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Food Lion is the largest grocery chain in America. It is owned by Delhaize. The headquarters is located in Salisbury, North Carolina. It was started in1957, as a single grocery store named Food Town. Later it expanded into a big grocery kingdom by changing its name to Food Lion. The name Food Lion gained more popularity than Food Town. Now It has around 1100 supermarkets across the 10 states of the country. 

MyHR4u is an online website created officially by Food Lion for its employees. Food Lion created this website to make their administration easier. From this, they reduced much confusion in their employee database. This helps the employee to see their pension, insurance, claims, holiday details, and many others by themselves. MyHR4U helped Food Lion to maintain its employee records.  Employees of Food Lion can log in to this account at any time to know their Food Lion employee account benefits. or is the URL for the employees to login into their website. From this account, employees can get many advantages, rewards, and personal identifications. To claim the benefit all you need is a Food Lion employee account. 


Requirements for Login into MYHR4U

  • Account with Food Lion MyHR4U webportal.
  • Valid MyHR4U login website URL.
  • MyHR4U account active Username and Password.
  • Supportable internet browser which is compatible with the MYHR4U website.
  • Accessible Devices such as Laptop, Mobile or PC.
  • Fast and Continuous Internet Connection.


Login into the MYHR4U Account

Any user who wants to login into the MYHR4U account can use the following Guidelines 

Step 1: Click the URL

Step 2: Now enter the Username assigned to you in the field given.

Step 3: Then enter the password in another field.

Step 4: Tap the Login button at the bottom.

Now you will be successfully taken to the official website of Delhaize, where you can get all benefits of a Food Lion employee account. If you forget the password, don’t panic click the Forget Password. Don’t make too many attempts because several wrong attempts may lead to account suspension sometimes.


Reset Account Password

Once you click the forgot password link you will be redirected to the Password Reset page, you can set your new password there. Follow the guidelines given below to reset the password

Step 1: Go to the official password reset page of the website 

Step 2: Start searching your account by entering your email, username, or your name.

Step 3: Click the search button.

Step 4:  Tap” This is me” near your account.

Step 5: Once you click it, the password reset link will be sent to your mail.

Step 6: Now go to your email which you connected to your account.

Step 7: Check your inbox.

Step 8: Click on the password reset link sent to your mail.

Step 9: Now you will be taken to the password reset site.

Step 10: Enter the new password you want to create in the field.

Step 11: Now confirm the password by entering again.

Step 12: After that tap on Change password.

Now your password will be changed. Now you can follow the log-in steps to enter into the Food Lion employee web portal.


Creating Account

To start with the Food Lion employee web portal you need to create an account. Follow the below guidelines to create an account.

Step 1: Visit the official website

Step 2: Fill in the details required.

Step 3: Enter the valid email id and its password.

Step 4: Select create account.

Once you create an account your account will be created.


Things to Remember Before Login

  • Type your valid username and password for login.
  • Double-check the details you have entered in the field.
  • If you aren’t able to remember your password, click the button “Forgot Password” to reset your password.
  • Search the username or email id there, if you can’t find any or are still facing the issues in login kindly contact customer service.


Terms and conditions of Food Lion Web portal

  • Food Lion WebPortal is an authorized site for its employees. One should not misuse it for any cause. 
  • All electronic and other telephonic devices transmitted by, received from, or stored in any Delhaize American system always belong to their property.
  • These devices are only for business purposes.
  • Employees should safeguard the information provided to them from 
  • any unauthorized disclosure.
  • But that won’t include payment and other personal information like customers, vendors, and other legal information.
  • All electronic and telephone communications that Delhaize America sends, receives, or stores on its systems are its property and are only to be used for business purposes.
  • Delhaize America is fully authorized to access, review, and disclose any information when a legitimate requirement for security or commerce so dictates.
  • It shouldn’t be illegal to download, change, copy, or distribute the material found on the WebPortal. It must only be used for professional purposes; not for anything else.
  • Delhaize America firmly prohibits unauthorized access to and use of the information included in the online portal.
  • Punishments will be meted out to anyone who disobeys any of the Food Lion’s rules and regulations.



Having an account with Food Lion has several Benefits for its employees. They are

  • 24×7 customer support.
  • Employees have access to review and update their information.
  • Keeps every HR member in the loop which helps employees to solve their problems easily.
  • Allows employees to connect from any computer with a good network connection.
  • Reduces the time of employees by providing easy access from any other computer devices.
  • Provides better flexibility to access information from the web portal.
  • Provides super security and data protection.
  • Very safe to associate file time off requests.


Contact information

In case of any issues regarding logging in, account password Reset, or account creation you can contact customer support services. Sometimes users may lose their username or be unable to find them, in this case contacting customer services is the only option to go for.

Below are the content details of the Food Lion

Phone:  1-800-210-9569

Communication address:

Food Lion

Attn: Consumer Relations

P.O. Box 1330

Salisbury, NC 28145-1330

Official employees website:

Official Food Lion Website:



In this article, we have discussed how to log in, reset the password, and create and access accounts. The terms and conditions of the Food Lion should be followed carefully. Hope this complete step-by-step process will help you in using this web portal.

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