15 Best Pokemon Go Discord Servers List [2022]

In this article, we will tell you the best sources to find coordinates for Pokemon go Sniping. Through this article, we will notify you about the best Pokemon go discord and give you information about discord channels and servers. To help you shoot rare Pokemon bots with 100 IV and high CP. The final list will help you catch everything.

Are you snooping on your smartphone using a sniper tool or using a botting program to snipe Pokemon? We have received many requests lately asking about the list of the best disputes and Pokemon Go Coordinates where you can find all the active channels of the rare Pokemon SPAWN coordinates and 100 IV for sniping purposes. This list of ultimate disputes will help you with all your sniping needs. Apart from the cable (longitude and latitude), each dispute channel will find all other relevant details about each Pokemon, including the name, the remaining time, level, IV score, and CP score.

So for those who are waiting, your waiting is finally over! Here we have an active and functional Pokemon Go Sniping Dispute Channel List that you can use to find and shoot all rare and legendary Pokemon you are looking for and quickly complement your Pokedex.

Here we have provided the best active Pokemon go Sniping discord channels and server list so that you can join your favorite discord; we have also given discord links together. So let’s see the top 14 Pokemon go discords in this list.


Top 15 Best Pokemon Go Discord Servers for Sniping, Raiding, Battles

Being a part of a Discord server is essential to advance in the game, especially if you’re looking for Pokemon Go raids and battles. Links to each server can be found on this page!

Pokemon Go Coordinates

At present, with over thirteen thousand people Pokemon Go Coordinates is the most popular discord server. It is especially made for spoofers and also PoGo players can join here to get advantage. The server has different teams and requests you to assign a role yourselves.

Featured Channels:

Pokemon-Go – The place for all PoGo members to share their experience, have conversions, and chat with other players about the gameplay.

Trading-Channel – To make a trade with other players.

Screenshots – To share your screenshots show other players about your discoveries.

100iv-Pokemon –To find coordinates for 100IV Pokémon.

Raid-Boosted – To join in  boosted raids that are open for all players.

Link to join:




Want to find rare Pokemon coordinates and spawn point details ( over 30 countries ), Pokedex100 is the best website. Moreover, having a successful website they run Discord server to make their visitors active and provide 24/7 free Pokemon coords.

Featured Channels:

Tips and tricks – To get superb tips and tricks to implement in the Pokemon GO game.

Candy –  By bot commands to check the desired candies.

Gym Raid – To make battles in the gym or raids.

100 Community – To get coordinates of Pokemon with 100IV.

2600CP – To get coordinates of Pokemon with 2600CP and above.

Evo 3 Community – To get coordinates of Stage 3 Pokemon.

Lvl30 100 Community – To get coordinates of 100IV Pokemon between Level 26 – 30 only.

Playground – A unique channel, where you can get a powerful bot to verify coordinates of any Pokemon using latitude and longitude.

Link to join:




Want to find coordinates for PoGo, for sniping purposes? Then PokeXperience is the best suggestion. There are many free channels that can be used to find and snipe Pokemon. You may need to be a donator, if you want ultra-rare and powerful Pokemon. It may also be the highest IV and max CP.

Featured Channels:

100IV – To get coordinates of Pokemon with 100IV.

Lvl30 – To get coordinates of Pokemon with level 30 .

Candy Bot –To get coordinates of Pokemon candies.

CP2500 Plus – To get coordinates of Pokemon CP2500 and above.

Nests – To request Pokemon and find nest coordinates.

Raids Coords – To get recent and active raids coordinates.

Raids Asia-EU – Raids coordinates for Asia only and also available for the US.

Link to join:



Pogo Alerts Network (PGAN)

Pogo Alerts Network (PGAN) is like an online community of Pokémon trainers. They have a huge list of active streams and twitter cards for different parts of the United States of America, notably in Florida, Maryland, New York, Texas, Virginie and Colorado.

They have a mass scanner in all parts of the United States, which provides a continuous feed for Pokémon coordinates that you can use for elite shooters.

Featured channels:

Pokedex requests – Ask Bot information about any Pokemon.

Rare observations – Coordinates for all rare Pokémon observations.

