All Beluga Discord PFP Download [ All Beluga Characters ]

Beluga YouTube channel has been growing exponentially. Beluga has collected its own fanbase on YouTube. We all are loving the beluga and their stories of discord and await for the next one. Each of those YouTube stories are reaching more than a million views. A great respect for the creator of Beluga channel you is creating such awesome content without the ads. There are many PFP that are used by the Beluga YouTube channel.

All credits go to Beluga for such great Channel.

Beluga also has other YouTube channels – Beluga Jr. (Memes and Shorts) and Explore Lucid Dreaming with his main channel Beluga.

These are official Beluga Social Media Handles – Twitter, Instagram.

NOTE: The credits to the respective sources have been mentioned below the images and are not owned by us.

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All Beluga Discord Characters

We have mentioned major Beluga discord character if you want to suggest any more characters that we should add then mention them in the comments below.


Beluga PFP Discord

Beluga PFP
Source: Twitter

Beluga is the protagonist of the channel. He also uses a disguised anime girl named ‘Beluga’ and also his son’s channel ‘Beluga Jr.’

Also, check our YouTube PFP for more related profile pictures.


Beluwuga PFP Discord

Beluwuga PFP
Source: Wallpaper Cave

Beluwuga is the alter ego of Beluga. Beluga has been seen to use this disguise to get something from the discord moderators (such as Pablo, Lester, and Eugene).


Hecker PFP Discord

Hecker PFP discord
Source: YouTube

Hecker is Beluga’s Best friend. Hecker seems to have expert knowledge about computers and people hire Hecker for his hecking services :). Hecker has been seemed to fool Beluga on multiple occasions too but also has been the right hand of beluga.


Pablo PFP Discord

Pablo PFP
Source: Funny Lax

Pablo is a discord moderator and the server owner of Pablo’s Pub. He has been seen to mute, kick or ban other characters if they trouble him, which they often 🙂


Skittle PFP Discord

Skittle PFP
Source: Twitter

Skittle is a good friend of Beluga and mostly seen to hang out with Beluga to help in any way. Skittle also takes a disguise of a girl named skittle chan.


Skittle-chan PFP Discord

Skittle Chan PFP
Source: Imgur

Beluga seems to have an obsessive crush on skittle chan. In few episodes, skittle chan appears to be beluga girlfriend.


Snowie PFP Discord 

Snowie Beluga PFP
Source: Pinterest

Snowie is a discord user who has a crush on Beluga. Sometimes Beluga seems to be trapped in uncomfortable situations with Snowie and Skittle Chan.

Pepper PFP Discord

Pepper Beluga PFP Discord

Beluga seems to impress Pepper with different strategies.

Beluga Jr. PFP Discord

Beluga Jr PFP
Source: Twitter

Beluga Jr. is the son of Beluga. Also Beluga Jr. has a separate YouTube Channel created by the same creator of Beluga YouTube Channel.


Eugene PFP Discord

Eugene PFP

Eugene is also a discord moderator like Pablo and Lester. Beluga seems to compare Eugene to Egg on multiple occasions which lead Eugene to mute Beluga.

Lester PFP Discord

Lester PFP Discord
Source: Lester

Moderator and server owner of the discord server Lester’s Minivan. Pablo and Lester are good friends. Lester like Pablo seems to bring trouble to another character especially beluga.

Theodore PFP Discord

theodore pfp Discord
Source: Personality Database

In the Beluga’s skit Theodore acts as a moderator who asks beluga to have discord nitro before entering into the channel.

Becky PFP Discord

Becky PFP discord

Becky seems to have a quarrel with Pablo for sending him minion jokes on the discord server.


Latest Beluga Discord Characters PFP

Mrs. White PFP Beluga

In When you have a Substitute Teacher…, she says that her name is Ms. White.

Baby Hecker PFP Discord

Baby Hecker is son of Beluga’s Friend “Hecker”. Baby Hecker had been seen in the video “Unlock Any Phone in 9.01 Seconds” where Beluga helps baby Hecker to unlock his dads phone.

Snowball PFP Discord

snowball pfp

Snowball has been in boys vs girls sleepover video, where pepper and snowball are talking about beluga’s character.

Mrs Isabella | The Vegan Teacher

The Vegan Teacher

The Vegan Teacher is the same character named as Mrs. Isabella. This character has appeared multiple times on Skittle Chan Youtube channel. 

Hecker Jr. PFP

Hecker Jr.

Hecker Jr. is son of Hecker ( best friend of beluga). The Hecker Jr. character has appeared on Schemer Youtube Channel.

Jimmy PFP Discord

Jimmy pfp

Jimmy is the boy on the advertisement who later message beluga to solve his problem of being single.

Sweetie PFP Discord


Walt PFP Discord

Walt PFP discord

Mr. Walt is a school teacher who often takes surprise Quiz and give homework. Beluga seems to top many quiz with some help which puts Beluga into some trouble.  

Mr. Beet PFP Discord

Mr Beet pfp

Mr. Beet gave a tough time to beluga with his puzzles.

Scemer / Docter PFP discord

Scemer PFP discord
Source: Scemer

Docter has also be know as Scemer in other youtube channel. Although, Beluga Introducted this character on his main channel named as Docter.

Ralph PFP Discord

Ralp PFP

Ralph is a discord moderator, seemed less frequent in the beluga skit.


Vladimir PFP discord

Vlamidir Beluga PFP discord
Source: Pinterest

Vladimir has been contacted by the discord moderator to threaten beluga and other characters.


Vladimiré PFP discord

Vladimiré PFP discord

As Vladimir has a Russian Hat our Vladimiré has French Hat and a solid proficiency for French Language.


Belu-Mom PFP discord

Beluga Mom PFP discord
Source: YouTube

Beluga’s Mom has shown recent appearance in Beluga skit under the Username Belu-Mom.


Papa Beluga PFP discord

Beluga Dad PFP discord
Source: YouTube

Beluga’s Father has shown recent appearance in Beluag skit along with Beluga’s Mom Under the username Papa Beluga.

Sbeve PFP discord

Sbeve PFP discord
Source: Sbeve

Sbeve character seems to be an Astronaut who argues with Pablo about earth being Flat. At the end Pablo mute Sbeve.


If you think we had missed some important Beluga’s PFP mention them in the comments and we will Add them ASAP.

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