How to get Kokomi Genshin Impact 2021

The next part of Genshin Impact v2.1 update will bring the Supreme Commander of the Rebellion of Inazuma, the priestess of the Watatsumi Island, Sangonomiya Kokomi. Kokomi will be a 5 star hydro catalyst healer. The reason why there is a lot of discussion over her is because her kit feels very different from the characters that have been released so far (explained later down below). This makes her a very mysterious character for people who have no idea how she will play out.

As Kokomi will be a five-star character therefore she can only be available through the game’s Gacha system. Although pulling her from the Gacha system will require a lot of effort (both physical and mental xD) and maybe your credit card. 

Kokomi will be released in the second half of v2.1 on September 21st, 2021. So if you are looking to pull for her then it is time to start preparing for her.


Why should I pull for Kokomi?

We have seen it many times that when a character is released just before or after a very hyped or popular character, they tend to suffer. This has already happened with Albedo who and Yoimiya who were overshadowed by Zhongli and Ayaka. The release of Raiden Shogun, Baal just before Kokomi has made many people decide not to pull for her. This is especially true for f2p players who would have spent almost all of their primogems on Baal (and probably still didn’t get Baal). But because of her unique kit, she deserves attention. 

Reasons why I should pull for Kokomi?

1. Spiral Abyss v2.1 – Although we still have no idea how she will play out, it is obvious that she will be a must have character for the v2.1 Spiral Abyss which has just introduced the concept of Corrosion. As such, players who use Xiao and HuTao are in a world of pain if they do not have a decent healer. Kokomi’s elemental skill and elemental burst will be a huge help here because her skill and burst deal Hydro damage to the enemies and heals your team at the same time. This ability can be very broken especially if Kokomi is paired with Cryo DPS characters and players can utilize a frozen reaction.

2. Her Unique Kit – Kokomi skills set and talents make her a completely different character than others. The biggest change that has stirred the entire Genshin Impact community is the fact that Kokomi has “-100% crit rate” which means that she basically can’t crit at all. This is a huge change since it is well known throughout the community that the secret to increased damage is a balanced crit rate to crit damage ratio. This is what almost every Genshin player tries to achieve through their artifacts and all the artifacts are judged on this basis. But Kokomi completely throws this out the window as giving her crit artifacts will not accomplish anything. For me, this is a breath of fresh air as it is really really difficult to get good crit artifacts if you are not farming almost everyday for months. Even then you might not get an artifact with decent stats. Kokomi’s kit will most certainly bring a revolution to this stereotype.

3. Her Mermaid Design and Gameplay – The biggest reason why you should pull for Kokomi is because of her beautiful design. It is very obvious that Mihoyo dumped all of their money into making Kokomi very cute and desirable. Her mermaid design and the way she floats and swims about during her attack animation is very cool and beautiful. In the end, Genshin Impact is a game which should be played to have fun and play as ‘kawaii’ waifus. As such, Kokomi fulfills all the eligibility criteria to become one of my favorite waifus.


How to get Kokomi Genshin Impact?

You can get Kokomi for yourself by making wishes on the Character Banner – Drifting Luminescence which will be released on 21st of September, 2021. To make wishes, you will have to collect primogems which is an in-game currency required to purchase Intertwined Fates. These Intertwined Fates are required to make wishes on the Character Event Banner. For every 160 primogems, you can buy one Intertwined Fate and using one Intertwined Fate, you can make one wish. Remember the fact that you may need from a minimum of 1 to 180 Intertwined Fates to get a guaranteed Kokomi but all this depends on your luck. 

When you have collected enough primogens in the game then it will be the time to make the gacha pull. 

STEP 1: Open the wish tab (by pressing F2 on PC) in Genshin Impact.

STEP 2: You will find three banners – character, weapon and standard banners. Select the Character Event Banner, the first of the three tabs.

STEP 3: Now when you are on the Character Event Banner tab then you can start wishing by pulling either one wish or 10 wishes. The amount of wishes that you can make will depend on the number of primogems or starglitter or stardust. Choose the number of wishes on the basis of the availability of the currency for wishes.

STEP 4: Now sit back and pray to your gods that you can get Kokomi. If you do not get her then do not lose hope. You simply have bad luck.

STEP 5: If you do not get Kokomi then start by farming for primogems if you are a f2p instead of crying and dreaming for Kokomi in your sleep. If you are a whale then I don’t understand why you are even reading this guide but simply use more money to buy Kokomi and C6 her constellations if your wallet allows it. 


How to get Kokomi guaranteed?

If you want to understand how to get Kokomi guaranteed then please read our guide to understand how the entire pity system works. All in all, if you are f2p and are on 0 pity and you haven’t lost 50/50 the last time, then it will be a very hard road for you to get Kokomi, but as a fellow traveller, I hope you win the 50/50 and bring her home.

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