Advantages and Disadvantages of the Fifth Generation of Computer

The fifth generation of computers is currently the developing field in computer technology. Various technologies have been in production and are showing great growth such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain, virtual reality, augmented reality, and many more such types of technologies. Artificial intelligence will contribute a greater role in the development of the fifth generation of computers. Artificial intelligence is becoming part of every computer technology. similarity cloud computing is taking over the physical aspects of the computer search for a CPU and converting them into server hosted computers which do not require actual CPU for processing of a program rather you can write on the virtual CPUs of the companies and use them. 

Technologies that marked the Generation of computers 

Generation of Computer Technology 
First generation Vacuum tubes
Second Generation Transistors
Third Generation Integrated Circuits (IC)
Fourth Generation Microprocessor
Fifth Generation Artificial Intelligence 


Advantages of the fifth generation of computer

  1. The intelligence of the computers under increasing you are artificial intelligence algorithm can you provided with the video feedbacks such as a robot a driving a car and then take actions without step to step active decision making by the programmer and can have the ability to learn from its experience
  2. Quantum technology is currently in the developing stage. Quantum processes are developed by both all the companies such as Intel and Google but currently, we are not able to create an application based on those hardware properties but in near future with the right break through this quantum computer combined with artificial intelligence can be the next big thing for becoming the fifth generation of computers
  3. The company searches open AI has developed one of the most parametric natural language processing models which has been named as GPT three this model has shown that artificial intelligence has become capable of generating written text which is similar to what a human can right and its ability to give back the results of the queries that you asked for are amazing the natural language processing is one of the experts of the artificial intelligence.

Disadvantages of the fifth generation of computer

  1. the fifth generation of the computers is more be supposed to then the fourth generation of the computer and that will require more highly skilled people and this is slow down the progress that we have seen in the past development of the computers
  2. The fifth generation of computers is right now in the development stage so we cannot currently say that these are the technologies that define the fifth generation of computers. The fifth generation of computers are right now in the developing states and many of the technologies are growing which have been incorporated in the operating system and the hardware components of the computing devices. These are the technologies that are mentioned above but we cannot pinpoint that that will all comprise the fifth generation of the computer.

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