String Theory

The more we learn about the science and the reality that exist in our nature the more complicated and weird our stories of reality become. Similarly we see the case with string theory is string theory correct or is it just an idea, Let’s explore it in detail.

To really understand the real nature of the things we need to go in a more detail we have to go in in microscopic world and eventually we will stop at the finding of the atoms, and here we stop considering, as it final layer of the reality but when atoms were smashed together very hard then we find it get more simpler and discovered the elements which cannot get we divided anymore.

The closer we try to look we are faced with the hard reality, that we cannot look for the more subatomic particle, because we are able to look at the subatomic particle with the help of the light and light itself is made of electromagnetic particles or electromagnetic waves and particle of the wave nature cannot go more simpler than the subatomic particles such as those of electron because when the electromagnetic particle or photons touch the electron they get excited and the electron go on a higher energy level and because of this process the actual coming back of the electromagnetic particle to perceive it as light will not be possible further from the subatomic particles such as electron and protons.

The particles which are even smaller than electrons may not be able to be perceived by the electromagnetic waves for the electromagnetic waves will not be able to touch those smaller particles than the electron. Also if you are thinking of making those waves smaller then you only will be increasing the amount of the energy that the wave will contain. Also when the electromagnetic waves will touch the subatomic particle like electron they will alter their state and therefore we will never know if the particle exists and this has been one of the important principle of Physics and it is the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle And this principle has become one of the founding principles of the quantum mechanics.

So if you might are what is the real nature of the particle the answer will come in a Blob of probabilistic area where you might have the chance of finding the actual subatomic particle but in order for the maths to work we have to invent some story for making our calculations and making into applications. We invented the story of the point particle,the story of the point particle made our work easier and maths gave all the solutions we required.

With the help of the point particle we were able to do many of our complicated equations and produce many applications for the real world. We assume that the point particle in a space and electrons are the particles with a certain mass and a certain charge with the help of this theory we were able to make the Quantum Field theory which states that many particle in the existence vary because of the changes in the mass or the charge all the particle and we invented are quite a lot of particles that way.

We were able to paint a good picture of the world with the help of a point particle theory but the difficulty with this theory was it was not able to accumulate all the particles such as those of gravity because Einstein’s general relativity theory states that gravity is not any kind of particle and it has a completely different set of mechanics to deal with, and not including the gravity particle in our equation was giving an incomplete model of theory of everything. So if we were able to combine Einstein general relativity and the point particle theory we will be able to invent  a full proof theory of everything. But gravity is not like everything, the theory of gravity is the theory of spacetime geometry that’s why the theory of gravity doesn’t work with the theory of quantum physics so we try to add the theory of gravity by introducing a new particle so that our mathematics do good work.

So in this way string theory came into the world, when people were finding something complicated then a point they found a String. Like the variation of the charge on the mass was able to give us various particles from the vibration in the string were able to give us various kind of particles and this even included the gravity in it, so this was a great help in the Physics world to form the theory of everything and the mathematics start to actually show of that it is possible. Maths involved in the string theory  deals with 10 dimensions and also multi universes, people have tried to simple down these dimensions and has come to up to six dimensions but after that no one has been able to simplify it further into which it can be align with our worldview also string theory is not able been able to be proved by the experiments and therefore the string theory fine it’s self standing alone with only predictions and mathematics but no experimental truth. Because the mathematics of String theory is able to provide us with the accurate calculation that we required in finding the complicated worldview of our universe that’s why string theory has become even acceptable in the world of Physics and it has helped in finding a beautiful perspective in the quantum mechanics world by the theoretical physicist.

We currently don’t know the true nature of a reality but we are trying to figure out the model which will fit in the theory of everything .

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