How to use Midjourney ai art generator free

Artificially intelligent internet bots produce extremely realistic images almost within a few fractions of seconds. This will be useful for making images for book covers, advertisements, journalism, or any other promotional activity for companies. The images produced by AI art generators are copyrighted and free so users can use this for any kind of marketing activities without any worry.

Dall-E is an Intelligence program which gained popularity in recent days for its ability to generate any image as the user wants. The generated output image will be very unique. Nowadays AI art generators are playing the main role in the areas of art, design, and photography as its software gets updated frequently. 

Google is also getting updated frequently as they work on hyper technologies to improve the realisticness of images made from the prompt text. The main drawback of this AI generator is that it can only be accessed through Discord, which uses a chat server to communicate and deliver prompts. Most of the images generated by AI went viral. As they were humorous and weedier creations, many of them were shared as memes. These memes also went viral many times.


Mid journey ai art generator

The existence of artificial intelligence is becoming a subject of increasing skepticism due to global advancements in this field. To suggest that exceptionalism is the new norm in technology would be an understatement. While most artificial intelligence (AI) systems are meant to make human life easier, certain organizations, like Mid journey Research Lab, have developed an astonishing AI bot that creates art for the users.

If anyone wants to see their imaginations coming true as an image then they should use Artificial Intelligence generated artwork. It is free to use AI-generated art images. Here we discussed how to use Artificial Intelligence to generate images from their imaginations with a simple click of a button.

Mid journey ai art generator is a new AI-powered tool that converts any creative idea into text-based art. The mid-journey is an independent research facility developed to promote human creativity through investigative thought in the form of novels. Similar to Open AI’s DALL-E, Midjourney’s AI bot generated graphics from textual descriptions. The team of Mid Journey is led by David Holz (founder of Leap Motion, researcher at NASA, and Max Planck). The mid-journey has eleven full-time employees as well as advisers from companies like Apple and Github.


Steps for mid-journey access

Step 1: Create a new Discord account. If a person who wants to access is already a member then doesn’t want to create. 

Step 2: Sign up at in beta.

Step 3: Go to the Mid journey server and search for the “Newbie” bot channels after tying one’s Discord account.

Step 4: Type / imagine all the phrases 

 followed by whatever users can conjure up in the channel. Send the message, and the bot will send four photos within 60 seconds.

Step 5:  After receiving your photographs on the channel, users can choose (V) or (U) to get variants and upscales of the images, respectively. After that, they can download the generated work.

In Mid journey Users can give instructions to it so that it translates the words into pictures. Initially, it will give four images related to the instructions given by the user. So that users can choose and upgrade the image with the best resolution. Upscaling of the image allows the user to increase image detail and quality up to 1024×1024. The maximum allowed upscaling is up to the higher resolution of 1664×1664.

If they are not satisfied they can try out other available options. The wording is very important for generating the image. Words should describe the actual need of the user.

There are endless applications for this AI image creator, and many people have asked the bot incredibly cool questions that reveal its viewpoint on subjects like the future, the climate change issue, and the final photo was ever taken, according to PC Gamer.

By spending almost two and a half hours generating photos and determining the most effective language to produce intriguing visuals from prompts, this AI almost caught me.

Users might have faced some bad experiences with other AI-generated art but in MidJourney the art produced will be quite amazing undoubtedly. One of the best AI art generator tools available in 2022 is the Mid journey.


Creating a Mid-Journey account and accessing it

The first step is to install and create an account. This is free of cost. After creating to access the mid-journey users should have an invitation code. 

There are three ways to access code

  • Go to website, and select “Apply for Beta”. Then fill in the appropriate data on the given field. After that, the user will receive an invitation code through email. An email will be received only if the user’s application is approved. The duration taken to process the application is unknown. 
  • Users are requested to fill out the form completely although it may take some time.
  • Every subscriber who paid $10 or $30 will get 5 invitation codes. These codes will always have the ability to generate server links for every user. One can also request an invitation from the person who already has MidJourney access.
  • As of the June 17th, 2022 upgrade, members of the Facebook group Mid journey AI may request invitations by adhering to the group guidelines.
  • Every free account generates 5 invitation links and a 20-25 image quota to test the free trial of MidJourney Bot.  Users can sign up for Basic Membership or Standard Membership once their free quota has ended. 

The license details of the mid-journey will be available on the Mid Journeys Discord channel #rule. Users can find and read the license there. Paid members can use all the assets generated without any limitations. Their assets may be copied, used, modified, combined, published, distributed, and even sold. If the users want to use the assets that involve blockchain technologies they have to 20% of the profit made from the assets that exceed $20,000 per month. If they don’t want to in this way they can choose other alternatives by considering Mid journey.

Even if the users are not paid then they can use the Assets under the Creative Commons Noncommercial 4.0 Attribution International License. 


Mid journey and its subscription plan

The free trial is only up to a few images after that it needs a subscription. Here we are going to see the subscription plan in detail.

There are three membership plans

Basic membership – Basic membership costs $10 / month. It allows users to download up to 200 images. 

Standard Membership – Standard Membership will cost $30/month which allows users to download unlimited images.

Premium Corporate Membership – it costs $600 / annum. It allows the unlimited download of images. The main objective of Premium corporate membership is privacy. It protects all data of the users and keeps it secret. If the user wants to switch from premium corporate membership to free membership or any other membership then all data will be made public.



Artificial Intelligence technology is wide and improving day by day in all fields. One can’t exactly say what will happen to AI in the future. The copyright-free content images produced by AI will be used for all types of business and personal purposes.

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