Best Free Online Notepad with Password and Login – 2022

This list contains some free online notepads for online note-taking. These websites will help you create notes easily and quickly online. These websites are listed according to their features and ease of use. The following list provides you with some free online notepads for taking notes online. These websites will enable you to take notes easily and quickly online. The websites are ranked according to their ease of use and features.


I prefer the following online notepad websites:


A notable feature of Evernote is its chat functionality, which allows you to chat with other users during your writing session. In Evernote, you can set a reminder for a note or to-do list.


You can easily share notes with others and encrypt your notes with this online Notepad. You can also encrypt your notes so they are securely stored.

Here are three free programs you can try: free XML Editor Software, free Notepad software, and free Text Encryption software.


Online Notepad with Password and Login


Evernote is one of the most extraordinary websites for keeping notes online. Several remarkable features make writing notes more enjoyable. Click the new note tab once you’ve signed up for quick signup to start writing notes. The box opens up a window with options like creating a new note, searching, chatting, etc. Add a title to the note, then start writing. Once the note has been saved, you can browse it using the Notebook. Added tags can be added to the notes, and shortcuts can be created for your favorite notes.


The Microsoft OneNote application (or Microsoft OneNote Online) is an excellent note-taking app and a great competitor to Evernote. In Onenote, there is no limit for your notebooks. There are multiple sections under each Notebook, pages placed within the pages, and notes inserted within those pages.

In addition to this, there are options for inserting images (from a PC or using online images), tables, links, and special symbols. Your notes will be automatically saved using this Notepad, which is a wonderful feature. Furthermore, you can also share your Notebooks with your friends, allowing them to edit or just read your notes.


Google Keep is a robust online notepad that can also be accessed through your Android device or as a browser extension for Chrome. Apart from the normal features of a notepad, it also offers some that aren’t common. In addition, you can insert images and sound recordings into your notes, change the color of the Notepad’s background, add labels (Inspirational, Personal, and Work), and add a To-do list to your notes. 

By checking items off the To-Do list, you can check them off as you complete them. The created notes can be shared with others by 

e-mailing them or copying their text to Google Docs. A reminder lets you know about the notes as they’re created.


A free online note-taking application, Yahoo Notepad, is available online. Simple and straightforward, Yahoo Notepad is free to use. Type the text into the editor and save the note to make your note. In addition to saving notes in various folders, you can also organize notes within them.


The free and easy-to-use Quabel online Notepad offers clear organization and is available for use for free. To use all the features of Quabel’s basic text editor, you must first create an account. This online Notepad with limited features is available as a demo version if you want to use it without signing up. Labels can be added to your notes for better organization, and names can be assigned to notes. It is possible to access your notes at a later time since all notes are kept online.


There are two components to an elementary notepad and an online notepad. Password-protected notes can be made here. Registration is unnecessary. You can begin writing notes immediately. The tool generates a bespoke URL for each note, which can be customized. The platform has a feature called Password-Protection (Password-Protection) you can use to protect your notes. Additionally, you can choose to remove the password and make the note public if desired.


A second online note-creating tool is RapiThe final step is to download the notes in .txt format back to your PC after you have finished creating notes.dtables, which is easy to use and has basic features such as cut, copy, paste, undo, and redo. If you want, you can create a new note and save it to your PC, or you can open an existing note to modify it and then once again save it to your PC. However, this Notepad only supports text entries in the .txt format. This website doesn’t allow you to create an account, and you can’t save your notes online.


Notes can be written more clearly and concisely with Draft. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll have access to the Notepad for taking notes. Notes that you are working on can be discussed with others. Writers will appreciate having a button Ask a Pro, which allows them to get advice from experts regarding their work, which is a great feature for an online notepad. A draft you create can be marked for later use as a draft, and whatever you write is automatically saved.


Eswrite allows you to log in here with your Google+, Facebook, or Twitter account and enables you to use Notepad in Eswrite. You can write notes directly on the screen. As well as providing night vision, it also has other features. You can create new notes after you log in. They are automatically saved online after you log in. This program has an exclusive feature where you simply select the font you want to use and click the Font button. 

When synchronizing online, your note will be formatted according to your selected font. Moreover, you can tag your notes, and all of your notes will be displayed on the home page itself. Offline and online notepad options are also available.



We can access Notepad online and take notes whenever and wherever we want through these popular websites. These notepads are safely stored in your logins so no one can access them. Suggest your best Notepad, which you have used in our comment section. 

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