Everything You Need to Know About the Amazon Seller App

The Amazon Seller App has many tools that allow sellers to efficiently run their business remotely. These tools include data summaries, sales rank, competing offers, and estimated profitability. It also has a feature that allows users to scan physical items and find them on Amazon.

The app also provides real-time sales data and analytics, tracks inventory levels, and manages advertising campaigns. Additionally, it allows sellers to respond to customer messages and reviews quickly.


The Amazon Seller App provides sellers various valuable tools for managing their online store. It can help them monitor sales, handle customer service, and more from anywhere worldwide. In addition, it can provide insights into their performance from both a bird’s-eye and granular perspective. It also allows them to manage their inventory, track competitors’ pricing, and manage Sponsored Products ad campaigns.

The app is a game-changer for anyone who wants to turn their side hustle into a thriving ecommerce business. For example, it offers a quick snapshot of account health that helps prevent drops in seller scores. It can also help avoid late shipments and poor return dissatisfaction rates. The app can even detect hazmat items, typically ineligible for FBA, and let users know if they’re not approved to sell a specific product. This allows them to keep their accounts healthy and avoid any costly mistakes. The app is free to download and use.


As an Amazon seller, you have various pricing options to manage. The app lets you view competitors’ price data and identifies the lowest new and used prices for each item. This data helps you make intelligent repricing decisions.

Another helpful feature of the app is its inventory tracking. It lets you keep track of your inventory and receive notifications when your stock is low. This can save you time and money and prevent costly mistakes.

Using the amazon seller app is simple and convenient. You can use it to monitor sales, manage orders, and fulfill customer requests. You can also analyze sales and performance trends from a bird’s-eye perspective or drill down into product-level data. This gives you access to granular business data, such as profit margins and SKU sales growth. It also provides insight into crucial ad metrics. You can even fix critical issues from anywhere, anytime. Staying on top of your e-commerce business is essential, and the app allows you to do just that.

Inventory management

Having accurate inventory management is crucial for sellers on Amazon. You can easily view inventory details for your listings in the Seller App. This will be helpful to prevent the issue of having an excess or shortage of products. In addition, the Seller App can help you plan and forecast sales volume by providing forecasting modeling and inventory timeline features. It can also detect stockout trends and alert you when inventory is running low, helping you prevent stockouts in the future.

Another feature that helps manage your inventory is seeing your FBA inbound and outbound statistics in the Seller App. Using this feature, You can track your shipments and make quick changes. The app lets you view product-level pricing details, such as competitor offers, low-price matches, and free previews. This will help you reprice your inventory effectively and ensure profitability.

The app also lets you receive customer messages and respond immediately on your mobile device. This will enable you to maintain communication with your clients and showcase exceptional client service.

Customer service

The Amazon Seller App provides essential features for eCommerce brands looking to succeed on the Amazon Marketplace. From real-time sales data and analytics to inventory management, sellers can fix vital issues and stay in control of their business.

For example, the app’s communications tab provides a quick snapshot of customer inquiries, allowing you to track them and respond on your mobile device. This is important because a lack of timely responses can lead to A to Z claims that can affect FBM metrics and limit FBA selling capabilities.

Additionally, the app provides valuable insight into a product’s opportunity score, which evaluates it based on six metrics. These include demand, competition, overhead cost, and revenue potential. This information can help you decide which products to buy and sell. It can also help you optimize inventory to meet consumer demand and manage your growth rate.

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