Web development trends you shouldn’t miss

Web development is not new but always brings in something new as recent trends keep rising. As various digital platforms are increasing day by day, keeping the users interested and fascinated is one thing that web developers must not compromise on. 

Many advanced web development tools are utilized by web developers in making wonderful websites. Some of them are Github, CodePen, and Chrome DevTools. 

While some trends die out with time or become part of the standard, there are some trends that will stay “new” and can be called trends of the future. In this blog, let us take a look at the leading web development trends that you should not miss out on. 


Web development trends

Responsive websites

Websites are not just used on desktop computers or laptops. Most people search for whatever they wish to gain through their smartphones.

 But, not just smartphones but easy-to-carry tablets are also utilized effectively. This makes it essential that any business should have its website developed in a way that it can be used by its audience through any device, regardless of the size. 

Bootstrap, for example, has multiplied in popularity as a template-based framework for building mobile-first and responsive websites. However, as mobile phone use increased, the tendency began to move from a focus on aesthetics to one on functionality. 

More sophisticated approaches were needed as mobile consumers expected richer and faster online experiences, and businesses needed a new way to profit from these considerable shifts in user behavior.


Blockchain technology

The hype around cryptocurrency and NFTs is no joke. Blockchain is gaining popularity and can be seen being utilized in the future. 

For businesses, the increased security provided by the blockchain has made it a reliable feature. Solidity, an object-oriented programming language, is used to create smart contracts on the blockchain.

The use of blockchain technology to store contracts, confidential information, and other sensitive documents protect their integrity, trustworthiness, and safety. This year, developers should look into Solidity as a result of the rise in blockchain use and the development of smart contracts.


Progressive web apps 

People are increasingly using mobile apps; therefore, having a website that works on both desktop and mobile devices is critical today more than ever for businesses. Some of the world’s most well-known brands, including Starbucks and BMW, have progressive web apps that provide a similar experience to their native apps.

Web-based apps that give all the features of a website and more are known as progressive web apps, and they may be used on any device. Progressive web apps are the best way to improve user experience, customer service, faster purchasing, and data security.

Progressive web apps built with appropriate patterns, APIs, and features can be used offline, allowing for the same functionality as native apps. React, Angular, JavaScript, Lit, HTML, and CSS are among the most often used technologies for building PWAs.


Voice search optimization

Everybody is familiar with Siri, Alexa, OK Google, Cortana, and so on. Voice searches are massively used now by people. Voice search, according to Web FX, has gained 2 billion dollars worth of sales worldwide and is constantly growing. 

Website developers should begin optimizing their content for voice searches now that voice search is becoming increasingly prevalent. SEO methods that go beyond typical keywords and phrases are essential for the future of web development as the websites are in competition to rank higher on the SERPs.


AI and chatbots

Artificial intelligence and chatbots are also a trend that is booming, and businesses are making use of them for growth and better customer relationships. In order to bridge the gap between web and mobile app development, artificial intelligence web development provides web developers with chatbot frameworks that can be used on both websites and applications.

Instantaneous responses to frequently asked queries are provided by chatbots that simulate human conversation and interactions. Every day, more than 1.4 billion individuals communicate with chatbots. Hybrid chatbots aren’t a replacement for human employees, but they can help keep customers coming back.


Serverless Architecture

Serverless architecture is an innovative way to design “server-less” applications. So you don’t need a physical or virtual server. Clouds monitor app resource use so that they don’t slow down internet connections.

Serverless technology is a trend for chatbots, IoT apps, and other goods with sophisticated backend requirements. Downloading files from the cloud or posting data to an app and then retrieving them later are frequent serverless actions, as are delivering notifications of local and cross-platform events.


Single-page websites

Having a single-page website provides numerous benefits for both customers and businesses. A more manageable experience is achieved through the utilization of divisional content and an intuitive user interface. 

The entire user experience across all platforms has been greatly simplified. This boosts traffic and conversion rates and decreases bounce rates, all of which are beneficial outcomes. 


APIs and microservices

The growth of APIs and microservices is a significant technological trend in current web development. Using web development tools like Web Components and React, web developers are stressing the significance of encapsulation and modularity.

Web developers have to think more holistically about how their apps interact with a range of services and data sources. This is so since microservices simplify the development process but increase architectural complexity.

Since developers may perform their tasks while a user is still on the website, using an API-first strategy ensures that the ecosystem of services is connected seamlessly, putting the needs of customers front and foremost in the process.


In a crux

All these trends that are mentioned above play a vital role in shaping what’s in store for the future. Developers show no sign of showing down as more accessible and advanced web development tools are being launched in this competitive market. 

With web development growing rapidly, there are many trends that may come and go. But some of the trends, especially those mentioned in this blog, are likely to make a huge difference in the business world. 

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