Deliveries From China-What Delivery Times To Expect

The rate of online orders has increased rapidly; people place orders every day. China is one of the places where people order from. This is because China is one of the largest producers in the world and has a lot of stores there. Many of the deliveries are handled by China Post, which handles the delivery of items ordered from online stores in China. Items to be delivered are registered with China Post and delivered to the required location.

Another service offered is china post tracking which allows parcel tracking using a number that is given by China Post. The number is known as the “parcel tracking number.”


How long does delivery take?

The delivery time of ordered packages to their destination varies based on several factors. factors like the size of the item, the location to be delivered to, the mode of transport, and so on.

For air shipment:

Packages shipped using air are more likely to arrive quickly to their destination than others. Depending on the location to be delivered to, it takes about 8 to 10 days for air shipments and about 2 to 3 days for express air shipments. This method of shipping is more expensive than the rest, especially the express shipment. The method is also very restrictive based on the size of the shipment.

For regular posts

This is a common method of shipping from China. It has the longest delivery time of all the others. The delivery can take up to 70 minutes or less to get to its destination. This is the most economical delivery method and the best for small items. So, if you are using regular mail, you should expect your goods to arrive in 70 days or less. This model also has an express shipping option, which costs a bit more than regular shipping but is faster.

Shipment via sea

The sea is used to ship large parcels or cargo because of its capacity. But this comes with a drawback: the drawback is the time it takes to deliver. Because of the large load being carried, the transportation time is longer. It is also among the more economical shipping methods.


Other factors that affect delivery time include

Aside from the mode of transportation used, other things affect the time of delivery. Some of them are:

  • Climate condition: this is a situation that can’t be controlled by the delivery company. In a case or situation where the weather conditions are not suitable for movement, there may be a delay in delivery. 
  • Location: The location where the package will be delivered is another thing that affects the time of delivery of the package. If the region you are living in is far from China, which is the point of origin, there may be a delay in the delivery. Distance has to be taken into consideration before planning on the delivery date.
  • The size of the package: the size or weight of the package will determine the mode of transportation, which also determines the time of delivery. So this is another thing to take into account. If the size of the package ordered is very large, the delivery time is likely to increase.


How to track your package

Packages are tracked using the tracking number that was assigned to them. The tracking number given to the package is unique to each package. China Post tracking is done using the number given during the registration of the package. 



If you made an order from China, these are things you need to take into account when planning the delivery date or time. The mode of transportation used plays a big part in the delivery time.

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