EssentialPIM – A MS Outlook Alternative

Microsoft Outlook is a popular email program that has gained popularity among users for personal and official purposes. It comes with a combination of a calendar and task planner, along with being an email client. But is it the only worthy email client to offer efficiency, or is there an alternative to give effortless competence to MS Outlook?

Well, a long list of email clients can provide you with enough usefulness to carry out your daily activities well. However, not many can match the competence of MS Outlook and provide a platter of valuable functions, and as an ordinary man, it is not easy to judge between them. So, by doing tedious research on our end, we came up with a spectacular email client in the form of EssentialPIM that also incorporates the facilities of useful modules to streamline your day. 

Read ahead to gather a detailed insight about EssentialPIM and get amazed by its usefulness. 



EssentialPIM offers a robust mail module that supports all mail protocols: POP, IMAP and Exchange. With the program’s seamless integration with its remaining modules, you can find utility in managing your work smoothly. You can send emails in the format of your choice, be it HTML or plain text, as per your requirement.

You always get an indication of new emails in an enhanced way where you can spot them instantly, along with going ahead with needed actions. EssentialPIM helps you see the respective folders or subfolders containing the new mail and indicates any new messages for you to keep a tab over recent work-related information.

If you want to keep some fun elements while working on the important stuff, you can go for the insertion of emojis into emails. It will add extra context to your texts and messages, and if it’s an informal conversation, it gives a deeper level of expression to your words.

Use categories or tags or both to group your emails for a proper arrangement to find them in one go. An auto-archive feature gives you a decluttering facility for messages that exceed a certain number of days. With this, you can quickly filter emails categorized and tagged via the toolbar. 



You can create and have access to multiple calendars to keep track of various events of different categories and overlay them on one another. With the global sidebar, you can enable layout for small calendars that you can access in the bottom section of any modules of EssentialPIM.  

Additionally, you can manage separate schedules with multiple calendars in a single window. So, with EPIM, you can manage personal and professional schedules hand in hand with separate calendars running parallel on the software with a simple drag-and-drop facility.  



Do you love taking notes but do not like that they get reserved in a boring way? You can add several emojis per your text reference to make them more appealing and exciting. With EssentialPIM, you will forget the usual way of jotting down important information using paper and pen. The Notes module also allows you editing your text anytime to make your information available quickly. 

With EssentialPIM, sticky notes can be utilized as reminders for any event or meeting of great importance. The active reminders are also available in the status bar of EssentialPIM to provide you consistency. 



EssentialPIM makes your contacts sorted, along with comprehensive filtering tools to find a contact when you are in a hurry. If you like to store every minute detail of your contact, use various custom fields the software provides.

If you need to send a newsletter to your contacts in order to inform a group of your clients about something, you can do so fast and easy. You can also readily access your valuable contacts on Google, Android, and other platforms.



If you are worried about your sensitive credentials and passwords, save them in the form of complex patterns and retrieve them whenever necessary. If you cannot remember the passwords go for auto-typing them to save your valuable time. There are many ways of sorting them into a hierarchical group as well. 



EssentialPIM gives you the proper handling of tasks by lining them up for you in a sophisticated way so you can manage them easily. You can arrange them according to their importance or occurrence on the scheduled day and as soon as you finish with them, use the auto-delete feature to make them disappear.



Whether it is about any upcoming event or an important meeting, or setting an appointment with a client, the Today section of EssentialPIM shows it clearly. 

You can also view the completed tasks enlisted in Today for you to overview them. If you are annoyed with the appearing list, you can uncheck any unwanted item at any time.


Final words

Whether you have to deal with important emails, contacts, or notes, all the modules of EssentialPIM provide you with the efficient utility to go seamless through the day. Not only this, but you also get a common database for storing passwords and other crucial information and can get it synchronized with Android or iOS devices for handy use. It also enables us to make necessary changes in the information without needing a PC.

You can also carry this portable software using a pen drive as a removable media for instant and safe use. EssentialPIM also offers an AES 256-bit encryption of data that is available as per industry standards to provide a facility with unprecedented security. Overall, the app gives you complete control and added facilities to keep you through a hectic daily schedule.


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