Invest in Serenity: Property in JVC

A mere preview of any property for sale in JVC reveals that the community is serene, beautiful, hospitable, and filled with friendly people. But that is not all necessary for a happy and well-balanced lifestyle. So many other factors are included towards having a swell tour, travel or even long-term experience in Dubai. This article will preview some of the critical factors on a sub-community basis, allowing you to choose more accurately according to your needs/investment plans.


The JVC Thriving Neighborhoods of 2023

There are five major thriving neighborhoods/sub-communities of the Jumeirah Village Circle, that is:


  • Seasons Community

The Seasons Community is by far the most popular sub-community in the JVC. According to Emirates.Estate, more people searched for property units in the Seasons Community than anywhere else in Jumeirah Village Circle. The neighborhood is made of 4 segments of townhouses and two-bedroom apartments. Those who searched earlier in the year also got bedrooms and studio apartments (as this is the most sought-after for the year), while there are a few 3-to-5-bedroom structures. For a small single-bedroom/studio apartment, the annual rental starts at about AED 34,000 upwards. At the same time, four to five-bedroom apartments may cost up to AED 100,000 per annum.


  • Diamond Views

Diamond Views is on this list as a sub-community because of its vastness and high demand in the market. The project is named after its developers and divided into four quarters of beautiful, affordable properties ranging from studios to various bedroom sizes. It will be very hot in demand in 2023. It has about 250 apartments and 24 townhouses, all equipped with smart home technologies installed pre-rent/pre-purchase. It has a children’s playground, a green landscape, gyms, pools, gardens, etc. The building has CCTV and security-tight facilities and a parking lot in front of each property/building. It costs about AED 25,000 – 35,000 to rent a studio apartment in the Diamond Views per annum.


  • Hanover Square

The Hanover Square comprises 400 luxury property units in a five-floored building nested in District 10 of the JVC. This property is singled out for delivering the posh lifestyle, with its Jacuzzi, swimming pool and fun installations, which comes with most of the units. There are single bedrooms and two bedrooms up for grabs at Hanover Square in 2023. It is freehold, available to all, and has a covered parking area and double-speed elevators. It is a great place to purchase property as an expat because you get luxury and quality at the most reasonable and affordable range in Dubai. It is slightly more expensive than the Diamond Views as rentals are placed at about AED 45,000 for studios and AED 80,000 for two bedrooms apartments.


  • Bloom Towers

The highlight of the Bloom Towers JVC is the flexibility of its payment schedules and the magnificence of the 29-story towers. Developed by Bloom Properties (a brand name with luxury towers across Asia and some parts of Africa). There are about 690 studio and single-bedroom apartments in the tower. The company prides itself on using the best materials possible in the interior designs of the property, and they offer amenities such as lobbies and lounges, several cafes and restaurant services, fine furniture and impressive couture, and skyline dining spots.


  • Reef Residence

Finally, the Reef Residence crowns the JVC so that nothing is lost/missing. The 38-story skyscraper comprises about 400 unique residences in District 13 of the Jumeirah Village Circle. You can get a roundabout view of the Jumeirah area, all through to the Marina, from different parts of the Reef Residence. There are sufficient parking spaces and all desirable lifestyle amenities, and it is within the same price range as Hanover Square.



As an expat seeking to merge travel with business, a resident looking to raise a family, and a realtor looking to invest for future earnings, the JVC is a great place to look into. You can consider any of the three sub-communities for your endeavors, as each is beautiful and well positioned.

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