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Coming up with a hotlist of the best discord bots, here we are with the best list of top poll bots on discord. Polling or voting has been a majorly used feature on discord servers used across almost every discord server in different frequencies. Thus, it becomes another important aspect for the server admins to enhance and modify this feature of polling to make their servers much more creative and attractive to attract a larger audience thereby growing their server. Thus, to solve this problem of enhancing the polling system of discord, developers from all over the world have developed many such discord bots that can make your polls on servers entirely different. These bots have an amazing ability to modify your polls in the best way possible. We have thus chosen some of the best bots available over discord that are the most recommended ones in order to enhance your polls and votes. Try them out and we ensure that you won’t regret choosing any of them from the list. So without much ado let’s get started right away.


Raid Helper Bot

Topping the list of the best poll bots we have the Raid Helper bot in the first position. The bot is an excellent and powerful calendar bot known widely throughout the discord community. Raid Helper provides features that help one create amazing and easy to create polls. Though it contains many other useful features that include time zones, reminders, archiving, and logging, this bot is best known for its polling feature and also the multiple language support that it provides has been of great interest among people. Thus, the bot tops the list with all these amazing features and is thus a must recommend one for your discord servers. 


Poll Bot Plus

Getting the second position on the list we have the Poll Bot Plus. The bot provides a quick and easy-to-use interface for creating attractive and beautiful polls that are completely customizable and one can make them look more interesting by their creativity. There are multiple options that the bot provides in order to successfully make the best polls. The bot includes other amazing features that include allowing customer reaction to polls and also one of the most unique features of doing a single poll. Thus, the bot is a must-recommended one from our perspective. It proves out to be both beneficial and attractive in carrying out polls in the best manner. 


Asena Bot

Getting the third position in the list is the asena bot. The bot is another best one that stands completely on its user’s requirements. Asena Bot is a stable and fast bot with new generation technologies involved that makes the bot another best one for making polls. Not just that, the bot is also widely known throughout the discord community for its giveaway features. Thus, it proves to be excellent in both giveaways and polls. Asena also supports and allows the use of multiple languages bringing it ahead of other bots in the list. Do try this one out on your discord servers and you won’t regret it.



The Votify bot is another among the best poll bots. The bot allows its users to create awesome and amazing polls, that is eye-catching and beautiful. Not just this, the bot is also known across the discord community for hoisting debates, giving voting features, and many others. The bot being specialized in polls and votes is therefore another recommended one. One can easily modify the looks and polls as per their choice and create an interactive interface with the help of this bot. Thus, you can surely try this one out on your servers and create some awesome polls for your servers.


Easy Poll Bot

Getting the fifth in the list is the easy poll bot which is another quite popular one on the discord community. The bot is especially known for its easy and user-friendly interface to create amazing custom and creative polls. The bot also has the feature of customer reactions where people can send reactions on polls. The bot allows users to customize polls and votes. One of the greatest advantages of using this bot is that most of its useful features are completely free of cost and demand no money. Thus, by adding it to their servers, one can easily make their discord servers attractive and attract a greater audience, and that too without paying any amount. So, try this one on your servers and create awesome polls for your members.


Mr Poll Bot

The next one in the list of best discord bots for polls is the Mr Poll Bot. Though having quite an interesting and catchy name the bot is yet not much famous among the discord community and servers. Though after using it one will surely realize the advantages of using this bot. Mr Poll is another great one for creating awesome polls and votes. The bot is mainly a suggestion bot, but its polling feature is on the next level, though they are not yet recognized by many discord server admins. The bot is also a user bot along with having the features of a welcomer bot too. Keeping aside all the other features, if a person is interested in poll bots, this one is worth a try. Thus, one can and should try bot out on their servers and create awesome polls like never before.



With all the bots in the list above, we now close the list of the best discord bots for a poll on discord. The bots mentioned above are all the top quality best in service bots that can be used almost free of cost for making attractive looking and amazing polls for your servers. Though some of them are also known over the discord community for providing other services at best, these bots are the best ones too for creating amazing-looking polls for your server. So, do consider trying them out on your servers and we ensure that you won’t regret it at all. If you already tried them out after reading our blog, we hope that you had a great experience and made the best out of the bot creating amazing polls and votes for your server. Stay updated for some more upcoming list of the best bots over discord.

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