100IV rare – Rare Pokémon coordinates with 100IV.

100IV Commons – Coordinates of common Pokémon with 100IV.

RAIDS – Find active raids in places like New York, Florida, Texas, Virginie, Maryland and Colorado.

Joining link:




It is a Java based cross-platform bot application for PoGo. PokeBot also made Discord servers on their own, to provide support for their users. In addition to that, they also offer various channels which are used to coordinate sniping, raids, and nests for Pokemon.

Featured Channels:

Coords Sniping –To get coordinates of all Pokemon for sniping.

Coords Raids – To get coordinates for raids.

Coords Nests – To get coordinates of Pokemon nests.



It is a china based PoGo community, but you can communicate in English. So that Pokemon players from all over the world can use this Discord server to find rare Pokemom. It is the famous server for sharing the Pokemon spawn points and coordinates.

Featured Channels:

LVL30 IV100 – To find Pokemon in Level 30 and IV 100 coordinates.

IV100 – To find coordinates of Pokemon with .

IV90-99 – Pokemon with IV90 or above coordinates.

IV1-89 – To get coordinates of Pokemon with IV1 to IV89.

IV0 – To get coordinates of Pokemon with IV0.

CP2600 Plus – To get coordinates of Pokemon with CP2600 and above.

Link to join:




Pokesnipers has its own website for sniping Pokemon using sniping tools. It is an Android based application. They own Discord server and it has more active members all around the clock. It consists of over 80k members and mostly remains active all-time.

Featured Channels:

Demand Candy – To demand and get the coordinates of Pokemon Candies.

Raid Coords – To make discussion related to the boss, raid coords and new battle gym system.

Rare 90 Coords – To get coordinates of rare Pokemon with 90IV and above.

100IV Trainers 30 UP – To get coordinates of Pokemon with 100IV with Level 30 and above.

Unown – A dedicated channel finds all super rare gen 2 Pokemon using its coordinates.

Events Shiny – To get coordinates of event-specific and Shiny Pokemon.

Rare Spawns – To get spawn points and find coordinates of rare Pokemons.

Link to join:




Houstonpokemap is a Pokemon scanner based in Houston, TX, and coordinates the search service. Besides the Discord server, they have an actual-time card website, and a Twitter handle where they push their results for free.

Featured channels:

IV100 – Pokémon with coordinates IV100.

IV90 – Pokémon with IV90 or above the coordinates.

CP2500 – Pokémon with CP2500 and above the coordinates.

Other Pokémon – tons of channels specific to Pokémon.

RAID – Find coordinates for Houston raids.

Cat raids – Chat with other Pokémon coaches nearby and plan your raids together.

Joining link:




NecroBot is an application using Niantic’s old code, to bot and snipe Pokemon. You need to use API for login, to stay anonymous and keep your NecroBot2 has its own Discord server for discussions, and they have a couple of channels which I mentioned below.

Featured Channels:

100IV – Pokemon with 100IV coordinates.

Best Of Rare Coords – To get coordinates of some best and rare Pokemon

Link to join: https://discord.com/invite/7FWyWVp


Articuno’s Lair

Articuno’s Lair is a famous Discord Server with various lists of popular channels. With those channels, you can find your required Pokemon, including rare and legendary Pokemons. They also have a dedicated channel for finding Ultra-rare Pokemons easily and sniping them.

Featured Channels:

100IV All – To get coordinates of all Pokemon with 100IV.

CP2000 Plus – To find Pokemon with CP2000 and above.

75IV Gen1 – To get coordinates of 1st Generation Pokemon with 75IV and above.

75IV Gen2 – Coordinates of 2nd Generation Pokemon with 75IV and above.

Candy – You can request information for candies here.

Raids –In this channel, you can chat with other Pokemon trainers and join them for raids.

Link to join:



Club 100IV

100IV Club is in a partnership with Pokesniper, and the two servers of disputes are somewhat interrelated because their administrators are the same.

However, 100IV Club is a famous dispute server among Pokemon GO coaches and has many channels where you can find rare Pokemon coordinates and high levels for Sniping.

There is even a lounge channel where you are free to interact with other 100IV club members.

