How to make a good discord server 2021 [Ultimate Guide]

As the popularity of the discord has been increasing exponentially and discord has started to draw the attention of various communities apart from gaming. Now is a good time for you to grow on discord and establish a great community in your niche. In this post, I am going to go through best practices and tips to make a good discord server in 2021. 

Creating a Discord Server

STEP 1: The first step that you have to do for creating a server in discord is to click on the ‘plus symbol’ that will be present on the top left corner. 

STEP 2: You will be prompted with a dialog box which will ask you to “Create My Own”, you can select this option if you want a blank server without any premade templates. The rest option will offer you theme based pre-made templates which will have different blank text and voice channels to suit the theme. 

As we are creating everything from scratch therefore select the “Create My Own” option also if you want to try out premade templates you can easily follow the rest of the steps without any change.


STEP 3: Then you will be prompted with a dialog box asking if the server is ‘for me and my friends’ or ‘for a club or community’. If you do for a club or community people can join without an invite e.g if someone used a server emote in another server they can click on it and it will say your server name and join the server. As our server is for a small group we will go with ‘for me and my friends’. You can also skip the option if you are not sure.

STEP 4: Provide a name and image to your server, try to keep it short and attractive as it will be the first thing that people will see on your server. You can always customize the name and image of the server later on. Click on the “Create” button.

Now you have successfully created a discord server. We will now proceed with setting up discord server’s channel and role.

Choose a good discord Theme & Name [#ProTip]

The foundation of the discord server is based on its design and originality. The discord theme and name are the differentiating factors for your discord server. 

Choose a theme that is original and unique. Do not go for the themes that are commonly used by the other discord servers, because people can easily join other lots of servers instead of yours. A good server theme around a specific topic will help you grow faster. There are a lot of gigs on the fiverr that can create an awesome discord theme. 

Also choosing a good name for your server is as essential as a good theme. You don’t want to create a long name, keep the server name up to 2 words. Try to keep the name short and memorable. Do not use quotes or braces within the server name that steals the professionality.



In the Discord server, you can create many channels. To create a channel you have to click on the plus symbol right side of Category name. 

There are some common channels that help users to get information about the functionality of the discord server. Some of the basic channels on the discord server include –

Rules Channel – This channel contains the information for the basic guidelines that every user should follow on your discord server. 

Role-Info Channel – This channel provides information about the roles of the discord server and the criteria of the roles. 

Bot-Info Channel – This channel contains information about the various bots that are installed on the server.

Announcement channel – This channel is useful to make various announcements for events on your channel.

Staff Channel – On this channel various members of the staff can have chats with one another. 

Chat Channel – The channel on which users can talk to each other.

Voice Channel – In this channel you can voice chat with other users, along with this you will be able to add music bots such as groovy bot and rhythm bot on this voice channel. 

These are some useful channels that will really help the users to browse around and find relevant information. You can customize the above list according to your need, a sample discord channel list for a general discord channel is provided, you can apply this basic template and then add on to it.

   # server-rules
   # server-roles
   # server-info-faq
   # staff-info

   # lobby
   # off-topic
   🔊 Voice

   # admin-room
   # moderators-room

   🔊 General
   🔊 Chat 1
   🔊 Chat 2
   🔊 Music

Organize the channels with Categories

The categories can help users to find appropriate text or voice channels, and also increases the user experience of the discord server. In the above example, I have used four categories – three for text-based channels (WELCOME, GENERAL, and MODERATION) and one for voice-based channels (VOICE CHANNELS).

Create Category – You can create a new category by right-clicking anywhere inside the server sidebar. 

Edit Category – You can edit the categories by right-clicking on that particular channel and then you can select the edit category option.


Drag and Drop – You can move channels from one category to another category by simply dragging and dropping them.

Discord Channel #ProTips

Private Channel – You can also make categories and channels private. When you go to create a channel, just select “Private Channel” then only the roles that you want will be able to access the channel.

Channel Order – Keep the ‘rules’ or ‘info’ channels near the top; whenever someone joins the server they will see the first visible channel of the server unless the invite link points them to another channel directly.

Invites – Don’t allow people to have ‘Create Instant Invite’ permission via roles, instead you can create a manual override where you can point the user to the ‘rules’ channel whenever the user joins from the invite.


Add Bots to your Discord Server

The Bots are very useful for the server owners. The bots have various functions such as automation, moderation, automated giveaways, music bots, and many more. The bots are simple to add and they can be set up and running on the server within a few clicks. 

Some bots that are highly recommended are – 

MEE6 – This a moderation bot, this bot can be used to mute or kick the user on basis of the rule set up by the server owner.

RHYTHM – allows playing the music on the discord server including sources such as Youtube, Soundcloud, etc.

DANK MEMER – Best meme bot on discord allowing you to automatically pull memes from certain keywords.

There are a whole lot of discord bots for various functionality, you can always search for bots with specific functionalities.


Set Up Permission for the Discord Server

As an owner of the discord server, you will want to moderate the roles and permission. Setting up the permissions is one of the most important things for an owner, if not done properly can lead someone to destroy your server such as running unwanted bots.

There are various permissions that you can grant to users. You have to think about what permission you want your users to have. Such as you can allow them to have more permission as they rank up, or posting emotes or images on the server, and many more. It’s upon you to decide what permission your users should have on the server.

Some base terms that you would want on your servers such as if the users level up allow them to have access to more permissions, allow the moderators to have to manage roles and manage channels, make sure that users cannot talk in announcements and should not be allowed to access channels with logs and staff chat.

You can also use bots for moderation. Using bots such as DYNAMO can help you to automatically ban or kick users for violating certain rules. 


Create a good look and feel for your discord server

Creating a good user experience depends upon various factors on the discord server. Some tips for creating a good look and feel on your discord servers are – 

Create a unique icon – your discord server icon is what the user will encounter as he joins the server.

Create a matching banner – the banner should match with your discord server icon and should blend with the discord theme. 

Adding emojis to the channel – you can add emojis on each one of your channel names. Don’t overdo the emojis by adding many in a single channel name but keep at least one to give visual cues to users for the channel purpose 

Create a description for channels – you can add a text-based description or you can also have gifs on your description of your channel. 


Grow your discord server 

Now once you have your server set and running then you will want the server to have more users. You can increase the number of users on your servers by advertising on other people’s servers, make sure that you have read the guidelines before advertising onto someone else channel. Also, You can bring people from other social media accounts such you can promote the channel from your Twitter or you can put down the channel name in the description of some youtube videos. 

There are various discord servers where you can advertise your discord server by paying them for your post. If you opt for a paid method to grow the channel then make sure that you have targeted the right audience in your niche. 



The most crucial point for making a good server is having a great look and feel which will make your channel more memorable for the users. Setting up permission and roles for the users will help you moderate your community. The Discord bots can help you automate various essential features on your channel. With keeping these tips in mind, be patient and keep growing your channel.


RESOURCES – Great Guide for creating Discord Server, you can use the premade template provided by Jagrosh for fast set up of your server.

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