How to Convert Black And White Video To Color Using AI

The process of AI colorization is used to add color to the black and white pictures. The technique of adding chrominance values to an input grayscale image is known as image colorization or video colorization. An image or Video that solely has intensity values is said to be grayscale. Since any grayscale input must be converted into a natural-looking color image, colorization is an essential but difficult operation. It instantly converts photographs that were black and white to color. This method is excellent for bringing back pleasant memories from the past.

It takes a lot of time and effort to convert a black and white movie to color, but by utilizing this AI-based solution, you may achieve good results quickly since Video Colorize AI can colorize videos quickly and easily. All you have to do is load the video and press the “start” button to begin the process; in a few minutes, your movie will have been converted to color.

Here, we have discussed a few best colorization websites.

How to Convert Black And White Video To Color Using AI

Colorizing with DeOldify

A web program based on a video colorizer project is called DeOldify. To colorize photos and videos, this program uses a variety of AI- and Deep Learning-based approaches. It gets frequent updates from the developers because it’s a relatively new project. This utility is available on their website, which is accessible here.

The system can optimize GAN in a way that produces wonderful colors without the video flickering problems because of this innovative method of colorizing video. The model has also been split into three halves. They are Video, Stable, and Artistic, respectively. Different levels of colorization are attained by each. Finally, further changes will be made to this project in the future.

By visiting the MyHeritage website, you can employ the DeOldify algorithm. You only need to wait while the application processes the image or video you uploaded there. On the upload button, click. You may rather use Google Colab. Use the download options provided on the image or video’s relevant website to download it in either case.

Features of DeOldify

  • The very basic convolutional network is heavily modified from the critic/discriminator from DC-GAN.
  • It is large (broad), yet straightforward.
  • It simply learns to accept input images and rate them for realism using a single score.



Black and white videos are automatically colored by Pixbim Video Colorize AI using artificial intelligence. You don’t need to have any editing abilities to colorize a video with Pixbim Video Colorize AI; all you need to do is load the video you want to colorize and click the start button. Since everything is processed on your laptop or PC, there are no privacy issues.

PixBim includes a tonne of other amazing features in addition to video colorization, it is a really good substitute for DeOldify. With PixBim, you may colorize images and movies, take out objects, blur your images, and more. Additionally, it offers a 30-day refund policy on all of its orders. The quality of the colorized videos there is undoubtedly among the greatest you can discover online.

Although there are restrictions on the free version, colorization is possible in the pro version.

While the clarity may be lacking, the colors are authentic and evenly distributed.

Features of PixBim

  • Can colorize a variety of videos that are in black and white.
  • Free test
  • Simple to use
  • Single transaction; no recurring payments
  • Runs entirely on your laptop or system, thus there are no privacy issues.


Another method that uses contemporary image processing technology to colorize various sights, not to mention videos, is this one. It has also been employed in techniques for image processing. This algorithm was created using computer vision technologies. This tool is used to colorize the photographs that are displayed on the website.

Features of Colorization

  • It employs cutting-edge image processing.
  • More accurate colorization is provided by the revised project 

Deep Learning

Similar to DeOldify, DeepAI is an open-source program that mainly focuses on colorization methods. To accomplish its objectives, it also applies AI and deep learning.

As manually colorizing a video takes time and money, AI colorization has advanced over time, producing noticeably better results. Based on deep learning, simplifies the process because you don’t need to colorize the video frame by frame; instead, the AI takes care of it on its own and can do so quickly and easily.

DeepAI is a research company that develops a variety of deep neural network (DNN) models using cutting-edge AI research. Models for text sentiment analysis, artistic style transfer, text summarization, and other tasks have been developed.

Most well-known is the Image Colorization model, which gives vintage black-and-white photos realistic color. You can upload pictures or videos from your local device or put the URL of the source into the URL field. DeepAI is a popular option for colorizing films, and for good reason—it delivers high-quality results. An AI-based helper tool named Zendo is the last of the new features that will soon be added to this program.

Features of Deep Learning

  • Running is simple (not just on Linux)
  • Simple to install (or not install at all)
  • There are significantly fewer hardware requirements.
  • It’s not necessary to “artistically pick” the photographs for them to appear beautiful.


Steps that involve colorization

Step 1: Drag and drop the input video or load the black and white version.

Step 2: Select “Start Processing Video and Save.”

Step 3: wait until the process ends.

Step 4: Check the quality of the final video.

Step 5: Download it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is colorization done in the film?

Given that there are many techniques for film colorization, they also employ various algorithms and approaches to obtain the best outcomes. For instance, the DeOldify method essentially combines GAN and NoGAN neural networks. On the other hand, colorization makes use of computer vision technologies. GAN networks are used solely by other technologies as well.

How can a black and white video be colored?

Even though these tools for film colorization process images using various technologies, they are all easy to use. You can easily upload your file online by pressing the upload button. On many websites, you can also enter a URL by simply pasting the URL link. A free trial copy of PixBim’s software is available. You can install it, run the application, and then access the image there. To add color to your films or photographs, select the colorization options. To save the work, utilize the export or save file options.

Which video colorization program is the best?

DeOldify and PixBim are probably the apps for film colorization that come highly recommended. DeepAI and Colorization, however, definitely have the excellent performance to offer as well. Since they all function differently, it would be wise to experiment with as many video colorization programs as you can. Additionally, the results can change based on the video you post. Having said that, DeepAI typically exhibits fairly constant performance, providing excellent color to virtually every video. However, DeOldify and Colorization have also gotten updates, making them both worthwhile to check out.



Applications for software to colorize video are more complicated than those for software to colorize black and white images. Modern algorithms like DeOldify have given users more possibilities.

Additionally, improvements to these algorithms enable quite stunning video conversions. In addition, technologies like MyHeritage and DeepAI are user-friendly and suitable for virtually any user.All of these tools are available for anyone to test-drive without cost.

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