Free Discord Bot Maker Online 2022

The discord popularity has been growing exponentially and so does the requirement of the discord bot. There are various discord bot makers online but only a few of them can get the task done as per your requirement. In this article, I will be mentioning the best discord maker that is currently present and creating a bot for other users actively. 

You can build a discord bot for any purpose whether it be moderation, gaming, announcement, etc. and as a creator, you would like to customize your bot according to the requirement of the discord member. These discord bot makers can get your task done. There is absolutely no requirement to code as these bot makers will get all the coding done for you. 

Also, if you want a discord bot for some specific feature such as music and gaming then I would suggest that you should check website. This website contains a good number of discord bots that you can use on your server absolutely free of cost. You can bots in all categories whether it is anime, popular games, moderation, etc.

Let’s see what are the best discord makers that are available online that you can use to make a discord bot. 

Free Discord Bot Maker Online 2022 [No coding required]

Bot Ghost

This is one of the amazing websites that you can utilize to make a discord bot. This website offers many discord bot templates when you have signed up and registered on their website. Also, this website has a lot of free discord bots that you can look into and edit. You just have to choose the commands and the features and your bot will be ready in 5 minutes. You can make the discord bot from many categories such as utilities, economy, moderation, etc. You do not require to download any program or app to run the discord bot online they will provide you with 24/7 hosting where the bot will run. You can custom and edit your discord bot as per your requirement if you later wished to. The Bot Ghost is now the best free discord maker online. 


AppyPie is another bot maker that develops a no-code solution for its users. Unlike the Bot Ghost, the AppPie can create a discord chatbot for absolutely free where you don’t require to have any coding knowledge at all. The AppyPie chatbot is used to majorly answer the repeated question of the community that can be automated by other discord bots also. The AppyPie discord maker will create your own discord bot with a name and logo which you can deploy on their hosting and that will run 24/7 for you.

Bot Designer Discord

The bot designer discord is another great platform to create your own discord bot. But for this, you will require to download the bot designer discord app, and then you can customize the bot as per your requirement. The web-app feature on this bot designer discord will be available shortly and they are working on it. As soon as the web app feature will be available I will mention them in the article that will greatly help you to build the discord bot without using the mobile application. 


Zapier is also a great solution for discord bot no code. The zapier provides a no-code solution to their users for other platforms as well. This website has a lot of users for their other products and you can trust it for your discord bot. 

If you want to code your discord bots with some language that we have researceh 5 Free discord bot hosting 24/7, make sure to check it.

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