Is Collab.Land NFT Bot Legit and Safe to Use? is a Discord bot that Discord admins use to automatically assign responsibilities to members depending on your wallet. The official bot would also need access to your public signature to confirm that you are the legitimate owner of the wallet you connected.

It recognises the commodities in different networks (MainNet, xDAI, Rinkeby, Binance Smart Chain, Matic) which you possess in your crypto wallet and gives Discord roles depending on that ownership when you provide your public key signature. These roles govern which Discord channels the owners may access.

The discord admin can configure the roles based on the type of Token (ERC-20 fungible token, ERC-721 non-fungible token, ERC-1155 fungible and non-fungible token, Moloch, social money from

The position requires a minimum and maximum number of tokens. Disconnect wallet

After authenticating, you can opt to disconnect from Collab by going to your wallet. If you no longer require the land, you can sell it. I did it the first time I used Discord because I was terrified of the possible dangers and horror stories.

I eventually learned that allowing such a connection is safe as long as it is only requested for signature once. There should be no more requests from Collab. land, as this would indicate that something is wrong or shady is going on.

For your information, the bot is commonly used by all NFT Discord servers. Collabor has been added by the Discord admin. Land is connected to their server and has a private collabland-config channel. The collabland-config channel is restricted because it includes sensitive setup information, and by default, only the person configuring the bot has exclusive access.

You’ve just purchased an NFT and want to brag to the collection’s Discord group that you’re a confirmed holder.

You may be requested to link and validate your wallet via Collab Land in order to prove that you genuinely hold an NFT from that collection.

Collab Land is a community management programme that leverages Discord and Telegram bots to verify that you do, in fact, have a certain NFT.

But, as we all know, we should always be sceptical of third-party crypto programmes. There are a plethora of NFT frauds out there. When you click on fraudulent links and sign in to Metamask, your account money may be depleted.

How can I uninstall

In your profile, there is a connected WalletLink area under Coinbase Wallet. When you click it, it will display all of the services, including, that have your authority to authenticate the wallet. Your roles will continue after disconnecting from until the bots are reset or you need to get new positions.

Is secure? Although the actual is secure, there are several fraudulent bots that defraud and cheat individuals. I assumed the simplest approach would be to verify if the mutual servers of matched all of the servers you are in, because other moderators would have kicked it out if it was a fraud account.

Another precaution is to link an empty wallet first to ensure that the bot messaging did not see anything strange. Following that, the chat with the bot should be the real one.


How to Verify Yourself Using Collab Land?

  • Navigate to the official Discord channel for your NFT project. Locate the verification channel, where you will most likely have to write! or join us! Check to see whether the bot has sent you a message.
  • The Collab Land bot then will deliver you a Discord Direct Message that looks like the one below. Ascertain that it is the official bot; the username should be @Collab.Land.
  • Connect your wallet by clicking the link. It will prompt you to sign a statement similar to the one below. Make certain that no ETH is being spent.
  • When you press “Sign,” you should instantly receive a bot message stating that your wallet has been linked.

One can use the app to successfully verify myself multiple times, as have countless others.

Having said that, here are some more precautions one may take to prevent being duped. Use the official NFT Discord and the official Collab Land bot at all times. These links are available on their website and on thier Twitter feed. Be aware of Collab Land impersonators on Discord.

Do not follow any unusual DM links or join any random Discord channels. In the past, some people have been tricked by accessing a random NFT Discord and being asked to verify themselves using phishing URLs. Allowing the app to “allow all transactions” or approving transaction records that spend ETH is not a good idea. Signing up for Collab Land should be free of charge.

To be cautious, I recommend turning off Discord DMs entirely to minimise fraud / phishing efforts. You may do so by going to Settings, Privacy & Safety, and unchecking “Allow direct communications from server members.” Furthermore, before utilising Collab Land, consider whether you truly need to be authenticated. Unless there are genuine advantages, you may be better off exploring as an unrecognized holder.

When you utilise a third-party app or grant rights to an app, you are exposing yourself to risk. So, before you do something, always be conscious of the risks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I obtain a copy of the CollabLand software?

By providing the login and password, the current version of the CollabLand software may be downloaded from the CollabLand Website’s Download Page.

Which operating system is preferable for Collabland :Windows or LINUX?

There is no such thing as a favourite operating system. It is supported in both Windows and Linux.

Where can I download the copy of the CollabLand software?

 By providing the login and password, the current version of the CollabLand software may be downloaded from the CollabLand Website’s Download Page.

Can I believe collab land?

Although the official Collab. land is secure, there are numerous fake Collab. land bots that fraud and cheat people.



Furthermore, the Custom Multi-chain support feature enables the creation of collections on multiple chains that can grant access to protected material on the same Discord server.

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