How to Use Kupid AI? Ultimate Guide [2023]

Discover Kupid AI, the game-changing AI chat platform revolutionizing virtual interactions. Users can engage with their virtual companions and explore their fantasies.

We have detailed how you can use this AI platform with its benefits and downsides. Let’s dive in.


What is Kupid AI?

What is Kupid AI

An AI-powered Chat platform with a centric theme for virtual companions with whom you can have an immersive conversation using text and audio chats.

Kupid AI has seen tremendous growth in a very short time. Let’s explore more about this platform.


Kupid AI: My Experience and View

The rise of ChatGPT has led to the rise of AI companion chatbots. 

If you haven’t heard about Character AI, you have a treat waiting for you. It’s the most popular AI chat platform that has popular fictional characters and celebrities simulating real conversations using AI.

The problem with Character AI is that it has a filter for NSFW. So, there is a limitation to exploring your deep fantasy.

But here is what Kupid AI is providing you. It is becoming popular for its NSFW content, which other platforms pose limitations too.

Also, Kupid AI is centered around having a virtual girlfriend companion and even creating your personalized one.

When I tested this AI chat platform, it had only eight virtual girlfriends whom you could talk to for free just by simple account creation.

Now, the best part is a paid one. You can converse with these characters using audio, and even you can ask for a pic from your virtual girlfriend.

The thing is that in the free version when you ask for a picture, they will send a blurred one asking for subscribing to a Patreon membership for 10$ for a month.

With the paid services, you get voice chats and photos and the option to create a custom virtual girlfriend.

Kupid AI paid plan


What did my friends and I feel after using Kupid AI?

To my research, I felt the paid subscription was not worth it

Also, my friend even got hyped after seeing the blurred photos and was convinced to buy the subscription.

After a few hours of chatting, we saw that it only has some photos for each character that it will provide after you ask for certain situations. Also, we cannot confirm the fact since the photos were blurred.

Also, the conversation can get driven by your input if you are leading the conversation, which then can get boring. 

The AI will text only one output line at a time after your response. It should improve to multiple chat lines for better conversation.

After seeing this thing, it was a huge letdown for getting repeated photos that my friend eventually kept his cards down.

If you can convince him to buy, do reach out to him on reddit.

The things that I found to have an interesting conversation with your AI-powered girlfriends were

  1. Writing longer and more descriptive responses from your side will only end in one or two words response from AI.
  2. Write short and sweet and exact things you want. Let AI do the work to make the situation better than you. That way, it will be more fun.

Also, remember you must be eighteen plus to use this site. The chat gets NSFW from the AI side pretty fast. Sometimes even general text can trigger NSFW content.

Well, I had some fun trying this site. Even upset my virtual girlfriend. I need to figure out how I can make up for that.

Well, that’s all my opinion. Do share your experiences in the comment section. 


How to Use Kupid AI?

It’s extremely easy to use Kupid AI. Follow these:

  1. Go to and let it know that you are over 18.
  2. If the site says that you are blocked, it means your area region is blocked (sadly happened to me). Well, use a free VPN for that case. I used a free Chrome extension.
  3. Now, without signing up, you have access to profile view only. You will be asked to sign in as soon as you start texting. Therefore, create an account.
  4. Choose an AI-powered girlfriend:) I opted for Mary.
  5. Now, you can text and talk to explore their character and fantasies and yours as well. Remember not to say that they are stupid, and these AI companions can grill you for that.
Kupid AI conversation
Source: Kupid.AI (I only asked a math problem that’s what happened)


Kupid AI: Features and Limitations

Kupid AI provides an exceptional AI chat experience for having virtual girlfriends. Let’s see what its features and limitation of that are –


Role-playing fantasy – Kupid AI is becoming popular for role-playing as a virtual girlfriend experience where you can safely have an immersive conversation.

Personalized Experience – It can remember what you said starting that conversation and will later make the conversation remember everything you said, making it a more human-like experience.

Audio and Photo Response – You can even have audio chats with your Ai-powered girlfriends and ask them for their photos. Sadly, it’s a paid feature.


Dependent on User Input: The complete chat will depend on your input. Sometimes you will get a one-word response if you are leading the chat.

Realism: The interaction may not always portray a realistic conversation. Since it’s the beginning, let it gather more data and become human (Not Skynet).

Also, for more details, you can refer to this Kupid Guide.



The platform is still very recent and requires more development and character addition. Enjoy its free chats for a while. It might even get limited due to the high number of users. Let us know your experience in the comments.

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