Best discord server for emotes [ Global & Anime Emojis Servers ]

Making chats without emojis, emotes will not carry a conversation for a long time. So all the chat apps have options to use these. They add more meaning and vibrancy to your discussion. Discord, the famous chatting application used by gamers while streaming games. They have several channels for providing the best and unique emotes.

Among so many dedicated servers for emotes, we have collected the top 10 discord servers made for emotes. Let’s start with our list.


The Grim Reaper

The first and best Discord emote server on our list is The Grim Reaper. This server is a massive community with a total number of members of over 50k. This server has 100 unique emotes in total. The rare feature about this server is Deathpay. It gives you a chance to get paid when you kill a user.

Moreover, you are allowed to enable or disable the Deathpay, changing the payment amount. If the players are killed by themselves or others, you can send messages to them. Some more features available on this server are social channels, general chatting channels, text/bot games, and more features. However, this server is popularly known for providing the best emotes among the Discord servers. 

Link to Join:


Blob emoji

The next second best of our list is Blob Emoji. Once upon a time, this was a famous application on google. Many people are working as developers on this Blob emoji chat server. They help you get a massive amount of squishy blobs to get users across your discord channels. This server guarantees you 100% in providing active participation. In order to use these emotes in another server, you will be required to have Discord Nitro. The Blob emoji server has many emotes, but its main context is the Blob type of emojis. People who love to use Blob emojis found on google then have to join this server. This won’t disappoint you with its emotes. 

Link to Join:



Utopia is the best interactive server having emotes in the Discord server. It consists of 30k+ members who used to play games and chat with other players related to gaming. This Utopia Discord server provides you with 65 awesome emotes to make your conversation active. The presence of a wide range of channels for chatting, gaming makes it one of the most popular Discord remote servers. The server gives its best to maintain the server active and provide a dynamic environment. Since they are filled with exciting and best emotes, it’s worth joining here. 

Link to Join:


Frog’s Winter Wonderland

This Discord emote server is renamed from Frog’s Winter Wonderland to Frog’s Dreamworld. This is a fun, and active community with over 36 Global emotes, famous events, best admins, giveaways, and more features. This server holds more than 200k members. Moreover, it has 103 emotes to use within this server. The emotes are mainly made with frog’s faces in the place of emoji’s faces. Since it provides global emotes, you must join the Discord server to use the emotes in the Discord. 

Link to Join:



As the name suggests, it is the right place for chilling yourselves in your free time. Here you can chat while playing, so you feel a little relaxed. ChillZone has a total number of 50k members; they are very friendly and enthusiastic members. The server may not be so popular, but it has a great list of emotes. It’s all free to use and make your conversation in the channel active. 

Link to Join:


Nine Clouds

It is a friendly community, where you also get access to numerous cute Discord emotes. If you’re a follower of aesthetic ideas, this is the correct server to join. Apart from those great emotes, Nine Clouds will provide you with some aesthetic fonts, too, for your ultimate inspiration.

Link to Join:


Gate of Autism

The next best Discord server for getting emotes on our list is Gate of Autism. This server is mainly focused on meme sharing and chatting to enthusiastic members. This server has 5 Global emotes to use anywhere in the Discord servers. Although you can gain 108 emotes, which are unique to use within this server. Without any errors, you can use this server. Gate of Autism provides you with various games without any complaints and maintains the server as a more active environment. 

Link to Join:


Lulurd’s Hideout

The main motto of this Discord server is to make your free time happier. The server has 60k members and will keep the server more active with different channels. Here you can get people from all over the world to chat, and it feels happier. Some unique features like fun exercises worldwide make this server unique and more popular. In addition to that, there are over 73 emotes to chat with the server members. Lulurd’s Hideout is well known as the best Discord Emote server. 

Link to Join:



Are you an anime fan and also want to make use of some anime emotes? Then this is the place for you to join. 

Link to Join:

Blue’s community

The final Discord server to get cool Discord emotes in our list is Blue’s community. This is the ultimate fun-packed server with the members of various channels. It offers you 30+ bots and an impressive count of 200+ Discord emotes. This is a highly recommended Discord server to get a large number of various expressions of emotes. Ultimately this server provides some Nitro giveaways, which are used to make use of those emotes across multiple servers in the Discord server. 

Link to Join:



Emotes are more useful in making your conversation more active and exciting. While all the applications have an in-built option to use those emotes, Discord also provides you the same. Among the wide range of discord servers in Discord, I have listed the top 10 discord servers to get more unique emotes. These servers are well designed and maintained. So you can expect an active and friendly community to make use of in your free time. 


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