5 Programmer Keyboards You Gotta Think About

A responsive, comfortable keyboard is a must-item for any programmer aiming for a smooth coding experience. Although your standard keyboard may get the work done, it often lacks the convenience of macro programmable keys, durability, and comfort provided by mechanical programming keyboards.

For a detailed review, I had grademiners review and peruse a couple of keyboards and narrow my choice to these five. 


Dygma Raise

This sleek keyboard is a great addition to any programmer’s arsenal. The Dygma Raise keyboard comes with gel wrist rests, which allow for your wrist comfort for long programming sessions.

The keyboard can also be split, allowing you to place it apart for a more natural position for coding. Dygma also features well-stabilized keys and customizable hardware and software, offering you a variety of functions. 

The swappable circuit board allows you to swap switches with preferred options, thus achieving a convenient, personalized setup. You can also assign multiple inputs to one key based on how you press it.



 The Havit programming keyboard is an affordable option for programmers working on a budget. Like the former, this Havit keyboard has a detachable wrist rest, ensuring the comfort of your arms over long durations of typing.

The keyboard also features an RGB backlight, ideal for working in a poorly lit area and gaming. We also find the all-metal panel of the Havit keyboard a great plus as it offers durability. The floating keys of the Havit programming keyboard trigger sensitively, allowing you to go about your coding with few errors quickly. 


Nuphy Air75

The Nuphy Air75 is a compact option with wireless convenience and the capacity to connect with up to three devices. This keyboard comes with rounded PBT keycaps and mechanical switches making for a smooth coding experience and customization.

We also love the 48-hour battery life of the Nuphy Air75 as it allows you a long duration of power without recharging. You may also consider paying more for a carrier pouch to carry your keyboard safely. 


Keychron K2

This is yet another wireless mechanical keyboard you should consider. The Keychron K2 board is tactile and compact, allowing you to maneuver your code without errors. The keyboard also features two stands which offer a great angle for keying in code over long durations without exhausting your wrists. 

Like the former, this keyboard can connect with up to three devices and also features a durable 400mha battery that can last you for a week. Unlike its counterparts, however, this keyboard has an auto-shutoff feature that saves energy after long durations of inactivity.

The 84 keys design of the Keychron K2 also provides more room for your mouse without the frivolous Numpad. This keyboard also ranks among our favorites owing to its durability of up to fifty million keystrokes. 


Drevo Tyfring V2

The Drevo V2 keyboard is an amazing option with an aesthetic customizable RGB backlit keyboard. This mechanical keyboard features 87 compact keys and an N-rollover feature, ensuring accurate responses.

It also includes an aluminum alloy panel and a USB connector that is gold-plated. The keyboard’s durable design will ensure long-lasting service. The ABS double-shot keycaps keep your legend from becoming faded throughout the life of your mechanical keyboard.


Corsair K55 RGB

The Corsair K55 keyboard features dedicated hotkeys and six macro keys, ensuring your preferences are customized. This keyboard also features detachable wrist rests, ensuring comfort over long programming sessions.

We also love the spill-resistant feature of the Corsair, as it reduces the risk of damage in case of an inadvertent spillage.


Final Take

Although it does not affect your programming skills, a good keyboard is a handy tool to ensure comfort and speed in your programming sessions. The options in this article are some of the better programmer keyboards you should consider, as they offer features bound to redefine your coding experience. 

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