The Best Instagram Viewer App for Watching Stories Anonymously

Are you looking for an Instagram viewer app that allows you to watch other people’s stories anonymously? If yes, you may consider Glassagram. Instagram stories enable people to know brands, influencers, and products more. Also, you can learn what other people are up to by watching their stories. What’s more, brands and creators can use Insta stories to boost engagements with followers and much more.

But you may want to view or interact with other people’s stories off Instagram. If you’re a parent, you may want to monitor your kids’ Instagram activities without their realization. In that case, you can use an innovative app to engage with users, brands, and influencers via a separate app. And this is more encompassing than viewing Instagram stories directly. Glassagram is an application that enables you to watch Instagram stories anonymously.

This Internet-based app enables you to survey Instagram stories mysteriously. It permits you to follow any individual’s narratives from Instagram without them noticing you. Perhaps, you might wonder what makes Glassagram different from other Instagram stalkers apps.

With this service, you can see private Instagram accounts’ data. Ideally, this service provides multifunctional assistance while empowering you to see private Instagram profiles. What’s more, it allows you to download Stories and get profile measurements.

Glassagram is a fantastic non-profile watcher tool that allows users to gather and break down profile information. Additionally, you can use the app to download stories directly to your computer or phone.

Why Use Instagram Story Viewer?

Instagram receives 500 million users every day. Thus, this platform is impossible to ignore, especially for modern businesses. But even individuals use Instagram to interact and sell products or services. However, using Instagram successfully requires an effective strategy. And watching other users’ profiles can help you formulate your Instagram strategy. 

Whether you’re an independent Instagram user, a brand, or an influencer, you may want to view profiles, reels, stories IG, followers, and tagged posts anonymously. For instance, you might want to watch your business competitors’ Instagram stories without them noticing. Many businesses do this research to improve their online content.

But Instagram users have several reasons to watch Instagram stories anonymously. Glassagram is the best Insta viewer and stalker. This application has many features that allow you to watch Instagrammers’ stories anonymously and even check their direct messages.

Using this service, you can research another user’s Instagram feed to boost your ranking. Also, you can use this tool to count IGTV likes and read comments to their posts anonymously.

Who Can Use Instagram Story Viewer?

Glassagram is an ideal service for anybody who wants to watch Instagram profiles’ data. For instance, you can use this application to monitor private Instagram photos, IGTV, reels, likes, stories, areas, and profile pictures of other users.

This application allows you to remain mysterious by ensuring that other users don’t know the Instagram accounts that you follow. What’s more, you can use the application on your iOS or Android smartphone. Thus, you can go online to view other users’ profiles with Glassagram at any time.

Anybody can use the free online Glassagram version to watch and download the target person’s Instagram stories. But to enjoy more tracking features and view the target person’s activities like videos, messages, and location, you must install the app on their Android phone.

What Can You Do with Glassagram?

Glassagram is an innovative online spyware. It’s an ideal service for anonymous Instagram story viewers that enables them to view any Insta account from the outside. Using this service allows you to access even profiles in the private mode. With this tool, you can unobtrusively watch another person’s stories, read their direct messages, and watch the followers’ reactions.

You can use this service to see the content that the target audiences like the most. The screenshot updates allow the tool’s users to avoid missing any vital information. Thus, Glassagram is crucial spyware for tracking Instagram accounts.

Parents can use this service to spy on their kids’ Instagram activities, including stories and posts, without their realization. Ideally, Glassagram is an Instagram monitoring application that allows users to remotely track other people’s IG accounts. What’s more, it enables users to download their target users’ posts and stories for free.


About Instagram Viewer

The Best Instagram Viewer App for Watching Stories Anonymously

Glassagram is an ideal service for viewing Instagram Stories on different profiles incognito. Ideally, you watch stories using a unique algorithm through this service. Visit and input an IG profile, location, or tag in the search bar to use this service. After that, you can use the service to watch the views, comments, likes, and publication dates for their texts or stories. Here’s what you can do with this service.

Browse Anonymously 

Using this service makes you completely anonymous. Thus, you can browse without anybody noticing your interactions and engagements with their Instagram content. Instagram allows you to check out who has viewed your story. However, it does not inform users that somebody has downloaded their data using a third-party service.

Search Everything 

This service allows you to search and view everything about the target person’s Instagram profile. For instance, a parent might not want their kids to interact with inappropriate videos and reels. In that case, a guardian or parent can use Glassagram to remotely monitor what videos or reels the kids view using screenshots. 

View Instagram Stories 

Instagram Story Viewer is the most popular feature of this service. Ideally, you can use this service to view IG Stories free of charge, and nobody will notice your presence. Thus, this service is ideal for parents and businesses to gather data and analyze other users’ profiles. It’s also suitable for social media experts and marketers that want to help improve their clients’ Instagram presence.

Download Content  

Perhaps, you like a photo or image on the account you’re spying on Instagram. In that case, you can download the post or story to your computer or phone. This service allows you to select a dedicated arrow and download the content.

Essentially, Glassagram allows you to browse anonymously and conveniently without anybody noticing that you’re spying on them.


Do I need to provide my Instagram profile to view another person’s IG Stories or posts? 

Your Instagram profile remains private if you do all the controls without providing information about your IG account when using this service. Ideally, this service ensures that you remain anonymous when watching other Instagram users’ profiles, comments, and posts.

Can you download other users’ Instagram stories anonymously with this service? 

Yes. You can download another user’s Instagram story without them noticing. Click on the Show Stories button and then pick what you want. You will see a bolt button on the upper-right part of the screen. Click on that button, and the service will download the Story to your computer.


Glassagram is a safe and innovative Instagram viewer app for modern parents, businesses, and any other user. It enables brands, businesses, marketers, influencers, and parents to anonymously view other Instagram users’ content. And this ability is essential for modern companies and parents.

Social media has highly competitive niches and industries, particularly on Instagram. What’s more, parents want to ensure that their children access and interact with appropriate content only. This service enables Instagram users to gather tactical information about their competitors or children without their realization. Thus, Glassagram is a crucial competitor research tool. It also allows parents to monitor their kids’ activities on Instagram without their knowledge.

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