10 best solo classes in WoW – Shadowlands [2022]

Please note that this list only represents our opinion of the best WoW class for solo play; you may actually prefer a different specialty. WoW’s trial character feature is an excellent method to try out some of the specs before committing to a character if you’re not sure where to start. Remember that having fun with the character you play is the most crucial aspect above everything else!

You’ll see that the majority of specialties for tanks are on the list because they are extremely safe choices owing of their survivability. You won’t be eliminating everything as quickly, but you will undoubtedly survive.

10 best solo classes in WoW – Shadowlands

Protection Paladin (Tank)

Even death cannot stop me because of the Light, which directs me.

The ideal WoW soloing class? Only the Protection Paladin may be to blame.

Protection Paladins rush headlong into battle with the Light at their command, relying on their faith to protect and sustain them. You can repeatedly strengthen your defences with Shield of the Righteous or keep your health up with Word of Glory by striking your enemies with your skills to produce holy power. In addition, your auras offer ongoing benefits, and Consecration offers you a safe haven from harm.

The AoE cap is also unaffected by Protection Paladins, making them the most lethal AoE tanks in the game because they can hit anything in their area of effect. All your adversaries will be terrified of the Light’s protection as long as your trust remains unwavering.


  • Among all the tanks, the strongest AoE presence.
  • Self-healing at higher gear levels is absurd
  • Strong auras with protective and practical uses
  • Any situation where you have the ability to get immunity or escape from prison is useful.

Beast Mastery Hunter (DPS)

The Beast Mastery Hunter, as its name suggests, focuses on empowering and using your pets to carry out the majority of the fighting for you. Beast Mastery Hunters stand out as the only specialisation that can perform all of its damage while moving thanks to the ability to have two hunter pets. Beast Mastery Hunters demonstrate that all you need is yourself and your devoted animal companions by ordering their pets to maul the opposition while poisoning and bleeding their victim.


  • Best DPS specialisation as pets can actively heal you as they tank.
  • Good AoE cleave possibilities and good single target damage
  • The capacity to move constantly enables dodging with little damage loss.

Balance Druid (DPS)

The eclipse of the Balance Druid, in contrast to a conventional eclipse, will destroy your opponents with the power of nature, making it harmful only if you stare at it. Balance To strengthen their powers, druids maintain a balance (I know, shocking!) between a solar and lunar state. During this phase, foes will either melt from single-target nukes or get pummelling by a star rain over a wide area. The greatest solo classes in World of Warcraft, enemies of balance, beware!


  • With Celestial Alignment, one of the largest single-target burst windows in the game
  • Excellent target switching using Starsurge as a pool
  • For your farming needs, incredible long-term sustained AoE damage

Subtlety Rogue (DPS)

The Subtlety Rogue, the epitome of stealth, specialises at isolating a target and taking it out before other opponents can retaliate. Subtlety Rogues can use their strong stealth-based talents throughout the fight thanks to their special ability, Shadow Dance, which allows them to eviscerate foes left and right before vanishing from the battle to repeat the process.


  • Able to decide when to use stealth to start a fight
  • Windows of extremely high burst damage with attacks ignoring a portion of armour
  • Able to use sap, blindness, and stuns to set up various crowd controls

Vengeance Demon Hunter (Tank)

The Vengeance Demon Hunter is the most manoeuvrable of all the tanks, making it ideal for pursuit of your adversaries or tactical escape. Vengeance Demon Hunters are one of the two specialities that recover in proportion to the damage they take, and they replenish by producing and ingesting Soul Fragments from their foes. No matter how much damage you sustain, you won’t go down until you fight back and demonstrate to your adversaries what real revenge looks like.


  • Powerful techniques with little cooldown
  • Unparalleled possibilities for kiting and mobility
  • Constant healing in the midst of battle

Frost Mage (DPS)

Frost Mages, who are experts at managing the battlefield, have a tool for any need. It is simple for frost mages to keep a continuous space between themselves and the enemy because the majority of their spells slow down the movement of their enemies.

When your passive abilities Brain Freeze or Fingers of Frost activate, you’ll have a window to swarm your opponents with a barrage of instant-cast spells, taking them out one by one. If an adversary does manage to get close to you, you can quickly snare them and move away to restart the cycle of suffering. When they see you, your opponents’ blood will turn cold in more ways than one.


  • Amazing single target and area of effect crowd control techniques like Frost Nova or Cone of Cold

Windwalker Monk (DPS)

Since there is A LOT of butt to kick in World of Warcraft, few classes are as quick and effective at it as Windwalker Monks. Windwalker Monks find themselves switching between abilities as they manage their energy bar to produce chi for deadly hits, with a strong emphasis on AoE and quick attacks. You will frequently find yourself pummeling your adversaries with a barrage of skills using your great mobility and counterattacks.


  • Strong single-target and area of effect capabilities
  • High-burst countermeasures and combinations to punish foes who hit hard

Discipline Priest (Healer)

On this list of the top solo classes in World of Warcraft, Discipline Priests stand out as the only healer spec. However, because the amount of damage they deal determines how much healing they receive, discipline priests are unexpectedly potent murderers while maintaining a healthy HP level.

As they chip away at their adversaries with a continuous stream of spells or pop cooldowns like Schism and Mind Blasting at the target’s health bar, they shield themselves with Power Word: Shield. Since the majority of adversaries won’t be able to penetrate the shield before dying, it is a straightforward but efficient tactic. The healing you acquire from battling will offset that or the harm they are able to inflict.

Blood Death Knight (Tank)

The undead juggernauts of Azeroth, the Blood Death Knights, respond differently to every circumstance while also retaliating to repair the harm they have already taken. In order to actively reduce damage rather than depending on passive benefits, Blood Death Knights must manage their extensive arsenal of defensives, dramatically improve their parry, duplicate ability effects, and handle magical immunities.

Using a Blood to tank Although the Death Knight is a risky juggler, the quantity of enemy blood they spill will ensure that they do not perish again.


  • One class with strong self-sustain and damaging capabilities
  • A defence for any circumstance, such as Icebound Fortitude, Vampiric Blood, or Anti-Magic Shell

Guardian Druid (Tank)

Guardian Druids can successfully take on the majority of challenges alone thanks to their strong damage mitigation and abundant passive regeneration. They can also bleed out their opponents with a steady stream of DoTs. You’ll become enraged as you mutilate your foes and are mutilated in return. This will help you maintain your defences and survive any threat with self-heals. One of the best solo classes in World of Warcraft is the Guardian Druid because to all that fur, fat, and muscle!


  • On average, Ironfur, your primary damage-mitigator, is always online.
  • Other defence mechanisms can reduce opponent burst damage to levels that are controllable.

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