How to Use Loritta Bot Discord [ Loritta Bot Commands Guide ]

The Loritta bot is yet another discord bot that has gained a lot of fame over discord because of its excellent service and high-quality bots. The Loritta bot also known as “Lori” is a sole entertainment dedicated bot that had been developed and owned by Mr. Power Gamer BR and covers a wide range of discord gaining access to serve almost 1.76 million servers all over the world. The bot not only claims to have but actually has one of the best and unique features that cannot be found in many discord bots out there. The prime features of that and the ones that have made the bot stand out from the crowd include the use of a lot of funny commands that engage users for a longer time and allows them to have fun with other server members. Everyone loves a fun time and the fun doubles up when there are friends around be it in real life or virtual mode. Acknowledging the importance of this fact, the bot thus fulfills the actual demand of its users in the best manner possible.

Another most trending aspect of today’s world which the loritta bot has successfully managed to accomplish is the memes. Yes, you heard it right, the loritta bot has an amazing feature of adding memes to your servers that are too funny to control your laughter. The bot has an amazing collection of widely trending memes that are constantly updated to keep up with the current scenarios. This feature is another major aspect of the great success of the bot. The other features of the bot also include some of the most famous and widely used social features that include XPs and reputations that can be earned by server members based on their performance and activity over the server. Though the features like XPs and Reputations have now become a common one among the discord community, yet the loritto bot was among the first ones to introduce such features over discord.

Loritta bot Discord Features

Talking about the user’s interface, loritta offers an amazing interface to its users and also allows one to fully customize their interface as per their choice. The bot has almost zero restrictions on any kind of customization and can mold the interface in any manner. The major customizations include the enabling and disabling of any command over the server, changing the prefixes, and much more custom appearances which make the server a lot more attractive and fun to use.

Though the bot originates from the land of Portugal it is still available in English which makes it possible to be used worldwide in the best manner. The bot is thus an effective and most advanced one and proves out to be among the best general-purpose bots that are widely known and highly praised through out the discord community. The bot is an old one that has gained its space over discord and serves its users in the best manner. Not just that, the developers of the bot also seem to be quite active over the bot, since the bot is constantly updated meeting the best services demands. 

Loritta bot Discord Commands

Loritta Bot uses slash commands.

To Social Shows your achievements that you worked so hard for

/afk on
Turn on AFK mode so everyone knows you won't be able to reply to messages because you...

/afk off
Social Disable your AFK status so everyone knows you are... well, near the keyboard!

Utilities Create an anagram from a text! Perfect if you want to be mysterious with your mess...

Images, What beautiful art cheers you up?

Make an video of Reiner Braun being frightned by an image of your choice!

Images Why throw dumb images in the trash, when you can use it as firewood?

/brmemes bolsonaro tv
Images] I wonder what Bolsonaro is showing in his television? Probably Fake News, as always!

/brmemes bolsonaro tv2
Images, I wonder what Bolsonaro is showing in his television? Probably Fake News, as always!

/brmemes bolsonaro frame
Just look at this picture, kay??

/brmemes ata monica
Mônica seen one of your images and reacted in the best way possible.

/brmemes ata chico
Images Chico Bento seen one of your images and reacted in the best way possible

/brmemes ata lori
Images, I've seen one of your images and react d in the best way possible

/brmemes ata gessy
Images Gessy seen one of your images and reacted in the best way possible

Loritta Tracker Bot Not Working?

Sometimes the Loritta Tracker Bot might have issues, such as it may not respond and it may be offline. This can be due to a bot server down due to any reason, if you face the issue check in the Loritta Tracker Support Community Server.

Also, make sure that you have provided sufficient permissions to the Loritta Tracker bot, it can be done in the settings tab.

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