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I know what drives you to open this page, it is either because of the phenomenal success of season 1 of The Great or the engrossing storyline of this drama series. When The Great Season 2 is knocking at your door, you will be super excited to know that this series has also been renewed for the third season but it’s yet to come. So, this time it’s better to concentrate on The Great Season 2. As you all know, this biographical, as well as historical drama, is one of the best examples of the rise and fall of an Empire. This saga gives you an entire vision of how hard it could be for an Empress to live up to the expectations of her kingdom while dealing with her dilemmas of life. If you are quite familiar with the background of this famous series then it’s going to be a very fascinating ride for you with this article where you would probably get the most eccentric inputs of The Great Season 2 with major highlights of the story. 

On the other hand, if you are entering this kingdom for the first time, don’t worry you would automatically go with the flow of this saga along with the sneak peek of the background of this series. However, the best way to experience the thorough journey of this dynasty is to watch the entire series with both the seasons in Y2Mate Hulu Downloader as many times as you want. Before watching season 2 it would be very convenient for you to start with season 1 with Hulu downloads to keep a very systematic track of the entire storyline. Since it is a periodical drama, you must start from the very beginning of its journey. But if you have already gone through half the way of its journey with season 1 then take the recap ride all over again with the theY2Mate Hulu Downloader to brush up the past experiences to go with the new one.  


Series Name…The Great Season 2 (2021)

  • Ratings (Avg): 8.5/10 
  • Genre: Biography, Comedy, Drama, History
  • Directed by: Colin Bucksey
  • Produced by: Elle Fanning, Brittany Kahan, Josh Kesselman, and others
  • Casts: Elle Fanning, Nicholas Hoult, Phoebe Fox, and others



This story is based on the biography and history of an Empire. In the 18th century, a Royal woman, who was living in the rural area was married to an Emperor and suddenly her life got changed when she had to prioritize between the happiness of her personal life and the responsibility towards the future of Russia. The struggle of the pregnant Empress to make a balance between her vulnerability of becoming a mother and an urge for acceptance as an Empress in her kingdom. The story mainly revolved around her journey with her husband and her present responsibility of being an Empress.



After four months of the successful coup, the pregnant Empress Catherine achieved command over the fight against her husband the Empire Peter. Pater’s love for Catherine and their unborn child wouldn’t stop Catherine from taking his throne. Catherine, Velementov, and Orlo had set up their rules for Russia when they were about to face the coming obstacles. Meanwhile, Peter who was on a journey of self-improvement while being house arrest had managed to convince Catherine to attain her coronation ceremony where he could hand over his crown. While struggling with the grief of the death of Leo during the period of the coup, she came to know the truth about his murder which was executed by Peter. As a result, she closed up her husband in an apartment with his mummified mother. On the other hand, the Ottoman Ambassador came to visit Catherine to make her aware of the present tense situation among the regions that were rising high. To continue with the story you have to watch it in your relaxed and flexible watch with the Y2Mate Hulu Downloader.


A Sneak Peek of the Story

Since it’s not a conventional entertainment drama, you have to be very flexible as well as dynamic while comprehending the core concept of this periodical drama. Apart from its huge success and achievements in the OTT entertainment platform, it is an incredible story about a rollercoaster journey of a woman, the inner and outer conflicts of all the compulsive situations of her life. The saga leads you to think about the eternal and never-ending struggle of women for their free assistance, rights, responsibilities, relations, expectations, aspirations and it goes on. The lead actor of the female protagonist of this series has raised the bar of the performance with her impeccable execution of the character along with the unparalleled performing support of her co-stars. Along with this, The boldness and strength of her character while handling some unacceptable and uncomfortable instances of her life and her strong steps for justice brought out the most powerful shade of her character in a most responsible manner. On the other hand, her vulnerable emotions and love for her husband and newborn had never come between her decision for justice and responsibilities for her Empire. 


Our Verdict

There is no doubt that The Great Season 2 has to be on your watch list. Now the question is that is it a one-time watch series or you can continue watching this saga several times. Here also, you don’t have to doubt your thoughts because a one-time watch would never be enough for this story. To understand the different dimensions, layers, and shades of this story you have to get hooked to it for the longest period with the Y2Mate Hulu Downloader.


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