Best Discord Servers for Memes [ Anime Memes ] 2022

Memes are everywhere and liked by every kind of person. It’s seen in all social media platforms including discord. Discord is a huge platform for gamers and they like to make memes out of their gameplay. That’s why various Discord servers for memes are available. Gamers share trending games, their unique gameplay, as a meme in the Discord server.

Are you a Discord user and meme followers, then you are in the right place. We have collected top 10 discord servers made for memes and presented them to you. 



Lounge is one of the largest fan follower Discord servers. It has 70k+ members, and most active members will participate in giveaways and get awards. It has a fun section, which consists of text channels like media channels, memes channels, art channels, etc. So with this, you can share all your memes or other types of content in respective channels. Lounge has a separate channel named “meet-the-staff”. There you can check the introduction of the server’s staff members. 

If you notice any problem, need to raise a complaint against a user, or want to say something to admin etc, you can create a ticket. Based on your level in the server, you will get access to many voice channels. Moreover you can also create your own temporary voice channels under the “Custom VC” section. 

Link to join:


Cartoon Carnation

It is a unique, fun server and made in a cartoon theme. It has self-assignable roles, like color roles, location roles, gender roles etc. Some of those roles are level-restricted, only if you have reached that level you can assign to those. It has a special leveling system, so you can unlock certain features and fun contents as you level up. It has a dedicated memes channel, for meme lovers and some other channels like selfies channel, media channel etc. 

Toon lounge is the section where you can chat and make friends with others online. When you complete certain tasks like a minigame, you can earn Nitro Giveaways on the server. 

Link to join:


Money hunters

Like other Discord servers, it also has self roles like color roles, partnership ping, events ping to make you more active in Discord. Money Hunters has a dedicated game section to participate in mini-games and to chat with others etc. They do regular giveaways, to maintain active members in the server and to provide full fun. In addition to those, you can share memes with other players on the server. It has a leveling system to make your profile unique from beginners. 

Some other features like giveaways, dank memer mini-games section, and donations. In conclusion, Money Hunters is a fun filled community server and it’s worth joining with the link provided here. 

Link to join:


Supreme Dankers

The ultimate feature of this server is it’s Dank-Memer bot and giveaways they provide. To make the server more active, they do daily giveaways, heists. It has a self promoting option, so you can promote their servers, their art, and more on social media. This server is a great platform for creators who look for better reach. It has a dedicated section called Dank-Memer, where you can see many channels. In that you can use the dank-memer bot to play minigames and also commands,etc. Moreover, to share your post, media content, art and memes it has separate channels. 

Link to join:


Memer’s Den

Memer’s Den is also a Dank-Memer focused server specially made for dank-meme lovers, to make fun with common minded people. It has self roles assigning features, so members can assign roles themselves with color roles, gender roles, age roles etc. A unique channel called perks channel, made to list all the perks and bonuses for the users. On leveling up here, you will receive certain perks and unlock some more channels. 

Also it has a dedicated channel for media sharing purposes. It has birthday wishing features, so that every user can get wishes on their birthday date. To register your birthday with the channel, simply type “bday set” in the “bot commands” and it will guide you with further steps. 

Link to join:


The Vent

The next biggest server in our list is The Vent at a population of over 16k members. Like other servers, it also has a self roles assigning feature. It has lots of channels and some channels require a certain level up. The spam channel, made for especially spamming as much as you can. The staff list channel, where you can get details of admins along with their discord ids. It makes it easy to contact them, in any case. 

Link to join:


Dankers Continental

This is another best server for posting your memes and other media contents. You will get a great chance of getting like-minded people here. Dankers continental is well organized and it’s easier to find all the channels you want. Here you can get channels like, voice channels, text channels, roles, and also games section. 

In addition to those specialities, they provide giveaways daily. This makes the server interesting and the members active. Members using their nitro boosts to boost the server, will get booster perks from admin.


Dank Cafe

Dank cafe is well known for its giveaways, fun events, meme contents and friends. Like Lounge, Dang Cafe has its own features making it more popular. Announcement ping, events ping, color roles, age roles, gender roles are some of the self-roles you can assign here. 

Other interesting features about this server is, it’s media section to share your memes, contents, playing mini-games, play music and more. Ultimately, this is a friendly server, where you can spend your free time. 


Memer’s Den

Memer’s Den, it’s a special place for meme lovers. People here can assign themselves a role like color roles, gender roles, age roles etc. The Perk channel is made to list out all the perks and bonuses the users can get from this server. With a leveling system, you can unlock certain channels. 

Memer’s Den is a developing server and it has over 1k members. But it’s guaranteed to get fun and online friends. 


Omegle community

It’s a website, where you can talk with strangers worldwide. The place to meet any type of person randomly. It also has its official server, and is meant with the same purpose. In the media section, you can post memes, gaming stuff, and media. Spam area where you can spam anything you want. You can get privacy in the voice channel to stay anonymous. So if you want to meet and talk with strangers from around the world, this is the right place. 



Finally, we conclude that memes are great stress busters and time spending context. Discord is a great platform for this purpose. We have presented you top 10 discord servers made for memes, and it helps you. We have mentioned it’s unique and special features. So join up there and start the entertainment now. 

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