Best Duke Nukem Text to Speech AI Voice Generator Online Free

The character of Duke Nukem has gained rapid popularity after the massive success of the Duke Nukem video game series. While many teens are emotionally attached to the character of Duke Nukem, hearing their custom text in Duke Nukem AI voice is something they dearly want.

If you are among people who want to hear any of your favorite texts in Duke Nukem voice, we have brought here a complete list of Duke Nukem Voice changers that will provide this service free.

So why wait? Know about these voice synthesizers online and enjoy their services now.


Duke Nukem Text to Speech AI Voice Generator Online Free

Best Duke Nukem Text to Speech AI Voice Generator Online Free

There is an online solution to everything these days. Similarly, there are a lot of online Duke Nuke voice generators that let you convert your text to Duke Nukem AI voice very conveniently.

While many websites might try to bluff their users, we have sorted a list of the most genuine online services. Below are some of the best tools and websites that will help you quickly generate Duke Nukem TTS within a few seconds.



One of the most famous platforms for getting efficient and quality text to speech services is Uberduck. Solely dedicated to providing TTS generation services, Uberduck has mastered this niche.

The website has everything there should be in a top-notch TTS website. With a huge collection of characters both from the real and fictional world, this website can be the best for you to use as a Duke Nukem AI voice generator.

Just fill in your custom text to be generated in the voice of Duke Nukem and leave the rest on Uberduck. Although, you will need to register before you can start enjoying the services of Uberduck.

After generating the Duke Nukem AI voice for your custom text, you can download it into multiple formats, including MP3 and WAV audio. Moreover, all this is available free of cost on the Uberduck website.

There is also an API option available for developers to integrate the services of Uberduck text to speech in their applications. For any assistance or query resolutions, consider joining the discord community of Uberduck.

Another feature of Uberduck is that you can directly convert an audio file into a speech rather than typing those long custom texts. Thus, the website also has a voice-to-voice generation feature available.


  • Free to text to speech service.
  • Voice-to-voice service is also available in addition to text-to-speech services.
  • A vast discord community to get solutions related to Duke Nukem TTS generation.
  • Trusted by a lot of users and also has a simple interface to deal with.


  • More complex sentences need to be interpreted correctly by the website.
  • You cannot use the text to speech service without registering on the platform.


Step by Step Guide to generate Duke Nukem text to speech AI voice with uberduck

Generating Duke Nukem text to speech for any custom text is a work of a few clicks with Uberduck. Here is how you can do it in a few minutes only.

Step 1: Visit Uberduck.AI on your browser and complete the small and quick sign-up procedure.

Uberduck Text to speech

Step 2: Look for the “Text to speech” option on the website and click on it.


Step 3: Several characters in input boxes will be available on the next screen.

Step 4: Search for “Duke Nukem” in the voices section and select it.

Duke Nukem text to speech voices with uberduck

Step 5: In the text box at the bottom of the screen, enter the custom text for which you want to generate a Duke Nukem voice.

Step 6: Once done, click the generate option and wait for a few seconds.

Step 7: Uberduck will Your AI Duke Nukem voice will generate within a few seconds. Please choose the format you want to download your audio into and save it to your local system.

For testing this site, I used Duke Nukem quote “I think you need some down time.” and generated his voice. 

Listen to the sample of this text, close to real.

By now, you would have successfully generated your required Duke Nukem TTS. You can also generate a TTS for other characters in a similar way.



Fakeyou is a famous text to speech website known for its excellent AI technology. It is because the website always generates an efficient and high-quality AI voice. 

Fakeyou allows you to generate custom narration, voice-overs, and conversations for your favorite character voices, such as Yoda, Mario or Serious Sam.

Fakeyou already has a good collection of AI voices which is constantly increasing as the website accepts community contributions from its users. You can also contribute to enhancing the voice collection of this website.

Talking about generating text-to-speech for different characters on Fakeyou, you can do this free of cost. Although, there are only a limited number of generations allowed per day in the free version.

The website has a very convenient interface that is interactive and easy to use. 

Moreover, there are multiple variants of voices available for a particular character. Therefore, you can refine your speech to a greater extent as per your choice. 

In addition to this, Fakeyou also has a discord community where you can know about the website in an even better way. You can also find solutions to any queries or problems regarding the website.

Like Uberduck, Fakeyou also offers its API to be used by developers. Therefore, if you wish to add the services of to your applications, you can use its API at a very minimal rate.


  • Generated audio can be downloaded in multiple formats.
  • Voice-to-voice services are also available.
  • Multiple download formats are available to download the generated audio files.
  • One can find the AI voice of almost any character they wish.


  • The website is not freely available for bulk generations since only a limited number of generations are allowed in its free version.


Step by Step Guide to generate Duke Nukem text to speech voices with

You can follow the steps below to use this efficient Duke Nukem voice changer successfully.

Step 1: Visit the website on your system. 

Step 2: Look for the “Text to speech” option and click on it. The website will redirect you to another window.

Fake you text to speech

Step 3: Search for “Duke Nukem” in the voices section. There might appear multiple variants for Duke Nukem AI voice. Please select any one of them as per your choice.

Duke Nukem TTS

Step 4: Enter the text you want to convert to Duke Nukem’s speech.

Duke Nukem Text to Speech

Step 5: Click on the “Speak” button, and you are good to go.

For example, I will be using Duke Nukem quote “I think you need some down time.” to generate the text to speech

Listen to the sample below.

