How to use Ticket Tool Bot Discord [ Ticket Tool Bot Commands ]

The discord community of developers and users supply and demand each day with new, exciting, and unique bot ideas that make a user’s experience over the bot much more fun and interactive. These bots are one of the main reasons why discord servers are so cool and fun to kill boredom and get the best out of the platform. But apart from the gaming and fun bots, there are also certain other bots available over discord that are extremely important for the discord community as the other ones. These bots are called support bots. One such bot that we will talk about here is the ticket tool bot.

The ticket tool bot is another example of the best supportive bots and one of the most favorite and widely known bots that have made their way to more than 9.71k servers and are still trending in its category of services. The bot is a supportive bot that has granted access to its users to customize their server in any manner using the bot. The bot thus takes an ahead hand with this sole feature. The developers of the bot can be guessed as the ones who preferred clean rooms and tidy things since that’s what the bot does with its servers in which it is added. Yes, the bot focuses on maintaining a clean design and tidy server. Thus, the bot can be said to as the main moderator through which all the mess over the server can be controlled and customized.


Features of the Ticket Tool Bot

Let’s get to what the bot has to offer its users which has made it one of the most preferred ones among communities. The bot firstly offers its users amazing features which include the creation of ticket panels, reaction controls, and closing of tickets too.

The bot has an excellent user interface that can be easily understood by any person and users can create ticket panels by using panels with reactions in order to keep the sever clean and organized, whereas after creating panels one can easily control and customize them with reactions.

Tickets can be closed too in the bot and can also be reopened when needed. All these features are the ones that have made the bot a superior one. Not only these, but the bot also has some other amazing general features that include the bot service with a 24/7 uptime and the automatic backing up of data for any action taken over the bot.

The backups are taken in order to reuse the data for any purpose in the future. Moreover, users can also use multiple amazing tags that are too much fun to play with.

All these features of the table tool bot make it an excellent one and the bot emerges out to be one of the best support bots over discord. Easy setups, customizations, and an interactive and fun interface are the ones that make the bot even more worth trying. So, try out this amazing piece on your servers and make the best out of its amazing services.


Ticket Tool Bot Commands

Ticket Tool Bot General Commands


Provides some basic documentation and assistance about the bot: its commands, how to set it up, and a list of frequently asked questions.


Provides useful troubleshooting information about your server, the channel $debug is used in, and your own permissions on the server. Support team members may ask you to run this command and provide them with the link it generates to get the information they need to assist you.


Ticket Tool responds with your own permission level on this server, or the permission level of the user whose ID you inputted after the command. This is useful for permission issues regarding accessing your server’s dashboard


Provides the current latency between your server, the bot, and the Discord API. This might be used while troubleshooting.

$panel [ID]

Send a panel to the current channel. The ID of a panel is in Panel Configs, to the left of the panel name.

Ticket Tool Bot Ticket Commands


Closes a ticket channel that is in the Opened state.


Re-opens a ticket channel that is in the Closed state.


Deletes a ticket channel, no matter if it’s in the Opened or Closed states.

$rename [Name]

Renames the ticket channel.

$transcript {#channel} {X Amount of lines}

– Creates a transcript of the last 500 (free) – 1000 (premium) messages in the current channel, which is then uploaded as a .html file.

– If no send channel is chosen, then the transcript will be sent to your defined 


Gives an additional user or role access to the current ticket channel. They are given the same permissions as the User Opened Permissions.


Removes a user’s or role’s access to the ticket channel if they had access to the ticket when it was created, or if they had been added with the $add command.


Ticket Tool Bot Not Working?

Sometimes the Invite Tracker Bot might have issues, such as it may not respond and it may be offline. This can be due to a bot server down due to any reason, if you face the issue check in the Invite Tracker Support Community Server.

Also, make sure that you have provided sufficient permissions to the Invite Tracker bot, it can be done in the settings tab.

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