Best Free Online Manga Maker Websites 2022

The word Manga comes from Japanese comic books. There is a huge fanbase for the Manga in Japan, and it’s moving towards western countries. Are you a fan of Manga? then you can make your Manga online. 

We have suggested the best websites available for making Manga online. Those characters’ faces are so unique and beautiful to make use of for a lot of purposes. Moreover, these websites have a variety of eyes, mouths, glasses, clothes, hairstyles, jawlines, and certain facial expressions too to make your design/characters unique. 

Some of our suggestions will support both the male and female characters, whereas some sites only assist in male characters. Once you are done with creating your Manga online, you can download the same in SVG, PNG, or JPG format. Let’s start with our suggestions. 



WootraGames is based on Flash, and you can create your own manga characters in the Halloween theme. While playing these games, you can customize your characters with various clothes which are glamorous. Once you are done with creation, just take a screenshot to save it. 



On this Website, you can play browser-based mini-games. It has a game for creating Manga. The function of this game is the same as others on our list. You have to enable the Flash in site settings to play the game. Moreover, the site is simple and easy to use. 

If you are in search of creating Manga like kissing couples, then this will be the right Website. It also offers various designs of eyes, hairs, backgrounds. The major flaw back on this site is you can’t save your creation. However, it allows you to take a screenshot for saving your Mangas.  



The next best Website to create manga characters is Mangao. In a few mintues, you can create either male or female characters with your ideas. Just enter the Website, start creating your Manga, and customize eyes, face, hair, and some other visual elements. Compared to other websites for making Manga, you can find more clothes at Mangao.  

The great feature about this Website is that it’s possible to add guitars, footballs, and other instruments. In addition to this, you can add pets to your creation. There is also an option to include chat bubbles in the Manga to make it meaningful. Once all your innovations are implemented, click Make Picture Button to save the created image to your storage. 


Face Your Manga

Face Your Manga is an application where you are able to create Manga and also able to fine-tune your manga character’s moles, beards, etc. Before using it, you need to enable Flash in-app settings. After that, you can start creating and customizing your Manga with your ideas. 

The various elements are listed on the left side of the screen to add to your character. Then from the main interface, you can check your design while customizing it. In order to download the created design to your storage, you are required to provide your personal information to the Website. 


Manga Maker By Scratch

Scratch – The easiest programming language to learn for kids, where we can create games and animated stories. It’s more suitable for kids to learn and for adults too. Moreover, it’s the best platform to create your manga character from scratch. 

Like other tools, you can add eyes, eyebrows, hairstyles, etc. Here it’s possible to make fine corrections to your manga character. Moreover, you can add classic spectacles, a cute necklace, and clothes to your designed character. You can also modify the background, and after the creation, you have to take a screenshot to save your creation. 



Cartoonify is another best and most unique tool for creating Manga. Unlike other free tools from our list, Cartoonify will allow you to export the created Manga either in SVG or in PNG formats. Without any account creation, you can start your design on this Website. Enabling Adobe Flash in the site settings is required to continue editing. 

The main interface on the Website includes all the customizing options. In the beginning, select your favorite design for eyes, hair, mustache, brows, beard, and so on. Those changes can be viewed in real-time, a great feature of Cartoonify. Once you’re done creating, download it as an SVG or PNG. Apart from your creations, you can generate random manga characters for entertainment purposes. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Differences between Anime and Manga?

Anime is the general term representing all animations created and published in Japan. Most people consider anime to be a part of manga series. The “Dragon Ball Z” and “Sailor Moon” were famous manga series. Both the series became more popular once it was released in western countries during the 1990s.  

However, both the terms are interchangeable and unavoidable from Japanese entertainment and culture. In simpler words, anime is an animation, whereas Manga is a print. That’s the main difference between those two terms. 


Why is anime called Manga?

As this Manga came from Japan, it refers to all kinds of cartoons, comics, and animations. Also, among English speakers, consider the word “manga” as a Japanese comic. 


Is anime a part of Manga?

They both are not the same; however, they have equal importance to Japanese culture and entertainment. Making simple Manga is the term for describing Japanese comic books, whereas anime is the name for describing Japanese animations. 


Is making manga comics hard?

Drawing manga isn’t an easy job for serialized Manga every week. You are required to draw 19 pages of Manga in a week. It includes making a plot. Moreover, readers should accept it and not be closed during serialization. 


Is only the Japanese able to do Manga?

It’s not necessary to be Japanese to draw Manga. Anyone with an idea of a story can draw Manga. The thing is, you have to create original Manga, as every country has a unique style.



Creating manga characters is always an interesting and innovative implementing area. We have listed the six websites to make Manga online. These websites are well designed and have several customizing options. In some of those suggestions, you have to take screenshots to save your creations, whereas, in some websites, the save button is available to store in PVG or JPG format in your local storage. We also like to know the suggestions from your side for creating a unique manga in our comment section below. 

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