How to use Idle Miner Bot Discord [ Idle Miner Bot Commands ]

Discord is a digital platform quite popular among gamers where messaging, calls, video calling, sharing of media, the live telecast is securely possible. All this can be performed on communities in discord known as “servers”. These servers accommodate bots which help in maintaining the discord more appealing and exciting out of which there are some automated bots who greet whenever a new member joins the community, banns a member who breaks the rules, and moderate content as per the need and demand of the server. The most different and unique feature of the discord bot server is the numerous multilevel functions that can be performed simultaneously. With time the desire and demand of the discord bot servers have increased. Among them, one of the most popular and fascinating bots is the IDLE MINER. 

As the name, IDLE MINER suggests the miner travels down deep into the mines where the backpack collects all the blocks you have drugged up in the mines, and once you achieve all the backpacks filled with blocks you get a rebirth which seems like an entertaining game. A total of 25+ rebirths unlocks a prestige that will reset everything and not only this it will also provide you a token that can be spent on permanent upgrades in the bot. The main advantage of this bot is its capability of engaging more and more members as a part of it even the existing members also find it difficult to stay away from it.


Idle Miner Bot Discord Features

To keep its members occupied and to increase its chain of affiliates the bot provides you with one rebirth that unlocks the capability of creating your guild where you can invite other people and keep a track of the entire amount of rebirths where all members will be benefited with sell buff thus increasing the level of competition and growth of the bot.

The idle miner includes an adventurous quiz where questions are related to Minecraft and even rewards you if your answer is correct. If you are keen and sure of your answer to you can use a coinflip where you can flip a coin and bet on the outcome or you can even bet on the slot machine.

To add more fun this bot even provides you with a pet that has its power which can be increased. Thus, animal lovers can’t resist being a part of this gaming bot. The alluring and interesting feature is that it also has some kits which are used to earn crates that reward up with awesome boosters which give temporary power-up and shards which upgrade your pet to increase its power.

Thus, the craving for more upgrades and build-ups increases among its members as the level increases. To make it more addictive the higher you level up the superior mines you are provided up. So don’t forget to join and invite others to this interactive, playful bot for pleasure-seeking and gaming. Try this amazing piece of development right away and enjoy its amazing features with friends and close ones.


Idle Miner Bot Discord Commands

Prefix: ; (Change this with: ;prefix)


start, sell, dimensions, guild, evolutions, level, profile, mine, rebirth, upgrade, quest


shards, balance, backpack, pickaxe, boosters, pets, crates


cooldowns, claimall, vote, hourly, daily, weekly, supporter, prestigekit


earthquake, rage, wings


games, hunt, fish, quiz, slots, coinflip


prestige, prestigeshop, prestigemaster, resetprestigetokens


donate, credits, creditshop, cbuy, buffed, caretaker, goodwill, legend


guide, invite, server, top, alias, stats, staff, set, delete, playtime


Idle Miner Bot Not Working?

Sometimes the Idle Miner Bot might have issues, such as it may not respond and it may be offline. This can be due to a bot server down due to any reason, if you face the issue check in the Invite Tracker Support Community Server.

Also, make sure that you have provided sufficient permissions to the Invite Tracker bot, it can be done in the settings tab.

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