7 Free online mockup generator no watermark websites [2022]

A mock-up is a design or equipment that is used in presentations or other situations. It depicts how your design will appear in the actual world or when it is implemented into a product.

You can make your mockup designs with dedicated graphics applications like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. For good designs, it can be advisable to use more basic tools like Placeit.


What is a Mockup Generator

Mockup generator is a mockup design tool that allows you to create mockups online without any need for graphic design tools or abilities. Thousands of mockup designs are available in the library of this mockup website, allowing users to build designs without risk.


How does Mockup generator Works

It’s simple to use a mockup generator. Choose any free design from the list and begin your construction of the mockup. Before you begin to design make sure that the graphic design is ready. Then Choose a product on which you want to display your design. Once you select your favorite design, the Mockup generator gives you an option to drop your design. After that, your design will be available within a minute on the image which can be downloaded easily.


List of the Best Free Online Mockup Generator


Shotsnapp is one of the simple online tools that allow you to create stunning and professional mockup presentations for your app and mobile website within a matter of minutes. It will be useful if one wants to send an urgent mockup presentation to their clients.  Shotsnapp currently has a beta version to showcase mobile apps and online designs. You can alter the canvas size, background color, and opacity to suit your needs.

Mockups for laptops, tablets, and wearables will be available soon.

To begin creating a mockup design, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Shotsnapp page and select a pre-designed template to utilize.

Step 2: Include a screenshot or photograph of your work.

Step 3: Edit it if necessary. Change the color, add a background image, and so on.

Step 4: Your mockup image can be seen and downloaded.


Magic Mockup

One can make their presentation and design demonstration more real and fascinating by placing your product in a realistic atmosphere. This free online mockup generator is ideal for visualizing how app/product designs work in a real-world setting. All of those are free to use for both non-commercial and commercial purposes. There is no need for copyright or attribution.

Step 1: It is very simple to get started with Magic Mockups. 

Step 2: Choose the environment that best suits your needs.

Step 3: Create a screenshot or a design image and upload it. 

Step 4: Once the final mockup design image is ready choose the size and download it.

Without attribution, you may receive high-quality 3D mockups for personal and commercial use. Although the number of mockups offered is limited, they all look fantastic, are professional, and have high resolution.


Mockups Studio

Another excellent drag-and-drop application for building attractive mobile app displays. This program provides attractive images that help you increase social media and marketing campaign engagement. 

Mockups Studio is a free macOS and Windows program that lets you quickly create product mockups, impressive marketing materials, and even graphic content for social media or blog articles.

Mockups Studio is a tremendous time-saver when it comes to making product mockups. Other mockup generators need you to select a template, insert your image, and preview each one individually. Mockups Studio eliminates this time-consuming process by allowing you to quickly make hundreds of mockups and identify the correct one with a single click. You can then quickly preview and download any final mockups that you like.

Mockups Studio is a simple mockup maker for macOS and Windows that includes over 300 high-quality mockups.



There are over 1000 gorgeous pre-made mockup templates that appear professional and attract attention. The mockup tool allows you to modify the background color, image, or transparency. AppLaunchpad is the greatest online UI mockup tool for creating websites, mobile apps, multi-device mockups, and smartwatch mockups. 

Two free tools are available on this platform

Screenshot Builder: Create free attractive App screenshots for App Store and Google Play sites.

Mockup Generator: With just a few clicks, you can create high-quality images.

Steps to customize the design:

Step 1: Add text with catchy fonts, style, and color.

Step 2: Upload your brand logo, app store, or google play icon.

Step 3: Add an image, color, or transparent background to help you get more attention from the audience.



MockDrop is another quick and simple method for creating attractive device mockups that do not require Photoshop. If you are using an iPhone your search for a hand mockup has come to a close. Real-life iPhone X mockups, MacBook Air/Pro mockups, iPhone 6 mockups, Smartwatch mockups, and more are all available. All of the photographs are available for free download. It enables you to display your online course, book cover, website, app, and product on a variety of platforms, including smartphones, desktops, tablets, televisions, and more, without the use of expensive photography equipment.

Here’s how to use mockDrop to make a 3D mockup:

Step 1: Visit, get started and go to the mockDrop website.

Step 2: To utilize a template, simply click on it.

Step 3: Just drag and drop your screenshot onto the gadget. Remember that for the best results, you must upload the precise image size.

Step 4: You can download your mockup after a few seconds of processing by clicking the “Download mockup” button.

It’s entirely unrestricted. There is no sign-up, no upgrading plan, and there is no watermark.



Dunnnk is the best free online mockup tool for creating realistic-looking mockups.  All of the real-life mockup templates are attractive and appealing to the eye. Some mockups are available to download in PSD format. All of the templates are available for download for free.

They have a large selection of high-quality 3D mockup styles with realistic backdrops, including MacBook, iPhone, Apple Watch, iMac, and Android.

Steps to create Mock-ups:

Step 1: Simply select the mockup styles you’d like to use and upload a photo. 

Step 2:Then save the 3D image to your computer by right-clicking. There is no need to register.


Dimmy Club 

Dimmy Club is a device mockup generator for screenshots of mobile apps and websites. Dimmy Club is a free mockup tool that one can use right away without registering.

Dimmy Club is an easy, fast, and painless approach to creating device mockups for your website and products. They provide a large selection of laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and phones to choose from.

Steps to create designs using Dimmyclub

Step 1: Go to the website and select the design you need. 

Step 2: Simply submit your image, and change the backdrop color, style (normal or flat), and device color.

Step 3: Create and download the image in PNG format.



The resources listed above will assist you in creating 3D or 2D mockups without the need for a graphic designer or any prior experience. This will undoubtedly aid you in the creation of your blogs and social media posts. These tools will give your ideas a professional appearance.

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