time in the TTS process.

iMyFone VoxBox

iMyFone Voxbox is a simple and easy tool for generating Chills text to speech. The software is highly efficient in extracting the exact Chill AI voice and generating a speech in its voice for your custom text. 

In addition to this, you can also make a lot of customizations in the generated Chills AI voice. The features include increasing the speed of the speech, pitch, volume, and several other customizations.

You can even download your generated audio files in multiple formats. 

To generate Chills AI voice, you can enter your custom text in the box on the first screen, then select “Real People” from the menu bar on the right side. After this, you can select “Chills” as the character.

It will generate your custom text exactly in the voice of Chills within a few seconds only.


FAQs About Chills AI Voice Generator

Is there a free AI voice generator for Chills Deepfake?

Yes, and Uberduck.AI are the two most prominent websites that provide a free service of generating a Chills text to speech voice within a few minutes. Although the free version of these websites has some limitations, you can ultimately generate your desired TTS without paying any cost.

Can deep fake audio be detected?

Spectral analysis is a technique through which deep fake-generated audio can be easily detected. This is because spectral analysis uses deep fake learning algorithms that can differentiate between the voice patterns of an AI text-to-speech and an actual human being. 

Why does Chills sound like that?

Chill’s unique voice on YouTube is just for his videos. While in his interviews, he sounds perfectly fine, the voice in his YouTube videos can be a way of grabbing the audience’s attention, as believed by most people.

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