Five Reasons Why You Need a Minivan Rental For a Family Trip

It’s time for a family outing, and you seem to have everything you need. Hold on! Now it’s time to pack up and hit the road, but somehow, your space looks cramped. It would become a bummer if you planned out a long road trip since you will be spending a considerable amount of time during the family trip on the road.

Except you happen to have a minivan of your own, it is a much wiser option to rent a minivan for your family trip. Now you might be wondering how much van rental Fort Worthis and whether or not it is a favorable investment for a family trip? If you plan to have a fun and exciting family trip, you might want to consider renting a minivan. You don’t need to think too far; we’ve put it all together for you!


Main Reasons Why You Need to Rent a Van for your Family Trip

You Need The Space

Here’s the top, most important reason you need a minivan for your trip. You need the space! The crazy part about planning family trips and transport is you tend to underestimate the luggage. Sometimes you realize the mistake a bit early to rent a minivan still. Other times, you discover a good way into the car trip when the limited space dampens the mood of the journey. 

When going on a family trip, you have your family in one vehicle. This point hits different when you have kids in the car as well. While you might plan out your luggage when putting together a family trip, it’s essential to keep in mind that people need space to move around, especially during long trips. You have a higher chance of achieving that with a minivan.

It’s Built for the Purpose

Another reason you might want to be renting a van for a road trip is because they are built specifically for that purpose. Not every vehicle works well enough for a car trip to Fort Worth. Minivans for road trips come built-in with features to make the journey smooth and enjoyable. It also has multiple compartments for luggage to keep things organized, proper ventilation, best for long trips, and a ton of space.

Can Take Up More People

Leave out the need for space for your luggage; if you have a large family, you need to ditch the car trip fast and travel the US in a van. A minivan can take up people not just for sitting but also for moving around comfortably. The last thing you want during the journey is someone cramping up your space. 

Van Rental for Family Trips: Tips and Advice

Now that you know you need a minivan for your family trip, you might want to get a heads up before rushing off to get one. Here are a few tips and a little bit of advice here and there to guide your rentals

Consider the Location

Where will you be going off on a trip to? Is it a hot location or a cold one? A minivan that comes with air conditioning? Or natural ventilation? Your plans for the trip would play a vital role here.

Where will you be spending most of your time?

Your family trip might be a drive to a location where you offload and the actual trip activities begin. In other cases, the journey itself is a real trip. Here, you will be spending a ton of time in your minivan. So when looking out for the best choice van for rent for your trip, your activities determine the specs. For the former, a simple transport minivan is perfect. For the latter, you might want to look into more specific vans with built-in features that work well for your trip and everyone on it. 

Will You Be Sleeping In The Van?

If your car trip is a camp trip, you might want to get a van that accommodates short-term live-in. It means it comes with all the requirements needed to live comfortably in the great outdoors. A camp trip for one, or maybe you plan on traveling the US in a van: then opt for one with live-in features.


Best Vans for a Road Trip

Now that we have covered most of the essentials in this all-in-one guide on how to travel the US in a van, we will be making things much easier by suggesting the best Vans for your road trip. 

Best for Short Trips

Going for a short family trip means a lot less load since you will be spending a lot less time in the van. Something big enough to take the family and small enough to be just portable for the trip is what you need. A recommendation would be the VW Transporter. It is a seven-seater that comes as a convertible with most rental brands. It’s easy to drive and portable enough to park by the roadside or in the garage without causing a fuss. While it’s hard to stand in, adding a pop-top solved this problem quickly.

Best for Long Trips (No Live-In)

If your family trip will include a bit of traveling, that means more extended periods on the road. More prolonged periods on the road would take a lot more stuff. The (LWB) sprinter van is a good recommendation in this case. It comes in size big enough to take most of your needs for a long-term family trip. It is 7ft plus tall, making it easy to stand and stretch out during the trip. They are easy to drive and maneuver, just like a car, and fit into regular parking spaces. You can even do it in a bed and sitting area.

Best Camper Van

There are many options, but the high-roof 4×4 2017 Mercedes Sprinter 3500 cargo van is a top recommendation here. It comes with a lot of overhead space to keep stuff off the floor and maximize your space. It has an indoor dining area, dinette seats, custom side flares, bed seats, drop-down tables, and a rear garage for bikes and stuff. It also comes with a compact kitchen and a side shade—all you need to have a smooth van trip.


How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Van in Fort Worth

The cost of renting a van depends on a number of factors. How many people would be going on the trip? Since it is a family trip, we would be looking into top brand minivans and passenger vans with 7-seaters and above. 

The average cost to rent per day in Fort Worth is $100. You can get some brands at a lower price, but nothing less than $60 for one that takes a family on a trip comfortably. 



Family trips are peculiar to the family; what you want to do and how you want it. Considering all of these might make finding the perfect minivan for a family trip much harder. You can learn more about why you should get a minivan and how. With different brands coming up with even more advanced models, it’s good to know what you want before getting it. However, with this guide, you can make an easy choice in getting the best minivan for your family trip.

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