How to Track My Son’s iPhone Without Him Knowing?

Parent-children relationship is declining rapidly, especially with kids getting used to being lonely with their phones. Worried parents have been asking themselves, “How can I track my son’s iPhone and protect him online?”

If you are one of the concerned parents with the thought, “how to track my son’s iPhone,” the guide is for you.

Why Track Your Son’s iPhone?

Today, social media extortion and cyber threats are numerous. So, it’s not wrong to be curious about the activities that your children engage in on the internet and in their gadgets. What other reasons can make you track your kid’s smartphone with imessage tracker?

  • Ensuring their punctuality for classes
  • Identifying the phone’s location if it was misplaced or stolen
  • Ascertaining that they are not in danger and unsafe places
  • Being closer to your children irrespective of their location
  • Preventing cyberbullying

Protecting your teens from dangers can make you ask yourself, how to track my son’s iPhone without him knowing? Here’s the answer you were looking for.

How to Track My Son’s iPhone with mSpy?

With the level of threat posed by the internet, it is ideal for parents to stay in touch with their kids. mSpy offers the most convenient solution for that purpose.

mSpy services are not free, but you can rest assured knowing it’s the perfect answer to the question of how to track my son’s iPhone without him knowing. What makes mSpy our first choice is that there are numerous functions parents can use to guarantee their kids’ safety. mSpy app ensures your children are within reach as you see through their daily activities.

First of all, the app has a unique geofencing feature that enables parents to specify safe and unsafe locations and get notifications if their kids leave or enter them. Secondly, mSpy tracks all your child’s movements 24/7 and provides you with accurate details concerning locations, time, addresses, and even coordinates. Besides tracking, the app allows you to get access to all their messages, calls, and apps.

It’s easy to get started with mSpy. You just need to install it on your kid’s device and get access to all their activity on social media and in real life.

mSpy understands the challenges of parenthood and presents a suitable solution to ease the pressure on parents.

How Can I Track My Son’s iPhone with Apple Services?

Apple’s devices are one of the best anyone can use, given the pre-installed apps that come with them. The exciting part is that you can utilize these services without any subscription and track your child’s smartphone. However, the disadvantages are obvious. It will work only if both you and your son use iPhones.

Setting Up Family Sharing and Find My

Family Sharing and Find My can come in handy in various situations. However, before you can use these pre-installed apps, it is necessary to configure them.

These are the steps to configure Family Sharing:

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone.
  • Select the iCloud logo at the top.
  • Click on Family Sharing.
  • Select Location Sharing.
  • Use the invite button to send invitations to your family members up to six or create an account for your kid.

For you to track other family members’ devices, you need to wait till they accept your invitation and share their location. For a minor’s account, you’ll need to provide their Apple credentials yourself.

How to Use Find My to Track Your Kids’ Smartphone

Using this method to track other devices require that you have their credentials. Without that, you cannot possibly keep an eye on them. Let’s assume you possess all the required information. This is how you can use it for tracking purposes:

  • Go to settings on the target device
  • Select the iCloud banner
  • Select Find My iPhone
  • Ensure that the Find My iPhone indicator is active
  • After that, you’ll be able to track their device on whenever you need.

Now, if your friend asks, how can I track my son’s iPhone, tell them Apple services gets them covered. Though, with a few limitations.


It is the proper thing to do as a parent to protect your kids. You are responsible for whatever happens to your kid. Parents who care about their child’s safety can ask themselves occasionally how to find my son’s iPhone. The question might sound funny two decades ago, but it is reasonable today. mSpy app offers everything you need to keep your family safe at all times.

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