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Pinterest is the biggest social media platform for users for finding different and creative things. Millions of images, videos, and short video clips are uploaded to the Pinterest app.  With this app, you can take photos or videos and pin them to your board and share them with your friends or followers. It is the best convenient way to share your favorite videos with others instantly. The best thing about the Pinterest app is you not only decorate your board but also visit others’ boards and gain knowledge about that how you can make your boards more catchy and attractive. This app is easy to download, you can install it from the play store. This is a very excellent way to share your daily experience videos with other followers. Different images, texts, songs, and video clips are present on Pinterest. These images and video clips are sometimes funny, serious, informative and according to the present situation of the world. 

People can also post ideas about home decoration, food recipes, and information about the current style of clothes. You can visit their profiles and pages and get a lot of information. This information guides you on how you can make things different or unique from others. It is a very great platform for creating unique boards, pinning different items, and sharing these items with the public.

Purpose of Pinterest video downloader

Million photos and videos are present on “Pinterest and sometimes you pin some images and songs because you like them and want to watch them again. But you can view these images and videos only when you are connected to the internet. Pinterest Downloader is the best online video downloading site that helps you to download high-quality images and videos. It is a free site that is useful for Pinterest users to download GIFs and pictures.

Pinterest cannot provide you an option to download videos of any other user but you can save your favorite videos without any discomfort from Pinterest downloader.

Features of Pinterest video downloader

There are some features of Pinterest downloader;

  • Heatfeed downloading site is free of cost, you can save and edit videos without any cost.
  • You can download high-quality videos and in different formats
  • Pinterest videos downloader is supported to all types of devices like mac, computer, laptop, mobile, Andriod or ios devices.
  • This site is free of viruses, you can use this site on your device without installing any anti-virus application.
  • It is very fast, easy, and secure
  • You don’t need to log in to your Pinterest account.
  • You can save Pinterest videos GIFs and images with just one click.
  • You can get downloaded videos in their original resolution.

How to download Pinterest videos from a video downloader on a mobile phone?

If you don’t know how to download Pinterest videos from Pinterest videos downloader then don’t worry because we will guide you properly. Follow the below steps for a proper understanding of the downloading procedure.

  • Firstly you have to open the Pinterest app and choose the video or photo you want to download or save.
  • When you choose the specific video then open the video and here you view the Share button.
  • After clicking on the Share icon, you will see the link to the video. Copy the link to the video
  • The next step is to paste the link of your favorite video in the search bar of the Pinterest downloader.
  • Select the download button and the system picks the record of the video automatically and starts downloading the video.
  • It will take little time to complete the downloading procedure depending on the connection of the internet.
  • You can see the download history, here you can easily find out the downloaded videos.

How to download Pinterest videos on the computer by Pinterest video downloader?

If you have pc and you wish to download Pinterest videos and you have no way to download them then be calm because we will tell you the best and convenient way to download videos.  This method is too reliable and easy than other methods. Follow the below steps for proper guidance.

  • Firstly you need to copy the link to the video. For copying the link you need to choose the specific video and open it to the full screen of your computer.
  • When you open the video on the screen of your computer then here you see three dots click on it. And select the share button. Here is the link to the video. Copy the link to the video.
  • And paste the link of the video on the video downloader. Select the button which is Save the video.
  • Pinterest downloader starts working on it. After some time when the download is complete, you can watch your favorite videos offline.

These methods are too easy, you don’t need any additional software to download videos on different devices. Because this downloading site is compatible with all types of devices.

Are formats available in Pinterest video downloader?

Pinterest videos downloader is the most convenient site, you can download Pinterest videos in their original resolution. You can download Pinterest videos in different formats like in mp3 and mp4.  the best thing about the video downloader is when you click the download button it will give you different options of formats. You can easily choose the quality of the videos.

Are you need to install any extension for downloading Pinterest videos?

No, we don’t need any extra application or software for downloading Pinterest videos from this downloading site. You just put the link of the video and it will automatically save the video In the memory of your computer.


This article is based on the best downloading site for downloading Pinterest videos and save Pinterest videos. I hope this content helps you to understand about Pinterest video downloader “” , its features, downloading process on multiple devices, and some questions that people ask about this downloading site. Keep sharing this valuable content with friends and beloved ones. Thank you.


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