Best Fun discord bot to add in your server

In the last couple of years, discord popularity has increased exponentially, more users are joining the discord server for fun and to meet new people. It is becoming a really tough job to manage the discord server alone, that’s why the discord bot is really a lifesaver in this situation. There are various discord bots that can keep people engaged in the server with games, music, roles, leveling, etc. We will be specifically talking about discord bots that you can add to your fortnite discord server to have fun and enjoyment with other users on the server.


Best Fun discord bot to add in your server

Dank Memer

First things first, you have to add a dank memer on your discord if you want to have some memey thing on the discord server. You cannot imagine how popular the dank memer bot is, it is currently installed on over 5 million discord servers making it the second most used bot on the discord. If you have heard of the community of dank memer on Reddit that you can absolutely relate to this bot, this bot fetches the right meme for you from the Reddit without you having to scroll over many posts to find what you need, all you have to do is type commands to find the right meaning that you want in that category. Also, dank memer has a popular economy feature with its own currency. You can go over to other servers to loot the other uses currency but be careful yours can be looted too. If you did not have added the dank memer bot then what are you waiting for to add it on the server. I have mentioned the link of this bot below, also you can choose to add the bot from its official website..

Mudae Bot

Mudae bot is the most popular bot on discord. It is installed over 10 million servers and increasing as I am writing this article. The mudae bot is the perfect bot for anime and game lovers. It has a game where you have to match waifus/hubandos, basically, people can marry any female or male famous characters from any game, anime, or manga. You can marry up to any number of characters and can manage them. Also, if the top 15 characters you marry have the highest points on the server then you are the top player on that server. Mudae bot also has various side games like tea ceremony and pokemon games. It is popular for its collection of characters from various famous video games and anime. I have mentioned the link to this bot below. You can also invite the mudae bot from its official website.

Owo bot

Owo bot is another popular game bot that you can add to your server and play with your friends. Owo is an economy bot which means it has its own currency that you can use to do various tasks. There are a lot of sets of games that you can play in owo bot but the most popular game that owo bot is famous for is its zoo game. In the zoo, you have to build your zoo by hunting animals, battling with other players, and many more. The person who has the biggest zoo with animals is the top player in this game. Also, you can buy and sell your equipment with the help of its cowoncy currency which will help you to upgrade your weapon to have an edge in the battle.


This is also a fun gaming bot. You cannot imagine how popular Pokemon games are. There were a lot of bots that were made for pokemon battles such as pokecord, which was very popular until a year ago but for some reason, the pokecord bot development stopped further but the popularity of this bot showed potential in pokemon battle games. Since then a number of pokemon battle bots have come such as poketwo, pokemeow, pokemeu, etc. But the most popular one is Poketwo today. With poketwo bot you can catch your pokemon, level up your caught pokemon and trade them with other players and also battle with them. It’s an entertaining and fun bot that you can add to your server. The link to the bot is mentioned below.

Groovy Bot

Although this bot is neither gaming nor leveling bot who does not listen to music for fun and enjoyment. The groovy bot is a music bot and one of the most popular music bot other than rhythm bot. The groovy bot can play music from any source such as youtube videos, Spotify, SoundCloud, and many more popular music platforms. It can even play the entire playlist. The groovy bot works on the principle of the queue where you can add or remove songs that are present in your queue. It has easy and intuitive commands to play a song you just have to write “-play” followed by the name of the song that you want to play. Also, you have to have a voice channel as groovy cannot be added to a text channel. Enjoy some time with your friend with this awesome music bot. The link to this bot has been mentioned below. Also, you can go to the official website to invite the bot.

Honorable Mentions

I have only covered 5 fun bots and I will keep on updating this list depending upon the bot’s popularity and user demand. By the way, I have mentioned some great other fun bots which you can add to your discord –

EPIC RPG Bot – Role-Playing Bot where you can play to gain experience and level up.

Karuta Bot – Great Discord bot that is made for anime fans. In the karuta bot you can collect trading cards for your favorite anime character.

Tatsu Bot – Another gaming bot where you can acquire items and gain ranks.


How to Add these fun bots to your discord server?

Adding any bot in discord has the same process. You can repeat the below steps for each and every bot you want to add –

STEP 1: If you do not have a discord ID then create one if you have an ID then log in.

STEP 2: Type the name of the bot on the search engine and visit the official website. Also, you can search for the bot name on website made for discord bots and servers.  Also, I have mentioned the links to these bots. You can directly click on the links to add these bots.

STEP 3: Choose the server to which you want to add the discord bot.

STEP 4: Give the required permission to these bots.

STEP 5: Congratulations !! the bot is added to your discord server.

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