How to Use Invite Tracker Bot Discord [ Invite Tacker Bot Commands ]

What a gesture it seems to be when welcoming a guest at your home in the best manner with all the gentleness and goodwill. Yes, that’s how one must welcome people and that’s how people like to be received when joining a new community or visiting someone’s place. 

Well, talking in terms of the discord platform, this is the community where people love to explore new servers, meet new people and kill boredom. In such a community, if a person is welcomed humbly and in the best of manner, nothing can be much more pleasing than it. 

Moreover, such warm welcome and greeting messages are the ones that create a first good impression of the server in the mind of the user. But it isn’t possible for the server admin to welcome each member while constantly being active on the server 24/7. Thus, to solve this critical problem, developers came up with an amazing and excellent bot that not only resolves this issue but also provides many other features on your server. We here are talking about the invite tracker bot considered to be a powerful and highly appreciated bot over discord. 

Let’s get in depth about what the bot brings to its users and how one can make their servers an amazing one with the help of this excellent piece of development.


Invite Tracker Bot Features

Starting with what the bot has for its user, it provides an awesome group of exciting and countless that include invites, message tracking, giveaways, and much more. 

The bot is primarily used over a lot of servers for welcoming new members to the server where one can completely customize the messages to be of their own choice. 

Surely, in order to do so, the bot needs to access the invites over the server. Thus, to take full benefit of the bot, it is recommended to grant it all the permissions necessary. 

The invite tracker bot also offers its users an excellent feature of assigning roles to server members based on their performance over the server. One can also create awesome giveaways easily and in no time. Giveaways that are completely customizable and can be made as creative as you need. 

Along with these, the bot also provides its users the facility of managing leader boards thus keeping track of the performance of the server members. One can also maintain beautiful graphs that can maintain the statistics of the server. 

Talking about the interface of the bot, the dashboard of the bot seems to be pretty simple and clean. The bot is can be easily understood by anyone and is easy to use. 

The bot also has an easy configuration procedure of joining and leaving members over the server. Thus, the bot is all over a good one for cleanly managing your servers. 

One can surely try it out for free and understand its benefits in the best way. So why wait, get on to your servers straight away and invite this amazing bot on your server now!


Invite Tracker Bot Commands

Apart from the Invite Tracker Bot Commands, you can also use the dashboard to work with this bot. 

Also, the Invite Tracker Bot has its own dedicated slash commands.

The Invite Tracker Bot Commands list is mentioned as below.


Invite Administration

Command Description
-deleteinvite <code> Deletes the specified invite code
-syncinvites [@user] Synchronizes the server’s invites with everyone or a specific user


Server Settings

Command Description
-cleanup [amount] Removes the specified amount of Invite Tracker’s messages or 100 by default
-permscheck Tells you if the bot is missing any essential permissions



Command Description
-about Displays information and statistics about the bot
-add Displays a link used to invite Invite Tracker
-botinfo Displays information about Invite Tracker
-dashboard Displays the link used to access Invite Tracker’s dashboard
-documentation  Displays the link used to access this website
-userinfo [@user] Displays information about yourself or the specified member
-ping Displays the bot’s latency
-support Displays the Discord invite link used to join our support server
-variables Displays the link used to view all variables
-vote Displays the link used to vote for the bot



Command Description
-invites [@user] Displays the number of invites you or the specified member has
-inviter <@user> Displays who invited the specified member
-invitedlist [@user/invite code] Displays a list of users who were invited via you, the specified member or invite link
-invitecodes [@user] Displays all of your, or the specified member’s, invite codes
-getlink Displays the invite link you own which is located the highest in the guild settings


Command Description
-leaderboard invites Display the server’s invite leaderboard
-leaderboard messages Display the server’s message leaderboard



Command Description
-messages [@user] Displays the number of messages you or the specified member has sent



Command Description
-stats joins Displays the server’s join statistics via a graph 
-stats leaves Displays the server’s leave statistics via a graph


Giveaway Management

Command Description
-giveaway start Starts a giveaway after asking you a few setup questions
-giveaway start <duration> <winner amount> <prize> Starts a simple giveaway with no setup questions
-giveaway end <message id> Ends the giveaway with the specified message ID
-giveaway delete <message id> Deletes the giveaway with the specified message ID
-giveaway reroll <message id> Chooses a new winner for the specified giveaway
-giveaway list Lists all currently active giveaways


Invite Management

Command Description
-addbonus <@user> <amount> Adds the specified amount of bonus invites to the specified member
-removebonus <@user> <amount> Removes the specified amount of bonus invites from the specified member
-addfakeinvites <@user> <amount> Adds the specified amount of fake invites to the specified member
-removefakeinvites <@user> <amount> Removes the specified amount of fake invites from the specified member
-addinvites <@user> <amount> Adds the specified amount of invites to the specified member
-removeinvites <@user> <amount> Removes the specified amount of invites from the specified member
-resetinvites <@user|left|all> Resets all invites for the specified member, for all users not in your server anymore, or for the whole server

Invite Tracker Bot Not Working?

Sometimes the Invite Tracker Bot might have issues, such as it may not respond and it may be offline. This can be due to a bot server down due to any reason, if you face the issue check in the Invite Tracker Support Community Server.

Also, make sure that you have provided sufficient permissions to the Invite Tracker bot, it can be done in the settings tab.


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