Best discord bots for welcome messages [ Best Welcome Discord Bot ]

The discord has been growing exponentially and more people have been joining discord servers each day. The number of content creators, streamers, and many more has been using discord to cater to their community. The welcome bots are the best way to add a personalized touch whenever any new users join the discord server. The welcome bot can show users pre-written messages and also with these welcome messages you can attach self reaction roles that the users can assign themselves.

There are various bots that show the automated welcome message. Some of these bots are general purpose and moderation bots such as Carl bot and Mee6 best bots for creating welcome messages for their discord members along with reaction roles.

Let’s talk about the best discord bots that you can use to welcome users.

Best discord bot to welcome messages

Carl Bot

Carl bot is a great discord bot for managing and moderating your discord server. You can define the roles and responsibilities for members and assign them with the help of the carl bot. It can keep a log of the chats that happen on the particular discord server. The main thing that we can use the carl bot is for welcoming other users. Also, you can set reaction roles with the help of carl bot. The reaction roles are actually self-assignable roles that the users can choose for themselves. The reaction roles are mostly used with the welcome message. That is why Carl Bot is one perfect fit as a welcome bot in discord.

Mee6 bot

Mee6 bot can be used for a wide range of purposes and is one of the best moderation bots. With the help of the Mee6 bot, you can send welcome messages to the users, set leveling system in the discord server, play music in the voice channel, set custom commands, and many more. And all of this can be done with the help of the Mee6 dashboard. The Mee6 is one of the most popular bots as it has a feature to add a poll, generate statistics regarding some major events.


Probot is a discord bot that allows the discord server owner to set up welcome messages, so whenever someone tries to join the server for the first time he would be greeted with a welcome message from Probot. Apart from welcome messages, the Probot can also help to set up reaction roles similar to the carl bot. The reaction roles can be provided in the welcome message.
Apart from a welcome message, Probot is one of the best discord bots for moderation. With the help of Probot, you can warn the person about their bad behavior, and if they repeat it again then you can automate the Probot to kick or ban automatically if necessary.


Tatsu bot is an all-in-one Discord Bot that includes moderation, leveling, economy, and logging. You can use the Tatsu bot as a welcome bot and set your custom welcome message as well as goodbye message for the users that join and leave your server. This bot also includes a reaction role that you use while setting up the welcome message in the discord server.

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