How Can I Spy on My Wife’s Cell Phone?

Many men desire to marry the girl of their dreams. However, marriage life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows – it’s filled with many challenges that may create trust issues among wedded couples. Women cheat because of a variety of reasons. For instance, the spark they had towards their husbands may have faded, or they may have developed a huge crush on someone else.

If you suspect that your wife is cheating, there are a few tracking apps you can utilize to spy on wife’s phone. mSpy is powerful spy software that helps married men track their wives’ cell phone activity.


Using mSpy App

Most married men often wonder: how can I spy on my wife’s cell phone? Well, mSpy is equipped with many monitoring features that help individuals to keep an eye on their target users. mSpy even can help you to detect a secret text forwarding app on your wifes cell phone to figure out if she has a love affair. These features include:

  • GPS location tracking. Using mSpy, you can easily track your wife’s real-time location on a map. This app also has a geo-fencing feature that alerts you when she steps outside your designated “safe zones” or wanders into any “forbidden zones.”
  • Call monitoring. Has your wife been making long, suspicious phone calls lately? mSpy has a unique call monitoring feature that provides the names and contact information of everyone she called. It also reveals all incoming and rejected calls. Remarkably, mSpy provides durations and timestamps for each call.
  • Wi-Fi network tracking. mSpy conveniently tracks the Wi-Fi hotspots that your wife connects to. This information helps you unearth whether she’s been visiting other people’s homes.
  • Instant messengers monitoring. This is mSpy’s most impressive spy my wife features. mSpy monitors all messages your wife sends and receives on WhatsApp, Instagram, Tinder, Viber, Snapchat, and an assortment of other social messaging apps. You’ll also get access to shared photos, videos, and more.
  • Screenrecorder. mSpy has an intuitive screen recorder that can capture your wife’s chat conversations and store them on your account’s dashboard. You can then access these recordings remotely on your device.
  • Up-to-date information about the device. mSpy also monitors your target phone’s battery status, mobile operator, internet connection type, and similar device information. This feature reveals whether your wife’s phone is really dead when she says it is.


Hiring a Private Detective

Private investigators are trained professionals who essentially track people down and gather evidence of their infidelity. Before hiring a private detective, ensure that they’re licensed. Arrange a physical meeting so you can discuss the costs, timeline, and other nitty-gritty details about the case.

This particular technique can come in handy if you’re certain that your wife is seeing someone else. Some telltale signs of cheating may include changes in their grooming habits, wardrobe upgrades, late-night calls, and a sudden hostility or disinterest towards you.

A private detective monitors your wife’s movements by trailing their vehicle, then taking photos, videos, and audio recordings of them while they interact with their presumed lover. However, you must never request them to do anything illegal.

The best way to get a reliable private detective is by seeking referrals from friends or counterparts who’ve used their services before. Ask to see their license, insurance, and portfolio. When you eventually meet up with them, it’s important to provide as much info as possible about the case. 

The detective may take weeks or even months to gather ample evidence, so it’s vital to remain patient as they work.


Using mSpy vs. Hiring a Private Investigator: Which Is Better?

Although both options can help you discover if your wife is cheating, they operate differently. Let’s compare them to see which is better:

  • Security

mSpy is quite discreet, meaning that all personal information that’s gathered from your wife’s phone is viewed exclusively by you. However, hiring a private detective exposes your private life to someone else who may use those secrets to blackmail you.

  • Collected evidence

Private detectives can help you gather proof of infidelity by providing suggestive photos and videos. However, this evidence may not be enough to file for divorce. mSpy, on the other hand, provides a vast array of data that’s enough to pin your wife for infidelity.

  • Cost

mSpy has incredibly affordable subscription plans that merely cost a few dollars. On the other hand, hiring a private detective might cost you an arm and a leg – their rates run into thousands of dollars.

From this comparison, it’s evident that using mSpy monitoring app is the better, more feasible option to catch a cheating wife.


Learning how to spy on your wife’s phone can help dispel any suspicions of unfaithfulness. mSpy provides a variety of tracking features that allow spying on wife’s cell phone, track their live GPS location, and read their messages. It’s certainly the best option today.

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