Best online AI based photo editing websites for free

We all need to edit photos for different purposes. That can be for personal use or official use, or just for fun. There are many software and other tools available for android, IOS, and windows. But we often found that the pricing of the tools and software is too much to afford as we are not professional editors or who can help us in business.

Here we have some Best online Al-based photo editing websites which are completely free to the user. On this website, no need to pay the amount for editing. Other than that, working on these websites is so simple that you don’t need to learn for hours before putting your hand in these photo editing websites.


Some online Photo editors | AI-based photo editing websites 

CANVA ( Best editing tool for your professional work)

For me, Canva is like an angel for my professional work. It helps me in managing social media very much. Here I can make any advertisement or any notice-like page very easily. It has some really awesome and creative templates ready. With the drag & drop feature, I can easily make creative things with any need of professionals.

Canva has a premium service where you get to schedule your social media post directly from the canvas. In the premium service, you will get more extra tools and many other features and things with a huge 100 GB of storage cloud, which is pretty cool. But part is even if you don’t want to get the premium service, then also Canva doesn’t disappoint you. With the free service, you also get an awesome range of tools and templates with which you can easily show your creativity. 

Canva has become a popular tool for editing social media Influencers. Users have made over a billion designs to date. It was launched in 2013.


  • Customized text can be added.
  • Drag and Drop stickers, Cliparts.
  • Frames can be added.


FOTOR ( Just one click to add magic in your photo) 

I won’t say Fotor is better or similar to any other professional app or tool if you want to do professional editors like using healing or any other complex tool. Then Fotor might not help you much because it doesn’t have these features. Fotor is a simple editing tool that gives some extra shine to your photo.

Fotor is best for people who are really unfamiliar with the editing thing. Here you will get a wizard to help throughout the process of editing. Anyone can use it easily. You can adjust color, apply many different effects, and do touch-ups. It also allows you to add different elements to the photo.

If you get an awesome photo of yourself and you want to update in a second. Here Fotor can really help you in getting some extra attention by its magic. It makes the photo really cooler than the raw photo you just clicked.


  • Very premium filters.
  • Batch image processing.
  • You can export your projects in high res.


PIXLR ( Your browser becomes the editor, one-click touch-ups)

Pixlr is sort of like a professional tool on the browser page. It’s available to run in all computer browser. It also has mobile compatibility; you can edit your photos in a mobile browser also, only with this simple tool.

It has many tools to edit your photos. But the AI-based background removal tool has its attraction. It is so good, like a professional editor. Its AI-based technology helps in removing the extra things in the background keeping the main object in the photo. This web editor also has one-click editing for simple retouching, effects, etc. you can make your own png file with transparent background by the Background remover tool to place it in any other photo.


  • You can do much complex editing with simple steps.
  • Add stickers, objects, clipart, etc
  • Remove the unwanted background with the one-click tool.
  • Many pre-sized templates for social media.


BEFUNKY (Creativity with fun)

For work and other uses like social media, we have so many options there. I have already listed many of the above. But BeFunky is a little bit different from the others. Because with editing, you can have fun with this app.

This is also a website-based editor. It has many tools for photo editing, but the special thing about this is the cartomizer. It is a special tool with which you can make any character into a cartoon with just one click only. It is quite awesome, right? The list doesn’t end here.

Not just fun if you want to make an official card or any other thing. BeFunky can be your one option. It is an ideal tool for producing marketing assets easily.

All these are free to use, but if you find it really awesome and want to explore some other functions or tools, you can use it’s a premium plan for which you will be charged.


  • Convert any image to a cartoon.
  • Erase background.
  • Give texture to the background or make it invisible.
  • Many available filters and effects.

Also, If you are looking for photo editing online website then VistaCreate is a great design platform where you can create projects using predesigned templates, make sure to check it.



Are all the above tools completely free?

Yes. But you can use their premium plans. 

Can I edit photos like a pro with these tools?

No, you can’t. These are for simple small editing.

Should I be a professional editor for using these tools?

No, not necessarily. Working with these tools is very simple. A small child can do it.



I hope you have understood the need for the above website-based photo editors. These are nice tools for simple and non-professional use, but if anybody needs to edit for professional work, you can not be dependent on these tools. You have to buy some premium tools. There are many tools available for that in the market.

Although these tools are super simple, some are one-click editors. Then also, you have to give some time to these tools for harnessing the best out of them.

Here you don’t need to watch hours of tutorials or to do any course. You just need to play with the features available. In no time, you will be the master of these tools.

Lastly, I again like to make it clear that if you don’t have any professional work, then you can try these online AI-based photo editing websites for free. I hope your stuff can be done with them so easily.

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