Detailed Information on the Exams You Need to Pass to Get Cisco CCNP Service Provider Certification!

Do you know that you will need to pass two exams to attain the certbolt CCNP Service Provider certification? Even though the vendor doesn’t have any prerequisites for the applicants, they should have a solid knowledge of the topics included in the assessments’ blueprint. Besides, Cisco recommends candidates have three to five years of experience implementing different types of service provider solutions. Like this, it will be easier for you to understand the topics tested in the core and concentration assessments. Go through this article until the end and get a clear picture of the steps you need to take to become certified.


Pass the Core Exam Coded 350-501 SPCOR

If you want to earn the Cisco CCNP Service Provider accreditation, this evaluation is mandatory. The certbolt 350-501 SPCOR is a 120-minute assessment that will test your knowledge on implementing core architecture, networking, automation, services, security, and quality of services. Besides, its registration fee is $400, plus any additional taxes that might apply. Besides, the official training offered by Cisco for this test has the title “Implementing and Operating Cisco Service Provider Network Core Technologies (SPCOR) v1.0”.


Get the Passing Score in One of the Concentration Tests

Once you got the passing score in the Cisco 350-501 certification exam, you are ready to move to the next phase. Therefore, you can choose between one of the following concentration assessments:


Cisco 300-510 SPRI

This is a 90-minute exam that prepares you for the certbolt CCNP Service Provider certificate and the Certified Specialist – Service Provider Advanced Routing Implementation accreditation. If you decide to take this evaluation, you should demonstrate that you know how to implement service provider advanced routing technologies. The enrollment tax you will need to pay is $300. Furthermore, the official training class available for this test is entitled “Implementing Cisco Service Provider Advanced Routing Solutions (SPRI) v1.0”.


Cisco 300-515 SPVI

Another concentration exam option that you have for certbolt CCNP Service Provider accreditation is the 300-515 SPVI assessment. It validates your competence in implementing service provider VPN services. Therefore, you should learn about IPv6, Layer 3, and Layer 2 configuration and management. Apart from this certificate, this test is also associated with the Cisco Certified Specialist – Service Provider VPN Services Implementation accreditation. Its duration is 90 minutes and the enrollment tax will be $300. The training course recommended for this exam is “Implementing Cisco Service Provider VPN Services (SPVI) v1.0”.


Cisco 300-535 SPAUTO

This 90-minute test requires candidates to pay $300 as a registration fee. It is also associated with two other Cisco certificates, the certbolt Certified DevNet Professional and Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist – Service Provider Automation and Programmability accreditations. It focuses on testing your ability on implementing service provider automated solutions. Finally, the vendor’s official class is “Implementing Automation for Cisco Service Provider Solutions (SPAUI) v1.0”.



Knowing what steps you need to take to earn the certbolt Service Provider certificate will make your life a lot easier when organizing your training routine. Before you start preparing for this accreditation, you should check each test’s requirements and blueprint and choose the ones that match your knowledge level and experience. Good luck!

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