Is Cryptocurrency Right for Small Businesses?

User experience is critical to the success of a business, and you already know this. When a consumer is checking out, you want to make the process as simple as possible by offering a variety of payment choices online. Although Bitcoin payments are rising, is it worth integrating them into your checkout process?


What’s The Deal with Bitcoin Transactions?

As with many other forms of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin payments work in the same way. It safeguards Transactions by a system known as the blockchain. To buy bitcoins (or other cryptocurrencies), customers can use their chosen money and save the coins in an electronic wallet.

It may use a bitcoin payments service to convert the funds into the currency of your choice by you, as a seller. Your regular company bank account will receive the funds.


Examine Your Growth Curve

In 2017, the New York-based company Roadway Moving began taking bitcoin as payment. Initially, the purpose was to raise bitcoin awareness. Sapir describes himself as a “crypto person” in his own words. ‘Crypto is in line with my essential ideals,’ says the author.

Before allowing cryptocurrencies as a payment option, Sapir was already well-versed in the technology. On the other hand, many small-business owners will have to start from scratch when learning about cryptocurrency. It should also discuss tax and reporting regulations for receiving digital currencies with your accountant.


Take a Look at Your Business Model

A digital currency, that is, is what a cryptocurrency is by definition. Choi thinks it’s well-suited for e-commerce, but it’s less so for brick-and-mortar stores. According to Choi, taking crypto payments at a brick-and-mortar store and many POS machines can be difficult.

Roadway Moving decided to accept cryptocurrencies as payment since the firm handles international relocation and jobs that might occasionally cost up to five or six figures. “It’s a cinch. In a hurry? It’s safe with us. The costs are small as well. “Sapir believes this. It means it may process Bitcoin transactions in minutes rather than days, he claims. There is no need to worry about the detaining of money or blocked transactions.


Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments

It is technically necessary to open a cryptocurrency wallet and join an exchange like Coinbase or Gemini before you can take bitcoin payments and turn them into real money. Once that is done, you may collect payments by adding a payment button to your website, using a QR code, or by sharing your public wallet address.

According to Sapir, only two Roadway Moving clients have paid with bitcoins since the firm began taking them, so customers may be slow to adopt crypto payments. According to cryptocurrency platform There has been a dramatic increase in people using cryptocurrencies in 2018.

Rising from over 100 million in January to over 220 million in June, according to cryptocurrency platform, we expect that this will lead to increased payment volume.


The Advantages of Using a Cryptocurrency in Small Businesses

Even PayPal now accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment in addition to all of its other accepted methods. Cryptocurrency has various advantages for small enterprises, including the following:


Lower Costs for Transactions

The costs connected with bitcoin transactions are lower than those associated with credit card transactions for small businesses. Merchants may rely on decentralized cryptocurrencies to keep them safe from scams. Other parties cannot cancel online payments. Chargebacks are less likely when clients can’t pay because they don’t have enough money.


Fast Processing

There’s no need to wait for the cash to clear with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Unlike bank transfers, a bitcoin payment is received and processed instantly, taking several business days to clear.


A Global Marketplace

The ability to enter new markets is a massive advantage of adopting bitcoin. With a worldwide currency that it can exchange into GBP at your end, you may accept payments from buyers in any country. Increased income and we can achieve growth using this strategy. Also, as women also owns most business globally, increase in women participation in blockchain and cryptocurrency can be observed.


Customer Adaptation To New Technology

Paying using Bitcoin may not be the best option for clients who are reluctant to learn about new technology. To buy and utilize bitcoin, customers need to set up their digital wallets. This sort of payment may not be worth permitting if your firm caters to an older demographic or is more conventional in its approach.

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