Featured channels:

Club 100IV – Pokemon coordinates with 100IV.

Candy – check candy using the bot command.

Gen1 100IV: First generation Pokemon coordinates with 100IV.

Gen2 100IV – 2nd generation Pokemon corresponds with 100IV.

Regional – Coordinates of all Regional Specific Pokemon.

2500CP Plus – Pokemon coordinates with 2500cp and above.

Raids Coords: Find coordinates for active raids.

Shinykarp100 – special channel for shiny magikarp with 100iv.

Joining link:




NYCPOKEMAP is a Pokemon Tracker and Scanner service based in New York. They provide a real-time update on the entire Frai Pokemon in the locality on their Discord server. Updates and new games are also published via their official website and Twitter sleeves.

Featured channels:

Other Pokémon – tons of channels specific to Pokémon.

IV90 – Pokémon with IV90 or above the coordinates in New York.

IV100 – Pokémon with IV100 coordinates in New York.

CP2500 – Pokémon with CP2500 and above the coordinates located in New York.

Raid: Find coordinates for raids in New York.

Cat raids: Chat with other Pokémon trainers in New York and plan your attacks together.

Joining link:



Catch ‘Em All

Catch ‘Em All is another active Discord server on our list. It consists of both bots and enthusiastic people who will share coordinates of Pokemons all time so that your Pokedex can be completed quickly by finding and sniping all those rare Pokemon.

Featured Channels:

100IV MS CP – To get coordinates of Pokemon with 100IV. ( Bots shared )

100 Only User – TO get coordinates of Pokemon with 100IV. ( Humans shared)

Max CP Not 100 – To get coordinates of Pokemon with maximum CP ( irrespective of IV points )

90 Plus User – To get coordinates of Pokemon with 90IV or above. ( Group members shared ).

All IV Report – To get coordinates of Pokemon with all IVs.

Candy Bot VIP – To request candy coordinates for any Pokemon.

Above 2500CP – Coordinates of Pokemon with 2500CP.

Moreover, they provide dedicated channels to find regional Pokemons, find and discuss raids with server members, and specific location channels for Pokemon coordinates.

Link to join:



Articuno’s Lair

If you want a variety of popular sniping discord channels, then try Articuno’s Lair. It consists of coordinates of all your favorite Pokemons, rare and even legendary ones. They have dedicated channels for those, which makes it easy to find and snipe them.

Featured Channels:

100IV All – To get coordinates of all Pokemon with 100IV.

CP2000 Plus – To find Pokemon with CP2000 and above.

75IV Gen1 – To find coordinates of First Generation Pokemon with 75IV and above.

75IV Gen2 – To find coordinates of Second Generation Pokemon with 75IV and above.

Candy – To request information for candies.

Moreover, this server has dedicated channels to chat with group members and join them for raids and several channels for special Pokemon.

Link to join:


FAQ for Pokemon Go Discord Servers

What are the best coordinates for Pokemon Go?

The best coordinates for Pokemon Go are those that are rare and hard to find. These can be found in various Discord servers dedicated to sniping and finding Pokemon.

What is the best Discord server for Pokemon Go?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on what you are looking for in a Discord server. Some of the more popular ones include Articuno’s Lair, Catch ‘Em All, and Nycpokemap.

How do I join a Discord server for Pokemon Go?

Joining a Discord server for Pokemon Go is as simple as clicking on the invite link. Some of the more popular servers can be found in the links above.

Is there a Discord for Pokemon Go raids?

Yes, there are a few Discord servers dedicated to Pokemon Go raids. some of the more popular ones include Articuno’s Lair, Catch ‘Em All, and Nycpokemap.

how to trade pokemon from pokemon go?

To trade pokemon from pokemon go, you will need to find a server that offers this service. Some of the more popular ones include Articuno’s Lair, Catch ‘Em All, and Nycpokemap. Once you have found a server that offers this service, you will need to follow their instructions on how to trade pokemon.


Here we presented the top 14 discord servers specially made for Pokemon Go. We gave its channels where you can join and find all rare Pokemons coordinates to make it clear. Let us know in the comment section if we have missed any vital server for PoGo.

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