How to Use Epic RPG Bot Discord [ Epic RPG Commands Guide ]

One of the most widely known and the most fascinating bot of all time over the discord servers is the Epic RPG Bot that has been of great interest among the gamers community. The bot was launched in March 2019, over discord, and from that time has gained a lot of interest and catch among the servers over discord. It is an awesome achievement of the bot that it has been added to more than one lac servers and still trends among the first choice of most of the servers out there on discord.


Epic RPG Bot Discord Features

The bot though has been in trend and has gained so much popularity due to certain reasons which include many amazing and unique features that gather a huge audience worldwide. Talking specifically about the awesome features which the bot offers includes some of the most amazing RPG features like dungeons, gambling, loot boxes, leaderboards, or PvP. The bot also offers a great economy feature which has been a reason for great attraction among its users. Epic RPGs’ basic functioning include fighting battles, leveling up, and getting rewards for it.

The battles include fighting in dungeons and dungeon bosses. Apart from the rewards that the bot offers, winning battles and defeating bosses also brings users the virtue of unlocking new and amazing commands that are more fun and advanced. Specifically talking about the contents of the bot, it contains a total of fifteen dungeons thereby providing a wider field of choice to its users to carry out games in different dungeons each time experiencing a new and unique dungeon. The battles conducted by the bot are fun and attractive. Though simple, they are worth trying and can hook you up for long hours.

Along with these, the bot similarly to all the other discord bots provides a set of amazing commands all of them amazingly arranged for every feature of the bot. One can also try out the “RPG help” command to view all the commands that the bot offers in one go.


How to Add or Invite Epic RPG Bot on your server?

You can add the Epic RPG bot to your server by using the invite link: Invite. To properly add and set up the Epic RPG Bot follow the steps below.

STEP 1: Click on the Invite Button Above.

STEP 2: Select the server to which you want to add the Epic RPG bot.

Select the server for Epic RPG bot

STEP 3: Authorize the permissions that the Epic RPG bot requires to work properly.

STEP 4: Fill up the Captcha.

STEP 5: Return to the discord server where you have added the Epic RPG bot. You will be able to see the Epic RPG bot message in the general text channel.

You have successfully added the Epic RPG bot on your discord server !!

Also, I will mention joining the support community group of Epic RPG bot so if you ever face difficulty with the bot you can ask for help in the community – Epic RPG Bot Support Server.


How to Use Epic RPG Bot Discord?

The main purpose of the game is to reach higher areas to become stronger and unlock new commands
There’s a total of 15 areas, and you start in area #1

Get XP and COINS with hunt and adventure, you can check your progress with profile
WARNING! You will lose a level if you die! Use  heal when your HP is low

Get items with chop and fish to craft equipment or trade!
 Use your coins in the shop
Get more coins and items with daily, weekly and vote

When you feel ready, buy a dungeon key and enter with dungeon! If you kill the boss, you will unlock the next area!
Each area unlocks commands, items, recipes, mobs, boosts and a harder dungeon

Check all commands with help! There are a lot more things to do
You can vote for the bot (command vote) to get rewards!
Make sure to read rules


Epic RPG Bot Commands

For more info: rpg help [command/item/event]
Add rpg before any command

Statistics commands
profile, inventory, professions, cooldowns, quest, horse, top, title, achievements

Fighting commands
hunt, adventure, heal, duel [@player], dungeon [@players], arena, miniboss

Economy commands
shop, lootbox, open, buy, sell, use, give, trade, epic-shop

Working commands
chop, fish, craft [item], dismantle [item], recipes

Gambling commands
dice [$], cups [$], blackjack [$], slots [$], cf [h/t] [$], lottery

More rewards
daily, weekly, vote, code, donate

Commands unlocked on higher areas

enchant, area [#], training
axe, net, pickup
ladder, guild, farm
mine, multidice @player [$], cook [item]
bowsaw, boat, pickaxe
refine, big arena
tractor, wheel [$]
chainsaw, bigboat
drill, not so mini boss
time travel, forge, greenhouse
dynamite, pets, ultraining, badge
transmute, hunt hardmode
adventure hardmode
super time travel, transcend



Discord has been a widely known and the most rapidly growing community today. To recall its history, discord in its initial stages was the prime source of gathering for primary gamers.

As time passed, many other niches grew over discord thus making it a wide platform for joining communities related to almost any niche in the world. Thus, the reason behind such a huge success of the epic RPG bot was their targeted audience of gamers. This discord bot primarily focuses on offering its services which best suites the gamers and to dig deep into the discord’s database, the gaming community is one of the most widely trending ones over discord and thus the epic RPG bot came out to be known to such a huge amount of audience.

Talking about the competitors of the bot, the bot has been giving a tough fight to its similar ones and still stands straight as the prime choice of an innumerable number of servers over discord. Thus, if you are someone in the gaming community, the bot is the most premium one to must try out and enjoy its amazing and unique features. 


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