Best Websites To Watch Dragon Ball Z Online For Free

Dragon Ball Z is an anime that doesn’t want any introduction. Here is a little recap for those who are just new to watching the series or who are hearing this name for the first time. There are several series like Dragon Ball (manga), Dragon Ball (anime), Dragon Ball GT, and others if one looks at the Dragon Ball franchise. 

Dragon Ball is a Japanese animated television program which is made by one of the famous animation companies, Toei Animation. 

The second Dragon Ball anime, Dragon Ball Z, adapts the final 26 volumes of Akira Toriyama’s original 42-volume Dragon Ball manga series. The serial premiered on Weekly Shonen Jump from 1988 to 1995. In Dragon Ball Z, Goku and his friends continue their quest to protect the Earth from a group of people who want to govern or destroy it. These groups of people are called villains.

The first episode of the Japanese anime series Dragon Ball Z, which has 512 episodes overall, debuted in 1989. From April 25, 1989, to January 31, 1996, the anime was first aired in Japan. It was later dubbed and broadcast in many other countries, including the US, Europe, and Latin America.

This anime became so famous across the globe. Even now it is still loved by people of all ages, including children and adults. Still, now many people love this TV show. 

Not all of the websites can provide access to all web series, but we have listed a few that will give you the most of them below.


Anime vibe

The first and foremost website that would be good or most recommended by the people for “Watching Dragon Ball Z Online” is AnimeVibe. The users of the website will have a straightforward and efficient watching experience of all the series. It provides access for the users to watch Dragon Ball Z movies and series online.

The website doesn’t have any disturbing advertisements and makes money off of users’ donations. One can watch additional anime with subtitles along with Dragon Ball Z.

Most users are recommended to use this on Edge, Firefox, or Safari rather than using Chrome as they don’t have access across the website.



Users can watch Dragon Ball Z on VRV. VRV is an ideal site for users who are seeking Dragon Ball Super, even though they can’t watch all the seasons or movies. The main drawback of the website is that it has a dark look and users can access it depending on their location. Users are advised to use Google Chrome for watching series in VRV as this sort of browser has everything to do with any difficulties they may have in signing in.


Amazon Prime Videos

One of the best online series platforms to view the Dragonball Z series is Amazon Prime Video. The users can connect with other devices too. If the users are already a subscriber of Amazon Prime, then there won’t be any problems in watching this series. They can watch from start to end.


Dragon Ball Earth

All of the episodes of Dragon Ball Super will be available on Dragonball Earth. The functions of the websites are other sites mentioned in the article. The most recent anime episodes will be all listed on the homepage which will be very useful for the users to browse the series. Footnotes are not necessary because the episodes are below and there is fictional material as well.



The other most authorized website to see all the anime series like Dragon Ball Z online is Funimation. The business has authorized rights to translate this Japanese online series into various languages. But the main drawback is that users won’t discover all of the films and television shows produced to date here, but will find the majority of them.

The other disadvantage of the website’s service is that it is 

not free like the other websites discussed here. For access to all of the shows on the website’s platform, users must pay the US $5.99 per month. The audio and video quality of the website is excellent as it is worth paying for. The website’s loading time is fast and it is found user-friendly. The website includes advertisements even in the paid version.



One of the most popular anime streaming websites available today is KissAnime.

It has all of the Dragonball Z episodes including Dragon Ball Kai, a few films, and other content related to Dragon Ball Z episodes. The response to the website is Poor. Although it is poor it plays videos quickly and functions effectively. Even if it doesn’t appear to be even a fourth of what is offered, none of these other sources do.

Apart from adorable and excellent looks, the website loads faster and contains many Dragon Ball Z-related topics, and has wonderful categories. But the main drawback is that it has many advertisements running before moving forward to watch the series.



The most important thing that surprised everybody is that Dragon Ball Z is available on YouTube. But not every episode of the English dubbed series is available on YouTube, but the playlist is available on a single channel.

To view the episodes on YouTube for free, one must search for the names along the series number of the episodes.

YouTube is the free and easily available platform for every user to watch the Dragon Ball Z series online.



CrunchyRoll was introduced in 2006 and has a huge number of users following. This website is accessible for free to all so it has its fan base. The people who are not fans of Dragon Ball Z will also be users of crunchy roll once they use it as it has lots of shoes available in different languages, not just confined to anime.

This website has different sections for music, drama, manga, anime, and other categories. This website has 15000 hours of content. The only drawback is that

not all available shows are free, some of the shows are accessible only to the premium or paid version. 


Watch Dragon Ball 4 Free

Watch Dragon Ball 4 Free is a free website designed especially to watch Dragon Ball Z for free. The users can access it for free every time they want. This website is user-friendly and designed simply which makes it easy to navigate. The homepage of this website has well-known Dragon Ball films and television shows. The users can use the search box that appears on the top of the website to search for their favorite episodes. They can simply enter the name and search the episodes and click watch to see the series. 



One of the most well-known websites to watch and download high-definition movies with a fun-filled series is p

Popcornflix. The users can watch any movie or video for as long as they want. There are no restrictions on watching hours.

The most frequent question that every user asks is whether Popcornflix and PopcornTime are the same or different. The answer is both are different but have similar qualities.



Here we mentioned some of the top websites which allow watching Dragon Ball Z episodes online. Some of them are free and some have a paid version. We request users review the subscription plans before they use these websites.

 We hope this information will be helpful for the users in choosing a website to watch Dragon Ball Z.

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