How to Use Tatsu Bot Discord [ Tatsu Bot Commands Guide ]

Coming up with another widely used and preferred bot of discord that is primarily based on social aspects and makes your server fun and enjoyable is the Tatsu Bot. The Tatsu bot proves to be yet another masterpiece of code made by some of the finest developers, the bot is in great demand over discord. Talking about its exposure, the bot is a widely known and highly reputed one spreading its hand over most of the servers out there on discord. This is due to some of the most amazing features of the bot, the prime ones including the bot’s service of providing incentive activity that allows severing members to earn XPs and also allows them to level up based on an interesting criterion.

The bot also contains other in-demand features such as reputations earned by each member of the server where the reputation is shown on each member’s profile, upvoting where members can upvote other members of the server based on their activity, and behavior. This feature of upvoting members makes a server a better and a disciplined place to perform and be in, where members can be judged based on their reputations and upvoting.

The bot also contains credits and customizations. Credits acting as the currency which the bot offers, the members can use it to perform purchases like different kinds of customizations and premium commands that can be unlocked as one earns a high amount of credits. Along with these, one of the major reasons for the bot’s popularity is its most enhanced and loved the user-friendly interface. The bot allows its users to customize their interface completely as per their choice. These customizations can include any kind of change including the change of reputation display on the profile or changing the background of the server and much more to explore inside as you start to build a relationship with the bot. Other highly appreciated customizations also include adding your welcome messages, custom notifications, one can also ignore other channels, and much more exciting features.


Tatsu Bot In-built search and other features

The above-mentioned features aren’t less, yet the bot offers much more to its users in the form of voting, where users can vote and make decisions for a particular topic, create straw polls and also initiate lotteries, and choose winners by poll. Tatsu also offers one of the most loved features that every bot must include in it, being the in-built search feature within discord itself, showing the top results of searches from google, youtube, urban dictionary, Wikipedia, and many others.

The bot also contains reminders for events where it sends notifications respectively so that you never miss an important virtual gathering over the server. Thus all these features Tatsu a worth trying bot that is a much-recommended one and also a much-needed one for your servers. The bot not only claims to be the best one but also defines perfection in the best manner. So, all these amazing features make the bot worth a try on your servers and you won’t regret it adding to your server at all.  

Tatsu Bot Commands

Tatsu bot uses slash commands.

/fishy cast casts out a rod and hope for some fish!
/fishy inventory shows your current inventory for fishy
/fishy rarefish shows off your collection of rarefish
/fishy redeem Redeems/sells a rare fish
/fishy sell sells your fishy stuff.
/fishy stats shows your fishing statistics
/pet interact clean cleans up after your Tatsugotchi’s dirty mess.
/pet interact feed feeds your hungry pet.
/pet interact play spends some time playing with your Tatsugotchi.
/pet interact prestige upgrades your pet’s prestige at the cost of resetting it’s level. Requires pet of level 50.
/pet interact train teaches some tricks to your Tatsugotchi, if it listens.
/pet interact visit displays one of the other user’s rooms with both of your Tatsugotchi.
/pet interact walk take your Tatsugotchi out on a walk and quite possibly find some items.
/pet misc capsules select a Tatsugotchi capsule from the list available to open.
/pet misc carer select a carer from the list available to take care of your Tatsugotchi with.
/pet misc chart lists down the drop rates of a Pet Capsule.
/pet misc edit opens up a universal edit menu for the whole of Tatsugotchi.
/pet misc nickname give a nickname to your Tatsugotchi.
/pet misc nursery views all your Tatsugotchi with their relevant statistics.
/pet misc unwrap unwraps one of your wrapped Tatsugotchi.
/shop Opens the shop menu to access the event shop, expedition store or global store

Tatsu Bot Not Working?

Sometimes the Invite Tracker Bot might have issues, such as it may not respond and it may be offline. This can be due to a bot server down due to any reason, if you face the issue check in the Invite Tracker Support Community Server.

Also, make sure that you have provided sufficient permissions to the Invite Tracker bot, it can be done in the settings tab.

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