What text to speech do youtubers use ?

The Top 5 Text to Speech that Youtubers Use to convert the written script into the voice generated script. So go ahead to take note of the 5 Text to Speech Websites and Software that are mentioned which anyone can use for absolutely free. 

5 Text to Speech Websites / Software Used by Youtubers 


TTSPM3.com is a completely free text-to-speech software that allows YouTubers to generate the audio from the written script. You have to simply paste the audio into the clip box and hit the generate button and within a fraction of seconds, the audio will be ready.


  1. You can download the audio as an MP3 file and use it in the YouTube Video.
  2. There are a variety of accent voiceovers to choose from absolutely free.
  3. All the features are completely free to use.


  1. There are 3000 character limits that you can generate per day.
  2. The Quality of the voice generated is low but still usable for a YouTube video.


FromTextToSpeech.com generates much clearer audio as compared to TTMP3.com (mentioned above). Similar to any other text to Speech Software it converts your written script text into the audio voice without any limitation. 

FromTextToSpeech Pros

  1. It’s absolutely free to use.
  2. Also, there is no character limit or limit to how many times you can download the audio per day.

FromTextToSpeech Cons

  1. It lacks quality but good for any video that you want a narration for your youtube video.


Naturalreaders.com is text-to-speech software that enables you to create stunning human-like voices with just a few clicks. You can’t download the audio from the website unless you are a premium user. You also have a variety of voices to pick from just paste in your script and it will automatically turn it into speech within seconds. You can drag and drop your files or type paste and edit text here natural reader. The natural reader is a professional text-to-speech program that converts any written text into spoken words.

Naturalreaders Pros

  1. Good quality audio.
  2. There are a good number of voices to pick from the variety of voice accents.

Naturalreaders Cons

  1. You cannot download the audio unless you are a premium user.

Google text to speech 

Google text to Speech allows you to listen to the audio from the text that you paste in the clipboard. It’s one of my favorite text-to-speech tools and one of the best text-to-speech software present out there. It’s a premium tool meaning you can listen to the audio but for downloading the audio you will require a subscription.  

Google text to speech Pros

  1. The Voice Quality of Google Text to Speech is amazing. 
  2. There are a variety of accents that are present and many of them are near human accents. 

Google text to speech Cons

Google text to speech is a premium tool.

You can’t download the audio with a free account.

IBM text to speech 

IBM text to speech website, I know a lot of you reading this article might have heard of this website but for me, it’s the only website that sounds more realistic to a human voice. 

IBM text to speech Pros 

  1. You have tons of voices to choose from
  2. The voices sound amazing. 

IBM text to speech Cons 

  1. you can’t download the audio
  2. It’s a premium software

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