Your audio file will be generated within a few seconds, appearing on the screen’s right side in the results section.


101 Soundboards

Soundboard Text to speech

101 Soundboards is yet another excellent but underrated website. Although most users need to learn about 101 soundboards, this website can be your ultimate solution to every text-to-speech need. Here is what this website has got for you.

Key Specification

  • The website comes with a huge collection of soundboards. You can use any of them or even mix two soundboards.
  • Search for Duke Nukem AI voice soundboard and hear it with just a click on it.
  • You can also download these audio files from the website in MP3 format. 
  • The website has a collection of voices, including both the real world and fictional characters.


  • Simple and easy interface to deal with.
  • No need to register on the website. 
  • Huge collection of soundboards for almost every character you want.


  • Some soundboards might not work since they have been deleted.


Duke Nukem Text to Speech AI Voice Generator Softwares


VoiceAi text to speech

On the last spot is an amazing text to speech software that will splendidly change any custom text into Duke Nukem AI voice within a few minutes.

The Voice.AI software has many AI voices that can also be modified to suit your needs. Moreover, you can also use the cloning feature of this software to generate any voice of your choice.

All you need to do is download this free-to-use software on your system, which is extremely easy to use.

Moreover, if you cannot find Duke Nukem AI voice on this software, you can easily clone it from any random source.

In addition, the software also comes with many tools to modify your generated audio and then allows you to download it in multiple formats.

Key Specification

  • The website comes with a huge collection of soundboards. You can use any of them or even mix two soundboards together.
  • Search for Duke Nukem AI voice soundboard and hear it with just a click on it.
  • You can also download these audio files from the website in MP3 format. 
  • The website has a collection of voices including both the real world as well as fictional characters.


  • An interactive and modern interface.
  • Efficient cloning feature to clone almost any voice.
  • Modify your generated audio files.
  • Download audio files in multiple formats.


  • Gaining in-depth knowledge of the software requires time and can have a steep learning curve.


Duke Nukem Text to Speech AI Voice – Honorable Mentions

Although the website mentioned above and the software will help you carry out your Duke Nukem text to speech process smoothly, we still have some honorable mentions for text to speech websites that you must explore. 

Know about them in detail below.


ExploringBits Text to Speech Generator

One of the best Duke Nukem voice generator text to speech, the ExploringBits text to speech generator comes equipped with every tool you seek. 

This advanced and simple tts generator has many AI voices to generate an efficient text to speech for any character. Moreover, the powerful AI system of the website generates an exact match of the original characters in their AI voice.

The best part about using the ExploringBits text-to-speech generator is that it comes cost-free. You have to do nothing to use this amazing tool.

Therefore, this website lets you freely generate as many Duke Nukem text-to-speech as you want. All you need to do is enter your custom text and leave the rest on this website.

Although the website is yet to be discovered by many people, it has been praised by those who benefited from it. The website also allows you to download your generated audio file in different formats per your requirement.

Believe it or not, this is the most efficient AI voice generator you will ever know. 



Developed by iMyFone, Voxbox is a famous text to speech software loaded with many AI voices. Whether it is Duke Nukem AI voice or any fictional or real-life character, you can find voices for everyone on this platform.

Voxbox is a simple software that is light weighted and sums up all its features right on the first page. It can be operated even by a child.

Just input any custom text you want to hear in Duke Nukem AI voice, and Voxbox is there to do the rest for you. Voxbox has a collection of more than 3200 voices available in 46+ languages.

Along with providing text-to-speech services, users can also use this software’s efficient voice cloning tool. It also lets you edit your generated audio with its excellent audio-enhancing tools.

The software also allows users to download audio files into multiple formats like MP3 and WAV.


Top Media AI Text to Speech Generator

Another simple yet advanced text-to-speech generator created by Top Media AI comes equipped with some of the most demanded TTS tools. 

This Duke Nukem voice generator lets you generate any custom text within a few seconds in the exact AI voice of Duke Nukem. Moreover, you can also modify the generated audio by adjusting its speech, speed, emphasis on words, and other aspects according to your requirement.

Not just MP3, the website has a bunch of different audio formats in which you can download your generated audio. 

And is that all for free? Yes, Top Media AI offers an AI Duke Nukem voice free of cost. So, you don’t have to pay to generate TTS on this platform.


FAQs for Duke Nukem TTS Generator

How to sound like Duke Nukem?

Sounding like your favorite video game character Duke Nukem has become very convenient. With the help of an online Duke Nukem voice generator, you can only sound like him within a few minutes. You can upload your voice on platforms like Uberduck and Fakeyou, which will convert your voice into Duke Nukem AI voice within a few seconds only.

Who was the voice for Duke Nukem?

The character of Duke Nukem was dubbed by an American voice actor named John. He is known for his voice in many famous video games. Along with Duke Nukem’s voice, John has also dubbed his voice for “Big the Cat” and “E-123 Omega” video games.

How to do Duke Nukem voice?

While there are a lot of online websites that provide the service of Duke Nukem voice changer, the best one among them all is Uberduck and Fakeyou. You can also consider trying software like Voice.AI to use Duke Nukem AI voice easily.

Who is Duke Nukem?

Duke Nukem is the main character of the Duke Nukem Video game series. The character has been famous among a wide audience after first appearing in the Duke Nukem video game in 1991. The main role of Duke Nukem in video games involves fighting enemies to protect planet Earth.

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