Change Video Frame Rate Online Free With These 4 Websites

The frequency with which separate still images are displayed on the screen is referred to as the frame rate. This means you have control over how many stills are presented in one second. Figures in the shot will appear to move slower as the frame rate increases, whereas characters in the shot will appear to move quickly when the frame rate decreases, as in early Charlie Chaplin films.

In fact, around the time when Chaplin was making his first silent films, all cameras were cranked, meaning that the camera operator had to roll the handle to start recording. The human eye can process up to 10 or 12 images per second, whereas 16 frames per second are already regarded as a movement. Movements appear choppy in videos with lower frame rates, and characters move at strange speeds.

The sound was the driving force behind frame rate standardization, as frame rates were and still are utilized to sync audio and video tracks.

Even before the 1950s, when 30 frames per second became the industry standard, frame rates higher than 24fps were widely employed. In the early days of cinema, using frame rates higher than 30 fps was possible. However, those results were far from the image quality that modern cameras and monitors can deliver.

Here are four free online video frame rate changes to assist you in changing the frame rate of your videos. You may easily modify the number of frames you wish to play for any video per second of FPS on these websites (frames per second). Simply launch these video frame rate changers, upload a movie, and manually set the frame rate, and the task will be completed promptly and automatically. These websites not only let you adjust the frame rate of movies, but they also let you modify the bitrate, rotate the video, resize, trim, and crop it, among other things. No longer use the complicated and hefty video editors to alter the video frame rate.


How to Change Video Frame Rate Online Free


AConvert is a free online video frame rate changer that allows you to effortlessly modify the frame rate of videos. Here it is allowed to upload files up to 200 MB in size to modify the video frame rate.

How to Use AConvert to Change Video Frame Rate

Step 1: On the left side, pick “Video” after opening the page. Then, at the top, select the “Convert” tab. You now can upload a video from your computer or inputting a URL. You’ll also have to decide on the desired format. If you don’t want to convert the video, use the same format as the original.

Step 2: After that, select the “Change Size, Bitrate, or Frame Rate” option from the “Options” drop-down menu. You’ll see the “Frame Rate” option as soon as you do that. Then select any of the predetermined frame rates from the drop-down menu, or use the “Customized Frame Rate” option to input any value you desire.

Step 3: After you’ve chosen your frame rate, simply click the “Convert Now” button. This will start processing the video right away and modify the frame rate based on your input. The output video can be saved to your PC.



A free service that can assist you to adjust the video frame rate online is Online File Converter. It allows you to select any video, adjust the frame rate manually, and instantly receive the video with the new frame rate. It’s also an online video converter that lets you change the frame rate of videos with ease.

How to Change Video Frame Rate Using an Online File Converter

Step 1: On the left side of the website’s homepage, there is a “Video Converter” area where you can select several conversion formats. So, choose the format in which your original video was created. For example, if you have an AVI file, select the “Convert to AVI” option.

Step 2: After that, you can upload the video you wish to modify the frame rate of. This one also allows you to choose a video by inputting a URL or uploading one from your computer.

Step 3: At the bottom, you’ll notice options like changing the video bitrate, changing the resolution, cutting videos, and changing the frame rate. You can now enter any number of frames in the “FPS” input area.

Step 4: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Convert File Now” button. After that, it will automatically alter the video’s frame price and increase the resultant video available online.



FileZigZag is also a free online video frame rate switcher that lets you modify any video’s frame rate to any number of frames with simplicity. Simply choose a video and enter the frame rate value; the rest is handled automatically by our website. It can be used to change the frame rate of an unlimited number of videos for free.

How to Change Video Frame Rate using FileZigZag

Step 1: After opening this page, go to the top and pick the “Advanced Converter” tab. Then select whether you want to upload a video from Google Drive, your computer, or a video URL. Then select the video output format. It’s your wish to keep the original format or change it as per requirement.

Step 2: At the bottom of the page, you’ll notice a new “Settings” area. You’ll find a “Change Frame Rate” option in this section and an input field where you can enter any number of frames to change the video frame rate.

Step 3: After that, click the “Convert” button, and the video’s frame rate will be automatically charged to the number of frames you want. You can save the output video to your computer for free.



Another excellent free resource for changing video frame rates online is FreeConvert. To modify the frame rate of your videos, you do not need to create an account. You must go to the above-mentioned website and upload your video file with the frames you wish to raise or reduce.

How to Change Video Frame Rate using Free convert

Step1: Select video. The nice thing is that you may select a video from DropBox or Google Drive as well. 

Step 2: Click the Settings gear icon once you’ve uploaded your movie, and a pop-up will display, as shown in the screenshot above. The frame rate can be adjusted using the dropdown menu in this dialogue box.

Step 3: After that, transcode the video by clicking the Apply Settings button. You’ll be able to change the frame rate of any of your videos this way. With this online tool, you may also adjust the aspect ratio, screen size, trim, and rotate videos.



These are some of the top free online video frame rate changers that make changing the frame rate of videos a breeze. The notable part about all of these websites is that they provide an easy-to-use interface that makes manually tweaking frame rates a breeze. No such effort is required to change the number of frames you wish to play for any video per second required.

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